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Monday, December 29, 2014

No Wickedness Can Ever Be Made Righteous

No wickedness, no matter how good it is made to appear, can ever be made into righteousness.
No wickedness, no matter who is deceived to believe it is good, can ever destroy those who have a good heart and who are made by God.
Wickedness has no future, no matter who becomes a part of its grand scheme.
In time, wickedness will destroy the inner soul.
And from this inner desolation comes forth weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.
Wickedness has its reward.
Those who are wise will avoid even the very appearance of wickedness.
Have you become a part of the schemes of wickedness?
When the wicked destroy the righteous to have the praise and respect of men, they soon learn they cannot obtain that which they seek after.
It is for this reason that righteousness will exalt the soul and the spirit, whereas wickedness will be cast it down to hell.
If you have within you any wickedness, you are a cursed soul.
Why not go to the righteous and make yourself after their pattern.
If you do not, your wickedness will become so much like that of lucifer, your will despise yourself with the same hateful wickedness you showed to others.

Calvary Canceled Law-Keeping For Salvation And Justification

I am surprised that so many are going back under the law to assist them in getting some holiness that cannot come by the blood of Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Has there been so great a lacking of preaching the Gospel of the New Testament, that so many are ignorant the law ended on Calvary?
Why do so many claim they are keeping the dietary laws because they believe in doing so they can live more healthy. Can anyone show us where it says in the Old Testament that the dietary laws were given for health reasons only?
What about this claim that only the ceremonial part of the law was ended at the Cross? Where did the Apostles ever preach this? Where is this doctrine found in the book of Galatians?
I ask these things because so many believe they can add the law to the sacrifice of Christ and that only together can the New Testament believer find salvation and justification before God.
I think many are totally lost in their minds about why the New Testament church is totally New Covenant. I think many of them have been deceived by those who think they can add to Calvary with law keeping.
I dare to speak up about this because I am a clean-up man.I do not like the mess so many are making out of the completed work of Calvary. And I want as many as love the Truth to see and know, we are not under the law. I want them to see and understand that faith is not of the law. If I fail in this, it will not be because I cannot prove this: it will be because of the hardness of hearts that law-keeping brings upon all who seek to be justified by keeping the law.
Jesus, what you did on Calvary is enough for me. I do not need to add law-keeping of works to your finished sacrifice of love.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fixers And Clean-up People

I landed in Los Angeles (LAX) at about 2:30 in the afternnoon after a 14 hour flight from Hong Kong. I was tired and hungry. On my way to the American Airlines departure gate I decided to stop and get a hamburger at one of the food places. It took me nearly half hour to get my sandwich. I proceeded to find me a table. As I looked around I saw many empty ones but they were all filled up with trash from the previous travelers. I looked around for a clean table and there were none. All of those that had empty chairs and no one at the table were a mess. Empty drink cups, mustard and ketchup smeared all over the table tops. Hamburger baskets and napkins piled up. Just a mess.
But I wanted a place to sit down, rest, and have something to eat. I realized if I did not clean up my own table, wipe up the mess, and put the garbage into the trash bin I would not be able to eat here. So, I sat my food down in an empty clean spot, and began cleaning up the mess. I put the garbage in the trash bin. With a clean table I could now sit down and eat.
As I sat there viewing the trash left behind by other travelers, it came to me: how come these people do not clean up their own mess? They would not do this at home. But travelers think others can clean up their pig stye and so they eat like pigs and leave their tables like pigs had eaten there. I guess it is their belief that someone else should clean up after them. So they leave behind their mess and go on their "merry" way while telling everyone they meet "merry christmas."
I looked at table after table in this sorry state of mess. A young mother with a baby and toddler came and no clean place her her to sit and eat. An older man and his wife same thing. Several others in line when they got their food shook their heads and went on out to look for someplace else to eat.
It is interesting to observe this centuries old trend of people making a mess and expecting someone else to clean up after them as they dart off to continue their life.
Making a mess is what many are experts at.
I thought to myself, why is it there are basically two kinds of people: 1) those who make a mess; and 2) those who clean it up?
I did not see another person there who cleaned up the mess of others but myself. Instead they just left the messy tables and went off looking for someplace else that was clean to eat their food. I saw some of them later eating in chairs at gates where no plane would depart for several hours. These people were not clean-up people even if it would benefit them.
As I observed this "mess" situation I became aware of the religious mess so many people make. And when they make a mess at the church, against the pastor, or try to divide friendships: they never clean up their mess. It is left to others to clean up.
I thought of the many biblical events where unscrupulous men made a mess of spiritual matters and never cleaned up what they did. they left behind the souls of men and women, children: that would never again get a clean place of spiritual care and love. Home destroyers, friendship plunderers, raging mouths of scorn, hate, and bitterness; and in their wake so many destroyed lives. And who will clean up this spiritual mess? There are few real spiritual fixers, clean-upers.
I took a quick view of Jesus, his ministry of 3.5 years, and his mission to clean up the spiritual destruction left behind by many centuries of evil men.
Jesus would clean up the mess of others. He would fix things. He would make clean the spiritual eating place. Others would be able to come and sit down in the house of God and the messes left behind by others would be cleaned up.Cleaned up to make room for some hungry soul to find a clean place to eat and be filled with the good things of God.
I am so amazed that so many think they can create spiritual messes and they have no obligation to fix things or clean up what they did. Someone else must do it.
We are all travelers on our way to heaven. it is not fair for those who follow after us to have to clean up the spiritual pig stys we leave behind as we go on our "merry" way.
I have no idea how many souls are destroyed by mess makers.
For over 40 years I have been a fixer, a man who cleaned up messes left behind by others. Trying to remove the doctrinal trash and garbage left behind by others. And to help provide a clean spiritual place for souls to rest and eat. A place for a mother and her babies to find God, salvation, hope, joy, and peace. A place for the elderly to live out their remaining days in the presence of God. And a place were the weary traveler will find a friend.
Yes, I have cleaned up many spiritual messes left behind by others. Why?
Good question:
Because I want to be like Jesus.
He did not leave behind a mess.
He did not make a mess or create trouble between friends.
He was a fixer, and I thank him for Calvary where he fixed all things for those who will obey Acts 2:38 by faith.
If Jesus was a fixer, a clean-uper? I want to be like Jesus.
So, I cleaned up my own table. Sat down. Began to eat. And then when I was finished I did not leave behind trash, ketchup and mustard smeared all over the table. I kept my eating place clean. Then I reached over and collected the trash left by others. I clean up that place. As soon as I had finished the little clean up. A traveler came and sat his tray down in the spot and began to eat.
Did he thank me for cleaning him up a place?
No. He did not know I had cleaned it up and I did not tell him if it was not for me he would have to go someplace else to eat in a clean place.
I felt good inside as I departed from my table and left it clean for the next traveler.
Are you a restaurant mess maker? Do you abuse the waiters and waitresses with smart mouth remarks. Do you leave behind a mess? Or are you like me and collect things, stacking the plates, and making it easy for the table to be cleaned up?
Are you a spiritual mess maker between friends, churches, or pastors?
Your quality will show up in the simple manner you go about fixing things, cleaning up.
Jesus bless all of you who are clean-up people and fixers of problems left behind by spiritual pigs.
Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wisdom Is Greater Than Knowledge

Wisdom is greater than knowledge. I said so.
Wisdom births a special love. Many fight to obtain knowledge to make themselves somewhat. But they never obtain the gift of wisdom. Wisdom brings respect that those without wisdom lust to have. These will destroy and spiritually kill other brethren to have the respect of wisdom. But fools cannot have this respect. It must be earned after God gives wisdom and it is used so that others can see it.

Get wisdom. It will reward you with respect not otherwise obtainable.

