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Friday, September 9, 2016

Count Me In Jesus...

Count Me In Mt. Jesus is a celebration of faith. It has taken priority over the mission work of Jesus Messieh Fellowship International and Jesus House Apostolic Assemblies. These are our two SEC registered groups in the Philippines. Mt. Jesus is more than just a building project. It is the first mountain in the world that has been anointed and consecrated to the name of Jesus as the name above all names. There is no other mountain in the world that has this great honor. And while Mt. Jesus is not a high mountain as big ones go, it is still a high summit upon which the name of Jesus has been called down upon. Mt. Jesus is unique. It gives those who believe in the name above all names an opportunity to participate in this great high place. Yes, it will be a high place. A place which those in the area all the way to the sea will be able to see. When the Cross is placed upon this mountain as I promised the former owner, it will be seen for miles. We will use this as an evangelizing tool. The picture of the temple and cross upon this mountain will be used to invite many thousands of souls to come to salvation. From this mountain salvation will issue forth like a river. I know all of you can not go there. You will never be able to stand upon this mountain. But you can put your name there along with the name of Jesus. I have asked everyone to give to this worthy project. Some have responded. Many have not. I know for some, the name of Jesus will never be worthy of any support on Mt. Jesus. So, I cannot reach out to them. But I am reaching out to all the rest of you. I depart to the Philippines on September 15th. I plan to be there by September 18th. And I plan to assist in the building of the temple. The foundation must be laid. And the Temple building built up. So I have decided I need a giving plan. A plan where a person can choose how much they want to give and where they would like their name placed in the temple. So here is my plan: (Category 1): Names in the foundation with those of the 12 Apostles, a gift of $5,000 US dollars. (Category 2): Names in the Altar of the Passover Celebration Table, a gift of $1000.00. (Category 3): Names in the Cornerstone Box along with the name of JESUS, a gift of $500.00. Category 4): Names at the foot of the Cross on a brass plate, a gift of $250.00. (Category 5): Names on the gift scroll at the entry of the temple, a gift of $100.00. Yes, many of you have given. As you give, I will begin registration of your names. I will make this information available with a monthly mail out news letter report. This information will not be posted online. The names of the donors, their comments of 100 words or less will be sent out with the news letter. Only a very few pictures will be posted online from now on. Those who care and share, who love and support, will be kept apprised of the building of the temple. The non-givers and others will just not be a part. My thanks and appreciation to all who have already given. I have already collected your names and placed them accordingly in the proper category. You will not be forgotten. You can add to your donation to reach the category of your choice. You can send in weekly or monthly amounts toward your place goal. Jesus bless us all. Yes, Jesus, you can count me in. Give today. Go to Paypal. Enter my email address: as the person you are giving to. It should show up as JMFI. Follow all the prompts and fill in the information. You can use your debit or credit card. If you would like to use Worldremit, you can do so. Send it to the Philippines as cash pickup in pesos. And my name Gary Reckart as the receiver. After you process your donation please copy down and send me the pick up reference number. The cost for this service is very very cheap compared to Western Union and Moneygram. I recommend it for all international transfers. Jesus bless us all who lift up his name above all names. Pastor Reckart

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Darkness Shall No Longer Rule

On June 28th the mountain top was anointed with pure consecrated olive oil. Many souls were there to witness the celebration. Exactly 50 days later on August 16, 2016 electricity reached the summit and the first light was turned on. 50 is the number of Jubilee.

Have you given your large offering to Mt. Jesus yet? Why not be a part? Now is the time to manifest your love and thanks for the Truth Pastor Reckart has shared with you. Give until it hurts. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten by Jesus.

First mountain top in the world dedicated to the name of Jesus alone.

Go to PayPal. Enter my email address ( Enter your donation amount. Enter your credit card or debit card information. As soon as your donation is processed, your gift will be recorded in heaven.

Darkness will no longer rule over Mt. Jesus.

Praise the Lord God Almighty Jesus

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Place Called Wicked

A nation that forgets God will be turned into hell.
When a people become so wicked and so wicked tolerant that God wants them destroyed, it matters not to God the wicked party or group who destroys them.

The whole world has departed morality. It has allowed wickedness unrestrained. Legalized evil allows the lowest of human animals to destroy all traces of a Godly people. And at the height of this apostasy, God allows insanity to be seen as the only way of life. Turn your mind from God and he will turn your soul dark. From that moment you are not wanted by God and become nothing but firewood for hell.

You have been warned and have refused the admonition to repent and live holy. You compromise all truth and invent false revelations. You pervert truth with no shame or guilt. You refuse to stand with the righteous. You hide and gloss over the wickedness of your children. You pretend your church is going to heaven, when if you took a close look you would see it is a daughter of Rome and Pentecostal Catholic. You deceive yourself all is okay. And you will not openly speak against sin. Why would Jesus want you in his heaven?

You are dull of hearing. You are two-faced. You want New Testament salvation then go back under the law for righteousness. You reject the name of Jesus and replace it with Yah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jeshua, Yeshua, or some other Jewish or Catholic invented name. You are a two-faced hypocrite. You are playing deadly games. You will send your whole family to hell. Yet you do not care.

Where is your love of God?

Is that just as fake as your tears?

Turn around before it is to late.

Repent and do your first works over.

I have called to you and