Novices do not have wisdom.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh YES, Tithing Is A Blessing

Oh YES, tithing is a blessing.

While novices rant and spew their hatred against me over tithing, Jesus just keeps on sending me tithe money to bless the missions work. Yes, you would not believe the very large amount of money Jesus has just given me. No you would not. I can tell you that over 40 years of tithing still proves a person cannot out give God.

I was just counting the ways I use tithe money to a couple ministers. They were shocked to learn how even they were blessed by tithe money from tithe given to me. If you have never blessed someone with tithe money given to you, because you do not believe in tithing: you are a failure.

I really mean it when I say I do not want a person working with me who does not tithe and believe in tithing.

I really mean it when I say Jesus and the Apostles were all tithe givers. They had to under the law or be in violation and counted as God robbers. But more importantly they were tithers because of being Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise.

Yes, of course I know the tithing put into the law ceased at Calvary.

But the tithing of Abraham did not cease at Calvary.

I am the seed of Abraham and do the works of Abraham.

Yes, indeed, the tithe of Abraham was NOT NAILED TO THE CROSS.

Because his tithe was not by or according to the law, but by promise.

I have the revelation of tithing. If you do not have it, then you will become so hateful, miserable, blind, poor, and naked. You will live the curse. I, on the other hand will live the blessing.

Thank you Jesus for blessing me with more tithing. I promise to use it wisely.

The name of Jesus Christ and tithing go together.

I said so.......

Bishop Reckart
Tither and receiver of tithes

There Is No Name Greater Than Jesus

From the Pharisee Aramaic Babylon rabbis comes Yeshua, Jeshua, Yehoshua, Yahshua, Yahshuas, Yeshoa, and Essa.

From satanic mystics comes YHWH, YHVH, Yahweh, Yahuah, Yahwehshua, Jehovah, Yehovah, and Iehovah.

All in all there are now over 170 concoctions derived from the Aramaic letters YHWH and YHVH.

The people inventing these elaborate recipes of letter jangulation (vain jangling): are from all kinds of backgrounds. They feed on one another's lies, distortions, perversions, corruptions, hoping to give us hope that Babylonian Aramaic after all does hold the key to knowing God's name.

I am so amazed there are so many idiots who eat up this Aramaic language and call it the holy tongue of God. The perverters are very clever. They call this Babylonian tongue "Biblical Hebrew."

No greater lie was ever told.

Aramaic is not Hebrew at all and can never be Biblical Hebrew.

But the liars continue to deceive.

Then here comes some novices trying to make a name for themselves also perverting the facts. They will receive their reward in the fires of hell.

Oh, yes, these are generally the halleluyah brigade, the halleluyah merchants, the change agents, and they will prove Babylon Aramaic is the holy tongue of God in heaven.

Then here comes the video makers, trying to attack me using illogical and contradictory arguments trying to out Babylon the Babylonians.

Confusion may have its day, but Truth will have its eternity.

I said so.......

When I stood before the Yahweh cult in 1993 to defend the name of Jesus, I stood alone. I have had to stand alone many times in defending the name of Jesus. I do not need anyone to assist me.

I was the first on the internet to come out against the tetragrammaton. Since those early days I have met hundreds of men and women on the internet. They were not all Oneness or Apostolic. I did not care what their theology was, I would try to work on that over time. My plan was to seed the knowledge base with truth and see what these men and women would do with it. Today, there are several thousand web pages by many different people who stand against the tetragrammaton, Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahshua, and other false names. So, you can understand I do not care if a few grab the truth and try to then turn and attack me. I have accomplished my purpose. I will let Jesus bring them to the truth on salvation and other matters. When I can do no more, I turn them over to Jesus.

I am very proud of the men and women defending the name of Jesus, name above all names.

I pray Jesus will touch their hearts and bring them more and more into the glorious light of the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I continue in this great work. Jesus is with me. He walks with me. He speaks to me. He encourages me. And he continues to give me understanding and revelation of his name.

There is no name greater than the name of Jesus.

Being led by scripture: I said so........

Bishop Reckart
A Man Whom Jesus Called

Saturday, November 29, 2014

When Is The End? Written on 7-4-1996. Where Were You On This Date?

When Is The End?
Pastor G. Reckart
Achievement and endurance are two divine attributes that work in alliance within a soul that has been saved. The greater the goal and the harder the difficulty, more glory and honor comes to those who achieve and endure. Perhaps we might think of these qualities along this thought, that if a person has no goals and no vigor of endurance, they have very little or no encentive. A Minister I know well said, “if you take away from people the idea of a Pre-Tribulation secret rapture, they will think they can wait until the wrath of God falls to get saved and have no incentive to live for God and be ready for the rapture. The Minister confessed he didn’t like the Post-Trib doctrine because he felt it would lead people to think that they have plenty of time to get right with God and could afford to wait until they see the tribulation events before considering salvation. When people loose fear of missing the secret rapture, they won’t fear God he said. This friend perfectly demonstrates my points. Those who are looking and hoping for the secret snatch, are willing to achieve and to endure ONLY if they are not required to suffer persecution. Their idea of achievement is to be counted worthy of the quick air ride, the secret escape. Any idea of having a last day testimony, what ever the endurance, is considered silly. They who think in this manner, are not prepared or willing to suffer or endure for the Gospel’s sake, if it means going to the end of the tribulation for their faith.
The real argument about when the end of the Church age happens, is rooted in how a person measures themselves in light of achievement and endurance as Christians in the endtime. In short, those of little love for Christ, cannot bear to envision themselves being tested for their faith. The secret escape is their way of confessing they do not have either the courage or the faith to be tested. They see the tribulation as being asked to do what is beyond the requirments of salvation. These believe that if they are tested by beatings, prison, loss of property, humiliation before the public, or even bloodshed, that this is tantamount to God beating his bride. Hello! The Pre-Tribs have hurled this innundo into our faces more than once. GOD BEAT HIS BRIDE? Were not the Apostles in the Bride? Were not the tens of thousands of Saints killed by theJews, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, in the Bride? If it is not considered God beating his Bride, if these suffered and were persecuted for their faith, is it not a bit stupid to suggest that if the endtime Church suffers as these, that God IS BEATING his Bride? This Pre-Trib candy-stick has but one purpose, and that is to lull the ignorant and unlearned into believing the lie that God will not tolerate or permit Christians to suffer for their faith. The endtime Christians should not forget the bloody history of the first four centuries of the Christian Church. They should not forget the bloody reformation period when millions suffered and perished. God beating his bride? How could such a perposteous accusation be laid upon God, for allowing the persecution, suffering, and bloodshed of these faithful martyers of the Apostolic faith? The truth of when is the end of the Church age, is accepted or rejected based upon how a person’s faith is judged by themselves. If they are weak they will want a quick escape. If they love Truth and Christ, they are willing to suffer, and this means if necessary facaing the antichrist with bravery and faith. If we accept that persecution and even death was often inflicted upon the Saints, beginning with Abel, then we wonder what the point is, in trying to deceive people that they can escape this: all because God does not want to be accused of beating his Bride. Let me say that those who propose this falsehood are advocating sheer fallacy and are utterly bereft of scriptural sanction. This posture is retalitory behavior by Pre-Tribs against Post-Trib believers, and is an open rebuke of our faith and that of those martyres who have suffered and died for this Gospel.
When is the end? Those weak in faith, and who accordingly interpret scripture, move the end from the end of the tribulation to a time period prior to the beginning of the tribulation. They say the end is before persecution and the antichrist comes on the scene. Is this true? Would God spare the endtime Church when he did not spare the early Church from persecution and death? Is the endtime Church to be exempted from the tests of overcoming and endurance the early Church experienced at the hands of antichrist?
Matthew 10:22 reports that the Apostolic Church will be hated of all nations for the name sake of Jesus Christ in Acts 2:38 baptism. Jesus promised however, that if the Apostolic believers would not cave in or give up,but endure unto the end of the Church age or their alotted time on earth, they SHALL BE SAVED. There is no escapism taught here. Or the idea that if a person suffers it would be tantamount toGod beating his Bride.
Matthew 24:13 is a tribulation setting and the persecution is against the Saints who are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. There is only one Gospel according to the Apostle Paul, and it is the everlasting Gospel in Revelation 14:6. It is to be preachaed to all nations according to Matthew 24:14, thus rulling out the novice idea this Gospel is only for one nation, the Jews. In Matthew 24:13 the word “end” is in reference to the tribulation and persecution of antichrist against the Saints. This happens at the end of the tribulation, that is why the tribulation Saints are given precise times and events to monitor so they can recognize not only the identity of antichrist, but the soon appearance of their deliverence. The word, “end” here certainly means that tribulation time period. I have always thought it amusing that the Pre-Tribs will say that Matthew 24 is for Israel only, and then turn and quote this verse in the Church as if it applies to their endurance until the coming of Christ.
1Cor. 1:8 Paul speaks of being confirmed unto the end, and then points to the day of the Lord, or the resurrection and second coming as THE TIME OF THE END! Even Pre-Tribs confess that the Day of the Lord is the second coming. Paul said the day of the Lord shall not come until the man of sin is revealed [2Thes. 2:3]. Yet the Pre-Tribs say the day of the Lord comes BEFORE the man of sin is revealed. Who is right, the Pre-Tribs or the Bible. Paul says in 1Thes 5:2 that the day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night. Apostle Peter in 2Pet. 3:10 reports the same coming as a thief. In Acts 2:20, in Peter’s preaching, he reports that the sun would be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the great and noteable day of the Lord comes. This heavenly sign is found in the tribulation time period in the sixth seal at Revelation 6:12. Those who know the chronological order of the Tribulation events,know that the Seals, Trumpets, and vials all have the same ending point. So that the sixth seal preceeds the actual day of God’s judgement on the antichist for persecuting the Apostoilic Church and the Saints. The sign of the Lord’s immenent appearing is not BEFORE the sun turns dark and the moon turns to blood, but AFTER these things happen. The end therefore can not be until AFTER these events occur. We know from Scripture that the end comes at the blast of the last trump. This last trump is the seventh trumpet as found in Revelation 10:7. This signals the end of all that the Prophets had predicted would happen. We know this is in reference to the Church, because Luke 18:31; 24:27, 44; John 1:45; Acts 3:25; 10:43; Rom 16:26 point to this conclusion. Christ produces the Church and the Church was foretold by the Prophets. It was not a secret or a mystery as some report. What was a secret or hidden according to Paul was only that the Gentiles would be join heirs and fellowcitizens of the same body [Eph. 3:5-6]. The last Trump signals the end and thus the resurrection. There can be no end unti the first resurreection. I find it also amusing that the Pre-Tribs would say the book of Revelation is written in chronological order and then try to finigle until they have the first resurrection before the tribulation. This is accomplished withe false doctrine of a split-phase rapture theory, and multiple resurrections and comings in the one ressurrection. These have to last trumps, one before the tribulation and one at the end of the tribulation. The fact is, there is one RESURRECTION and it takes place at the last or seventh trumpet at the end of the tribulation period.
To teach otherwise is false doctrine.
Pastor Reckart

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Faith Tithing, Give Your Tenth

Seems like tithing is a big issue among all the anti-tithers. They have developed a lot of elaborate schemes, tricks, and word perversions: to deceive those who are not Bible based.
Let me say this:
The faith tithing of Abraham WAS NOT NAILED TO THE CROSS.
I know many will fight with those words. I am always amazed in watching men destroy themselves over the tithing issue.
Yes, faith tithing is New Testament.
No, Jesus did not pick any anti-non-tither for an Apostle.
That ought to tell all of you anti-tithers something.
Yes, I still do not want the fellowship of anti-tithers. I do not want to be around those with an anti-tither spirit. They will always carry a bad judging and condemning spirit.
Give your tithes by faith and be blessed. Do the works of Abraham. Show yourself a son or daughter of Abraham. Just do it. No matter who gets mad, throws a fit, or types a rant on Facebook.
Just hold to your faith and give your tenth. Jesus will bless you. I said he would and he will. He has blessed many tithers. And he will bless you also.
Bishop Reckart
A Faith Tither God Made

Friday, October 31, 2014

Can Christians Become Demon Possessed?

The question came to me from someone who has been reading a lot of hateful things posted against me. The Question was: can a Christian become demon possessed?

The answer is yes.

Over the years I have seen several people once filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized in Jesus' name, and a member of the Church; who became demon possessed.

When a person departs from the way of the Spirit and begins to walk in the flesh, they begin to manifest the works of the devil, One of those I have observed is rebellion. This was the first manifestation of lucifer to be possessed of evil and this inward change turned him into a devil. I think lucifer became a devil instantly the split second he thought to rebel against God. It all started in his mind. His thoughts became rebellious. And these became his motivation to manifest outwardly against God.

The very first demon thought he could replace God. This led him to begin his massive campaign to deceive other angels. His deception had to be with words, speeches, attacks against God's integrity, against God's ethics, against God's very nature of sovereign King. It is obvious from what we read in the Scriptures, lucifer wanted his throne. He wanted angels who he did not create to follow him in his revolt. He was so full of himself, his own self-righteousness, his own exalted ego, that he wanted God dead. Imagine that. I believe if he had accomplished taking God's throne he would have actually tried to kill God. I believe lucifer is the very first being who had the killer and murderer spirit in him. I believe Jesus said it clearly when he said he "was a murderer from the beginning."

You see, to cause a natural death at your hands is murder. But what about a spiritual death? Angels are spiritual. Can angels spiritually die? Can their spirit become dead toward God? Isn't hell or the lake of fire the second death? And is it not true lucifer and his demon angels will be cast into this eternal torment?

Death is a separation. We speak of relationships being dead. We speak about "dead silence" when a person will not speak to us because of ill feelings or a separation that cannot be reconciled. Death to the human body is a separation and death to the soul is a separation from God. Being dead to God and alive to the world is not a great mystery. It is the same as dead to God but alive to lucifer. It is like an adulterous wife who becomes dead to her husband and alive to her lover. There is this inner change where the spirit has changed. It was this kind of inner change in spirit that lucifer became dead to God. He is the death angel now. Every where the devil shows up he wants to bring death both to the body and to the soul. He has his mission.
We are living in an era where many people are giving themselves over to become demon possessed. Many men and women are accepting demons within them. And they are turning against the faithful servants of God. Michael the archangel withstood lucifer over the body of Moses. Moses, dead, was still more important to God than lucifer. Why would lucifer want the body of Moses? Moses was not one of his followers. Moses was a servant of God. It is clear to me that lucifer wanted the body of Moses so he could try to manifest himself in it to the Jews and to the world. When lucifer wanted to be like God, he wanted to steal the glory of God. And he wanted to steal the glory that was upon Moses on Mt. Horeb. But he cannot have this glory. You see, God made Moses when he was born. Moses was made by God. God makes all of his servants. To be made by God means you perform what God created you to be. Anytime a man created by God steps forth he will have enemies who will protest. This exposes men and women being demon possessed. All you have to do is oppose them and the demon will talk.
Right now there are many demons talking and talking and talking against men and women God has made. If you are one of these expect lucifer and his demons to show up. And yes, expect many who claim they are Christians to manifest themselves via rebellion and the very spirit nature of lucifer.

Herein we will see the world of darkness and the Kingdom of Light in conflict.

Symptoms of a demon possessed person:

Bipolar: sweet and kind and the next instant in a rage;
Screamers: most demon possessed persons are screamers. Let a wife or child make them angry and they will lash out with screaming.
Verbal abuse: every demon possessed person will use verbal abuse of wife, others, and children. Anything can set them off. But they feel justified by saying "look what you made me say, look what you made me do."

Physical abuse: all demon possessed persons will physically abuse a wife, a girl friend, a boy friend, a child. Afterwards they become apologetic, will even cry buckets of tears, and beg for forgiveness. This cycle repeats itself over and over until the injuries are severe and can cause death.

Internet verbal abuse is the same as verbal abuse in person. Learn how to identify internet bullying. Learn how to identify internet stalking. Men and women with demons will bully and stalk their victim. How to identify these, is they will use several false names and alias'. Their bully and stalking tactics can become at first verbal, name-calling, ridicule, mocking, scoffing, and saying perverse things. If this happens to you or to someone you know, do not stand by and do nothing. Report such behavior to the proper authorities. You can report it on Facebook and or on Youtube. Report it as stalking and bullying.

This is how demons take over a person. Yes, demons can use men and women who were once holy and true. After all, this was the history of lucifer. Even as lucifer pretends today as an angel of light, even so many men once good men have become demon possessed. Many women the same. If you see a man or woman assaulting a man of God or a woman of God, whether it is verbally, on Facebook, on Youtube, or some other venue: mark that person because they are walking disorderly and not according to the Spirit.

We know lucifer became a demon and we also know many men and women who were once Christians have become demon possessed. Guard your heart, your mind, your soul, and your spirit. Do not become demon possessed.

Yes, kingdoms in conflict.

I have chosen to resist the devil no matter who he shows up in.

Monday, October 27, 2014

YHWH Mysticism Continues To Spread Throughout The World

Yaave ilum=Yahweh god; Babil=Babel. Abu=father; Numrud=Nimrod: father of Nimrod. full interpretation: Yahweh god of Babel father of Nimrod.

Jewish mystics have for centuries tried to unlock alleged secrets in the Babylonian god name Yaave, which we know today as Yahweh, YHWH/YHVH, the well known tetragrammaton. The god Yaave was the chief god of the Syrian Babylonian pantheon. Why Jewish rabbis in Babylon decided this god was the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is unknown. I personally believe it was a compromise of the Jewish religion with paganism on the same level as Catholicism has compromised paganism with Christianity.The name of this new Syrian god Yaave was then incorporated into the Aramaic Syrian language bible around 300BC. In this translation Yaave became the new LORD. And this new LORD was inserted into the biblical scrolls as YHWH. In the perversion of the Paleo-Hebrew scrolls this god was inscribed as Yod-Hey-Va-Hey. When Paleo-Hebrew became an extinct language around 100AD, the Aramaic bible translation took the center stage. It was fully impregnated with this Babylonian Syrian god Yaave name as YHWH. No one can research this god and not see it is an Aramaic deity.

The reason many cannot accept these facts is that their knowledge base has been corrupted with centuries of fables from rabbis and monks. Both of which are well known to deal in mysticism and gnosticism of all kinds. They were searching for the magic powers alleged to be contained in the utterance of this lost secret name. These totally lost all knowledge that this name was from Babylon and the root was the Aramaic Syrian god Yaave. Their knowledge base was corrupt. They trusted rabbis who called Aramaic the Hebrew language. Even today, the majority of scholars refer to the Aramaic language as the Hebrew language. They call it biblical Hebrew. They all know it is Aramaic and from Babylon. They all know the Israelites did not use or speak this language before going to Babylon as captives. In spite of this knowledge, they continue the fraud of calling Aramaic biblical Hebrew. They never call Paleo-Hebrew biblical Hebrew. That would confuse students who would then ask how there can be two biblical Hebrew languages?

All of the modern sacred name cults use the Aramaic language with its modified square invented rabbinical script. This is another deception. The rabbis are trying to pass on this new square lettered alphabet as the real Hebrew language when it is in fact nothing but a new calligraphy form of Aramaic. With the addition of vowel points of dots and dashes it looks like a complete new language. And when idiots claim this is biblical Hebrew the mass of ignorant students are stricken with awe and shock at this alleged God inspired holy language that came from heaven. This is the greatest religious deception of all time. It is greater than all the Catholic apostasies, the Arian apostasies, and even Christian gnostism. This new alleged holy language of God is used by all the satanic and sacred name cults. There is a massive world-wide conspiracy to deceive the nations by inviting millions to learn to read and speak this new biblical Hebrew. Many are being suckered into this religious sham believing that the rabbis would not dare pervert the Bible or deceive the world with a Babylonian language that was not God's holy tongue. But they are deceived. Millions are deceived.

This is why all of these from the rabbis to the cults, hate the name of Jesus Christ and want it destroyed from the earth. They want us to accept this Babylonian language and their Syrian god Yaave but by the name of Yahweh, Yehweh, Yahuah, or some other name derived strictly from the Aramaic language.

I will tell you straight out, Babylonian Aramaic is not a holy tongue. It is not a sacred language that holds mysteries and secret power if the letters are aligned up in a particular manner. YHWH is not the name of God. Jesus is the name of God and it has nothing to do with this Aramaic Babylon language. The name of Jesus came to earth on the lips of an angel. It did not come from the tower of Babel and the Aramaic language.

If you are a true believer in the name of Jesus Christ, you will never accept the tetragrammaton as the name of God. You will not accept Aramaic as the sacred language of heaven. You will be challenged over and over with lies, deceptions, and crafty fables to try to lead you away from the name of Jesus Christ to the name of a Babylonian god. If you recant or deny the name of Jesus Christ you will be damned. There is no salvation in any other name. Acts 4:12 seals this forever.

While I am being attacked by many, you may ask why all of my attackers are believers in Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahuah, Yahshua, and names derived from the Babylonian god Yaave. Yaave when pronounced is spelled phonetically as Ya(h)-ve(h). This is the same as Yahveh, and Yahweh. It is the same god.

Do not be deceived. There are many false prophets in the world today. If they do not speak according to the Truth it is because there is no Truth in them.

Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ above all names.

Pastor G. Reckart
A Man God Made

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marriage Crisis Is Coming

The coming marriage crisis.
Before governments took control over marriages to make a profit on taxing the license, they were performed by ministers before witnesses and sponsors. They were recorded in the church record book. Christian marriages were not controlled by the state, the government. There was separation of church and state.
When the church let the state take over control of marriages, it became a part of the world system. For over 150 years American churches have allowed the state to dictate who could and who could not be married. We went along with this to show respect and honor to authority. One thing was always foremost: a church was not forced to perform marriages it did not believe was a biblical union. But now that is changing.
Because the supreme court has approved and legalized homosexual marriages, churches will either perform them or be liable for breaking the law, and the minister and church officials open to be jailed and fined thousands of dollars a day. In addition, the homosexuals can sue the church for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They can obtain judgments against the church property and force it to be sold to pay them.
The crisis is building. If a church does not accept the rainbow symbol of being acceptable to homosexual marriages, it will be subject to fines, ministers to imprisonment, and properties confiscated. What will we do?
A solution is that Christians will revert back to colonial days when a man and woman got married before family, witnesses, and sponsors, and no longer seek government registration. While these may be looked upon as common law unions, they will allow the church to no longer perform weddings for unbelievers who refuse to follow the biblical man/woman union.
The crisis will soon manifest. As for me, I will no longer perform marriages for unbelievers. In America I will no longer use or allow the church to be used for weddings. Weddings will be in places chosen by the bride and groom. They will be biblical weddings. We will avoid the coming homosexual agenda of using the church for sodomite marriages.
The crisis is coming. Jesus predicted the homosexual rampage of the endtime before the rapture. It is now upon us. The crisis and forcing homosexuality upon the church is at the church doors the same as they pounded on Lot's door.
The crisis is here.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dog In The Master's House

Many people are pet lovers. They have dogs inside and outside their homes. The ones allowed inside, you can be sure must be favorable to the owner. These dogs, although dogs, will still obtain a special status by the mere fact they are allowed in the house.

Dogs not allowed in the house are ones that chew everything up. They are put out or given away. Do not be a chew up Gentile.

Dogs not allowed in the house are dogs that bite children or adults. They are put out or given away. Do not be a biting Gentile.

You can be sure if a dog is allowed in the house it is by special permission of the house owner. All of us know, if a dog is allowed in someone’s house, that is their business. And if you are a visitor to that house, you do not speak evil of the dog or mistreat it. You may be asked to leave. If you were a good guest you would never think of kicking or beating someone else’s dog.

Dogs that are fed in the house are allowed to eat what ever the owner gives it. Do not argue with an owner what he feeds his dog. Do not cause trouble with friendship over a man’s dog. Do not hurt little children by being mean to their dog. Just remember, the dog is not yours. If others allow a dog in their home, then accept it or do not go to that home.

Dogs that are fed in the house are good dogs.
Dogs allowed in the house are good dogs.
Dogs that find sympathy in a house are loved.
Dogs that are not creating trouble are welcome in the house.
Dogs that create trouble are not allowed in the house.

Gentiles were considered dogs by the Jews. They were unclean according to the Levitical diet. Although many Jews did not like Gentiles they allowed the dogs they likened Gentiles to into their homes. These dogs were used for guard dogs. They were household pets for children. They were used by shepherds to help protect sheep. Dogs were used for lots of good things. What ever they could use a dog for, Jews believed they could use Gentiles for. But, they refused to allow Gentiles in their homes and certainly not allowed in the temple or synagogues to have a relationship with God.

A woman came to Jesus needing a miracle for her daughter. Jesus told her it was not proper to give the children’s food to the dogs. The Gentile woman responded that even dogs eat the crumbs from their master’s table. This means the master had allowed certain dogs in the house. It also means those in the house were allowed to eat the crumbs. This means that Gentiles maybe considered dogs, but Jesus has allowed them into his house.

Yes, still a soldier. Yes, still have my armor on. Yes, still living holy. Yes, still a Jesus name believer. Yes, still reject the tetragrammaton and all the guess names from it.  Yes, still a believer by faith in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Have not quit. I have a Master. And although I am counted as a dog by orthodox rabbis and Jews, this dog eats crumbs from the Master’s table.

I do not mind calling them crumbs. It is not an insult to the Master or to me. I am fed and in the house and not about to complain and bite my Master’s hand, his leg, or his ankle. I am as good a Gentile dog as they come. Of course my Master has trained and taught me. You see, I was a stray dog, dumped out as a puppy. And I hunted not only for spiritual food, I wanted a real home. This stray dog wanted a Master.

I did not come to the Master’s house barking with a threatening growl. I came with my tail between my legs. You see, the world had beaten me up. I was abused by sinful people. They called me a cur. The chased me away with mean words. They said I was one dog they did not want around. They chased me away.

I tried to be friendly but I was a stray, a cur, and I needed someone to take me in, clean me up, and give me a place in the Master’s house. I did not care if it was in a corner, or even on the back porch: I was accepted and given a warm welcome by the Master.

I knew when I felt his first touch, a gentle touch on the head and warmth and a tingling went from head to foot, that he had sympathy on me, would show me love, and claim me as his own.

Yes, I may be a Gentile dog. My pedigree may be that of a stray. But I am in the Master’s house. I may even be under the table. But I am right where I can watch the feet of my Master. And I promise, if anyone attacks my Master, they got me to contend with. You see, I am a dog in the Master’s house.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Put God Jesus Above Chickens

Tithing by faith is a New Testament doctrine. Many have denied the Apostles were all tithe givers. Many deny Jesus chose tithe givers as Apostles. In fact, Jesus himself has to be a tithe giver or he was in violation of the Law concerning tithes.

I know many hate me because I said I did not want to have fellowship with anyone who refuses to give tithing by faith. And there are several ranters still going on and on about my statement that I do not want any minister associated with me who does not believe in and give faith tithing.

I will not back down. I do not care how many videos people make. I do not care how many Facebook pages people attack me on. I decided a long time ago that my name was not important, Truth was important. A person can attack and destroy my name but they cannot destroy the Truth.

I know also, that many are led astray following anti-tithers and their illogical contradictory stories and make up lies, to give reasons why tithing is not a New Testament act of faith. But I decided these can try to go to heaven on the anti-tithing hate they spew, while I will go to heaven teaching it is more blessed to give than to receive. I will continue to teach faith tithing because it is still the New Testament way of showing respect to God Jesus and supporting both his Pastors and the work of the Church.

I give tithing and Jesus has blessed me. I am a witness that faith tithing works. I cannot doubt the testimony I have of the blessings of God. I know why I am blessed. And no anti-tither will ever be able to convince me my blessings came by luck, accident, or coincident. The rule of sowing and reaping is still New Testament.

Yes, a lot of people are cursed financially because they do not put God first. They have not given their tithe. And they wonder why they cannot get ahead or be blessed. Just as in the natural you reap several months after you sow, even so in the spiritual, you reap several months after you sow. If you sow every week, soon you start reaping every week.

Ok, a chicken story.

A have some chickens, They are begining to lay eggs after nearly 6 months of raisng and feeding them. Blessing time is coming. And the hens cackle each time to announce they gave me another blessing. They are happy. They are happy givers. And I continue to give them not only good feed, I get them delicious little snacks from time to time, like an ear of corn, or a half of watermellon. Wow, they love me. When they see me coming, snack or not, they come running and gather around me. They know I am nice to them. I have always treated them tender and nice. I talk nice to them. Even to the roosters. They will eat out of my hand. So, what have the chickens learned. They have learned to give. And I give back. If it works with chickens is God less than a chicken? You give to God and he will give back to you. At least allow God to be above chickens.....

Jesus bless you all, Amen......

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Every day thousands more are added to the Jesus name blasphemers churches and cult groups. These are turned away from the name of Jesus by the tetragrammaton cult members who believe YHWH is the true name of God. They deny Jesus is the true name of God. In fact, they claim the name Jesus is a fake since it does not contain the tetragrammaton. There are hundreds of tetragrammaton cult leaders who are trying to invent new names for Jesus which they claim is his true Hebrew name. In fact, they are great liars. Because the names they are inventing come from the Aramaic Babylonian language of the tower of Babel.
Yes, you read that right. Aramaic may have been a common language in the days of Jesus, but this is the residue of the Babylonian victory over the area of the fertile crescent area. This dominance and control lasted for several hundreds of years. The Hebrew language spoken by Israel was replaced by this Babylonian tongue. It is called Aramaic. Go research it for your self. Why accept the lies of the tetragrammaton cult? These will have you believing that the Babylonian language of Aramaic is the holy tongue of God. It is not a holy tongue. It is a devil tongue filled with mysticism, satanism, and all manner of witchcraft. This is why the Chaldee mysteries are totally contained in the Aramaic language. The use of numerology, gematria, and other occult practices were developed into the Jewish Kabbalah by reprobate satanic rabbis and priests. While this is hard for some to swallow, it is nevertheless the truth. It was this snake throne system of Babylon in control of the temple in Jerusalem that plotted to have Jesus crucified. This fulfills Genesis 3:15.
I am not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the true Lord. He is the true Christ. He is the one and only true Lord Christ. This is why the name of Jesus is above all names. No other name can be called both Lord and Christ.
All the tetragrammaton cult liars cannot make YHWH both Lord and Christ. They can pervert, they can deceive, they can cast their Aramaic Babylonian spells upon the minds of the slothful, the ignorant, the novices, and the wanna-be prophets: but they will not be allowed to deceive all people. It is the power of the Holy Ghost that enables us to defend the name of Jesus above all names. By the name of Jesus Christ we have salvation. There is no salvation in YHWH or any other tetragrammaton name that comes from the Babylonian language.
Stand up for the name of Jesus Christ.
Stop accepting tetragrammaton lies.
Withdraw from all tetragrammaton cults.
Have no fellowship or communication with those who hate the name of Jesus and who are tetragrammaton cult members.
Rebuke them. Do not allow them to spread their lies. If they come into the church, cast them out. Tell them to go back to their own Babylonian cult. These have the spirit of witchcraft. Demons are with them.
The tetragrammaton cults now accuse us of making an idol out of the name of Jesus. I do not excuse their ignorance. Jesus is not an idol and therefore his name is not an idol. The mere stupidity of these cult members saying we have made the name of Jesus into an idol is shocking. No, rather, it is the tetragrammaton YHWH they make into an idol. These letters do not even make a name until vowels are added. They are no more the name of God then ABCD. Yet the fools of the cult religion of Babylon think we will fall in love with their mystery name and mystery religion.
No, we will not accept anything from Babylon. We will not accept the Aramaic tongue. We will not accept the mysteries of Nimrod. We will not accept the trinity. And we will never accept that Jesus had a Babylonian name. Got that? We will never accept any invented name for Jesus that comes from the Babylonian language of Aramaic.
Follow the Apostles in the New Testament.
No where did they call Jesus Jeshua (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Joshua  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Jehoshua(h)  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Yahshua(h)  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Yeshua  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Ishoo (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Isa  (a Muslim name).
Millions are turning from the New Testament and accepting interpolations, perversions, and corrupt invented names for Jesus that are not Hebrew. They come from some other language like Aramaic or Arabic.
The war began when the Apostles were told not to speak any more in that name.
For the name of Jesus they were persecuted. Some were put to death. All Christians were hated because of that name.
And here it is happening all over the world again.
And many ignorant preachers now claiming that Jesus is not the true Hebrew name of Jesus but one of these other Aramaic or Arabic invented names. If they believed their own lies how come they do not baptize:
in the name of Jeshua Christ;
in the name of Joshua Christ;
in the name of Jehoshua Christ;
in the name of Yahshua(h) Christ;
in the name of Yeshua Christ;
in the name of Ishoo Christ;
in the name of Isa Christ;
These deceivers claim the Greek bible contains a false name of Jesus because it is spelled IESOUS. They claim this Greek name is false. Well, the Apostles used it. So it is not false. What is false? What is false is to claim IESOUS is a Greek name. The fact is, it is a Hebrew name spelled with Greek letters. IESOUS is the same as JESOUS. But the liars will not tell you that. JESOUS is the same as JEHSOUS. But the liars will not tell you JE and JEH are pronounced the same and the H is silent in JE. The liars will not tell you that JESOUS is the same as JESUS. They do not want to admit that Jesus is a Hebrew name. Many liars, including so-called scholars, pervert the truth about the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But here on this blog, you will read the truth.
If you love Jesus, love his name. If you do not love his name, you do not love him who the name represents. If you deny his name you must deny him. If anyone does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh he is an antichrist. Jesus Christ is not YHWH come it he flesh. That is a Catholic and Pentecostal lie. They make Jesus a Babylonian god who came in the flesh. Do you accept this nonsense?
Some of you hate me because i am not one of your tetragrammaton cult friends. Sorry about that. Hate me till you die. I will lift up the name of Jesus Christ above all names. Yes, I am not ashamed to die this way. I am not ashamed to go before the throne of my God and fall down and call him JESUS. I am not afraid.
You who hate the name of Jesus better be afraid.
You who hate me because I am not a member of your Pentecostal Catholic organization, better be afraid.
But then, if you are not afraid in all your backsliding, unholy living, and worldly sinful homes: have a seared conscious. I do not expect you to be afraid. I warn you. I warn you that if you reject the name of Jesus Christ in all of its honor, all of its glory, all of its power, you will be lost and burn in hell for ever.
For me, no other name, but Jesus Christ, just as you read in Acts 2:38.
Call me anything you want. I am a man made by God to worship his name. What other man in the world is saying these things?
Bishop Reckart

Monday, September 29, 2014

Why are more and more people hating the name of Jesus?

Why are more and more people hating the name of Jesus?

Replacement theology all around us

The name of God was replace and forgotten by the tetragrammaton which the rabbis called Baal or LORD (see Jeremias 23:27). When Jesus came the rabbis were followers and defenders of their god YHWH, the tetragrammaton. Behind the crucifixion of Jesus is this Babylonian Babel tetragrammaton god.

We are now in a world-wide war concerning the name of Jesus. Millions now hate it who claim they are Christians. They claim if the Hebrew name of Jesus does not contain YHWH and backed up by the tetragrammaton, that it is false. Since they cannot get YHWH in the name of Jesus, they now want to respell the name of Jesus so it contains the tetragrammaton. In this manner, just as the rabbis replaced the name of God in over 6,000 places in the Old Testament, these now have bibles they have put out changing the name of Jesus to these tetragrammaton guess names.

How many will remain faithful to the name of Jesus Christ?

How many will accept these invented tetragrammaton guess names for Jesus?

I am fearful of many who are so fickle. Many who are so deviously deceptive, claiming they believe in the name of Jesus but also the tetragrammaton god. Many liars in the pulpits today. And while they speak in tongues, dance, shout, and scream halleluyah, they are casting down the name of Jesus Christ by the thousands.

I say, all their dancing, shouting, speaking in tongues is false. I say, they are deceptive endtime false teachers and false prophets. I say they are antichrist.

The name of Jesus Christ is the name of my King and Shepherd. Do not speak against it. You will be cursed by such stupidity. If you are friends with a tetragrammaton antichrist, why? How come you cannot come out from among them? How come many of you look for ways to attack me because I will not change to a tetragrammaton guess name?

I am so very proud of those men and women who boldly stand for the name of Jesus Christ. I am proud of those who have not taken the 666 dead end road.

Help us Jesus,

Pastor Reckart

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Help Us King Jesus

Ungodly men who crept in and turned the grace of God into lasciviousness. The half brother of Jesus said this in Jude 1.

J.H. Thayer connected the term with such things as “wanton (acts or) manners, filthy words, indecent bodily movements,” and “unchaste handling of males and females” (pp. 79-80). It is a comprehensive term for evil and perversion (Balz, p. 169). For example, it describes the moral environment of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah (2 Peter 2:7), and one hardly needs to be reminded of the shameless practices characteristic of those communities.

In those days there arose a sect of backslid Christian men who fell into Gnosticism. We know them as the Nicolatines in the book of revelation. Who were teaching the congregation and God's servants that eating things offered to idols and committing fornication (sexual immorality) was okay.  At least two churches had members of this new ungodly gnostic sect.

Why is it that more and more ungodliness is "creeping" into churches and very few preachers are saying anything? Can it be they will not say anything because their sons and daughters are part of the ungodly who have taken up lasciviousness as a way of life?  And so now since they cannot condemn them, or rather refuse to condemn them: they must now allow the congregation to match what they have allowed their sons and daughters to do?

In the last days sin will increase. The Godly will have a way of escape. Not a way of escape out of being in these sins, but a way of escape from falling into them and becoming a part of the last day ungodly generation.

Escape from this untoward generation. Escape from the ungodly. Get away from them, far away from them. Do not fellowship with them. They will drag you down to the pits of hell. They are not ashamed. They do not blush. There is no fear of God in them any more. They are proud in their sins. And they demand no one judge them.

Ungodliness is increasing. We must keep ourselves pure. We must keep on the road to heaven. No turning back. We must remain encouraged. We must keep praising Jesus our Lord. We must lift up the hands of the feeble and pray for the sick and weak. In our Jesus world of grace and mercy, we reach for the lost hating even the smell of their garments, pulling them out of the fires of hell just in time.

Help us King Jesus, help us......

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Two Tables Of Stone

Having studied the travels of Moses and the Israelite exodus, it seems very possible the route given in the back of our bibles is not correct. The traditional Sinai appears false. It is not located in Arabia. Why is this important? Because Paul says Mt. Sinai was in Arabia. He would know. Arabia would not include the land now called Sinai. So where was the true Arabia and Mt. Sinai?

It appears the true Mt. Horeb (Horeb is the original Paleo-Hebrew and Sinai is Aramaic); is a black mountain along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is called Jebel al-Lawz. You can Google it.

Many of the supporters of the Catholic church deny this location and try to invent several confusing locations. But the fact is, all of the historical locations mentioned in the Exodus is found at Jebel al-Lawz.

Here is something I want you to consider: Moses went up into the mountain to meet with God and get the Ten Commandments. He got them. It appears God took stone from Mount Horeb and wrote on the two tablets the Commandments. We normally see a single white piece of stone that has two curved tops and on these are the Ten Commandments written in what is called Hebrew. But upon investigation, the letters are not Hebrew at all they are Babylonian Aramaic. This is an impossibility. The Israelites not only did not know how to read and speak Aramaic at the time of the Exodus, they would not learn it for another 1000 years (1400BC-600BC). Why is this lie of using Aramaic on the Ten Commandments never objected to? I am the first person in modern history to object to this. I have written about this before but no one cares to take notice and agree with me. I will go another step here now.

The Ten Commandments were not written on white stone. The stone from the true mountain of Jebel al-Lawz is black. It would seem obvious to me, that if the stone on this Mount of God was black because it was on a fire and burned, then the stone for the Commandments was not white as pictured in every single image of them.

I will go another step here and say the Ten Commandments were said to be written on tablets of stone. Tablets here seems to indicate "slabs". Two separate slabs of black stone. Moses broke the original tablets of stone. He was required to make two replacements like the ones he broke. What do you think he did? He went back up to the mountain top and there got two more slabs of black stone and on them he wrote the Ten Commandments. He put these into the Ark of the Covenant. What he did with the broken set written by God that he broke we do not know.

Why is this important? It is important because it uncovers several lies that have been preached and told for many years. It is important because we should not be preaching and telling lies. If nothing more, we should at least try to get to the Truth of all matters. And this is the reason for my post today.

I would love to visit this mountain. And some day I will if it is the will of God. It will not hold any special salvation power for me, but just to be able to stand in the area where Moses talked to God would be awesome. If I am blessed to make this journey I will also visit the place where Jesus was baptized along the Jordan River. After this, I would love to visit the true Garden of Eden. But right now it is not safe for an American, a Christian, and a Jewish Israel of God person to go there.

Jesus help us all to see the truth and also stand for it.

Bishop Reckart

The Rise Of Slanderers

As we go nearer into the endtimes, there will arise more and more attacks against men of God. These will come from within and without the body of Christ. It happened against Jesus and the Apostles.

I can only imagine the destruction these caused as they tried to elevate themselves by attacking Jesus and the Apostles. Ciaphas was immediately elevated to a very strong position as head of the Sanhedrin Council. He gained honor and respect by attacking Jesus with despicable words. He stirred up hatred by use of slander. He developed his slander circle. He became more and more aggressive when no one stood against him. He surrounded himself with men who agreed with him. At last he found a way inside the circle of the 12 Apostles. And with one man on the inside, the plot to murder Jesus developed into the Passover crucifixion. It is so very interesting how men will be friends with slanderers, knowing their intent is to destroy and kill. These know they are being used to support false accusations but they remain in the slander circle. And when no one will rise against these attackers, they think themselves invincible.

The Apostles experienced the same kinds of people. Herod became an antagonist and had James captured and beheaded. Peter was arrested and put in jail. Herod was bold to make use of slander and false accusations against these good men of God. we do not know who all had their hands in the conspiracy against the Apostles, but we can be sure they were proud of themselves. One dead and another one soon to go to the chopping block. Joy was in the camp of the slanderers. They were fighting the Apostles with Jihad (holy war). And they wanted the head of Peter on a charger to parade around for public approval.

The Apostle Paul had many slander attackers. They tried to find as much fault with him they could. I find it interesting that the preacher killers today have very little to show for what they have done for the Kingdom of God. They are for the most part a band of renegade novices. Yes, I said novices. A man who is no greater than a slanderer is a novice no matter if he has been a Pastor for 40-60 years. Seasoned men of God know how to be gentle, peaceable, unto all men. They do not seek to elevate themselves by destroying the reputation and name of others. Jesus did not do this. The Apostles did not do this. And a good man of God will slip away and be silent and bear his cross. He will stand against all evil but avoid those who are vain janglers and accusers of the Brethren. The Apostle Paul had many enemies. But what he preached remains the one Gospel I seek to preach all over the world.

Why is it people today cannot discern slander? Why is it so many have no sensitivity toward the Truth? Why is it they cannot rightly divide between honorable men and men of ill conduct?

Over 16 years ago I had to walk away from some accusers. I turned my love and attention to the world and missionary work. Today, two of my accusers have died. A couple more have lost their churches. Some of them are as bitter as an unripe persimmon. Everyone of them shouted and danced for a couple years enjoying their slander against me. But I remained faithful to Jesus Christ in all doctrine and verity. Many hundreds of souls are now saved and the truth is increasing in many countries because I turned to the Gentiles. Hummmmmmmm.

As the slanderers increase, I will just do more. I will ignore them and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of their darkness. I will advise all men of God to prepare themselves for the slanderers. They are seeking out who they can betray and destroy. They are seeking out our enemies the same as Ciaphas sought out Pilate and Herod. They have one goal, one ambition, to destroy us and the work of God we are doing. This was the whole intent of the Jerusalem gang who united against Jesus and the Apostles.  This same betrayal spirit will arise more and more as we complete the final days of the endtimes.

Jesus bless us all,

Bishop Reckart

Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Truth criticism against false doctrine?

Is Truth criticism against false doctrine?

Today when a person speaks the Truth it is called criticism. Religious groups and their members use the accusation "spirit of criticism" to denounce Truth. It is a way to cast a negative attitude against the Truth. It deceives people into believing that since Truth is criticism, that Truth is more evil than the false doctrine the Truth exposes.

False Doctrine

Here is how I see it.

Truth will always expose false doctrine if it is allowed the freedom to be presented.

When Truth is presented, those in false doctrine will then criticize the Truth and claim it is wrong to speak against what another person believes.

The argument is, that a person has a right to believe what they want even if it is false doctrine. And if a person speaks the Truth to them, to challenge their false doctrine this is criticism.

Ok, in this I am a critic.

I will criticize all false doctrine by speaking the Truth. I will not allow false doctrine to accuse the Truth as being criticism as a means to punish the person speaking the Truth.

Bishop Reckart
Doing what Bishops are supposed to do

Self Forgiveness

Friday, September 12, 2014

Interesting Discoveries In The Search For The Garden Of Eden.

Millions of Blacks and many whites, including the majority of evolutionist believe the origin of man began in deep Africa. Bibles have been manufactured for Blacks showing Eden in Africa. One of the reasons for this direction of research is trying to find the black dirt God used to make Adam who they claim was not a "ruddy/redish' fleshed man but a black man.

The racism today is rather hateful among the so-called Black Hebrew movement. Even the Black Muslims who follow the racism of Elijah Mohammed, believe Adam was black and created in Africa. They have a rather large array of evidence they claim points not only to the original blackness of the human race, they claim the white man resulted from leprosy of blacks. In the Black Muslim story, a black scientist named Yakhob was messing with the DNA of sheep and he created the white man. This is embodied in their religious teachings.


If all this is true, then the creation chapters dealing with the creation of man and his being put into the garden of Eden is all lies. The rivers that are mentioned: Hiddekel, Tigris, and Euphrates would all be false. They would need to be changed to African rivers and there is not a single shred of evidence for these alleged African rivers.

Several years ago the search for the garden of Eden shifted to the area of Tabriz in northern Iran. A Jewish researcher traveled from Tehran toward the north following directions taken from an ancient scroll dating back to nearly 800-1000BC. He followed the travels of a man who was sent there by an ancient king. As he made his journey he was able to identify some of the way mark descriptions written in the scroll. He was amazed when he arrived in the mountains south of Tabriz and came over the ridge on the highway. As he descended into the valley below and going northward he discovered what he believed was the area of the garden of Eden.

Only thing is, he never could find the actual place. He only found the location of the area. With Google Earth we can now view this area and research it more closely.

We know there was a river that flowed through the garden of Eden. We also know that this river eventually was parted or was joined by two other rivers until there are three. Researchers have long concluded that Hiddekel has to be the river that came through Eden because it is the only one with "El" referring to God. The other two, Tigris and Euphrates come later on. One thing researchers have found is that these rivers are still there after all these thousands of years. And they are not in Africa.

There is a little village there named Khaje which is also spelled Khajeh. Now that is kinda shocking. Because the ancient meaning of this name is Kha=life or soul and je or jeh= we now know is in the name of Jesus and starts of the spelling of many other Old Testament names. This can be translated as meaning the soul or life given by God. Some even name their baby girls with this name Khaje and they mean by it that the spirit or soul of the daughter has been given by God. What is shocking is that Khaje is right smack dab in the middle of the area where the garden of Eden existed. Does this name continue to hold an ancient secret few know or understand? Does it point us closer to the location of the garden of Eden?

There is a river that flows past this little town and the name of it is Aji-Chay. Now remember, in those days there was no city just a paradise that was on both sides of the river just as we see in the book of Revelation. So here we have the river Aji-Chay right in the same place we find a place named Khaje. What is so interesting here is the name Aji-Chay. In the Aramaic language "chay" means life. For instance in the Aramaic as recorded by Strong at #2416 speaking of the tree of life has the Aramaic word "chay-yiym." This cannot be accidental. The river is then called the river of life. And the name Aji-Chay although the meaning hidden for centuries and thousands of years points us yet again to the location of the garden of Eden.

When I researched the location of Aji-Chay, I was shocked to find it right in the largest garden place in the whole region. Just go to Google Earth and type in Aji Chay, Iran and let it take you to the garden of Eden.

Are we getting close to the right area?

What also shocked me was the color of the mountains around there. The most beautiful red dirt eyes ever beheld. And mixed in was brilliant white dirt and even some grey/black dirt. Now would it be that God took all that dirt and made Adam and in his own DNA he held the colors of the human race of reddish, white, and black? And If God used the dirt from this area to make man, then he made him with dirt that would make all the colors of the human race right there in Adam. All of it found right there in the area of Eden.

Has the area of the garden of Eden been found? We do not know but it sure is interesting to study.

Pastor Reckart

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The battle of the gods against Jesus Christ

When they take their battle against Jesus Christ, he will destroy them with the brightness of his coming. 

The antichrist and his god YHWH will not defeat Jesus Christ. 

The battle of the gods is now gaining momentum around the world. Many are already taking the mark of this YHWH god beast system. They are deceived that they are returning to the true God of the Jews when in fact they are accepting a Babylonian idol god named Yaaveh whose name developed into the tetragrammaton YHWH.

The god of the coming antichrist is YHWH. The rabbis already say YHWH will be the god of their coming messiah. They say Jesus Christ was not their Messiah when he came and if he comes again they will kill him again to the glory of their god YHWH.

I want to express again, that Aramaic is not a Hebrew language. 

Aramaic which today is called biblical Hebrew, is a language and tongue of Syria and comes from the tower of Babel. 

The world is being deceived that the Babel language of Aramaic is now Hebrew. That is far worse a lie and deception than the trinity. Because they are substituting the true God with this Babylon false god YHWH. Scholars confess YHWH came from Babylon.

Now we have rabbis who are claiming that YHWH and Allah are the same god. 

Wake up people. Either Jesus Christ is our God, or we have a false god.

Whose side are you on? You can no longer just read and be silent. You can no longer just click like and go on your merry way. If you have no voice to raise in defense of the name of Jesus Christ, then quit claiming to be a preacher or a Christian.. 

Did you ever notice those who worship the YHWH god will not call themselves Christian? They will try to prove the name Christian is pagan. Are you being groomed by these modern satanist to deny the name of Jesus and deny the name Christ?

If you cannot defend the name of Jesus Christ against all these gods and their names: STOP BAPTIZING IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. 

The ancient false gods are having a revival right in our midst and all we can think about is music, shouting, dancing, leaping, running, having a good time in church: while millions including these shouters are being deceived. 

Shouting never saved a soul. The emotionalism of shouting last for a few minutes. But the name of Jesus Christ and its glory is eternal. Do all things in this name. Do nothing in the false god name YHWH.

Sinners now shouting among us and they have not even repented. What is going on here? 

When the devil can shout in the house of God, the man in charge of the pulpit does not have discernment. He has stopped taking authority over false lying spirits.

I am using brash words because the time demands words with the bark still on. 

The time of lullabies and working up a shout with a keyboard and a drum set is over. 

You can dance while the soul is being deceived, or preach the truth and lift up the name of Jesus Christ above all names. 

As you know, I am suffering constant attacks because of my stand. Many with me have gone back to YHWH people. They are trying to take me down one way or another, one scheme or another. The anti-tithers have assailed me with all manner of hate and hostility, But, I will not be moved. I am like a tree planted by the waters. I shall not be moved no matter who or how many wag their tongues against me. 

Many who stood with me are now perverting the Truth. Many who did agree are now accusing me of all sorts of crimes against God. What is going on here? 

It is because they want attention and they want to pervert the Truth and have it their way. Sorry, this is not Burger King. 

When I refuse to be changed to their theories, they attack me and make videos to mock me. But know one thing, I am going to stand for the Truth until I die or the world catches on fire.

Because I was standing for it before I met or knew these people. I am not ashamed of this Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In the end Jesus will show who is that ONLY POTENTATE. Got that? You worship your false god. I will worship my Shepherd Jesus Christ. I know his name and it is not YHWH.

Jesus will bring the nations before him on judgement day and those who went after the gods, even the YHWH god, and would not that he Jesus should reign over them, he will order to be destroyed. 

Do not be among that number. 

Stop being silent. 

Stop joining my enemies. 

Stop playing patty cake baker's man with those making mocking videos. 

It is now time to decide whose side you are on. If you can be turned from the name of Jesus Christ you will surely end up in hell. 

The war of the ancient gods against Jesus Christ Lord is real. 

Where do you stand? 

Open your mouth and prove it. 

Does the devil already control your tongue while you speak in tongues?

Be a witness with your mouth. 

Lift up your voice like a trumpet.

If not now when?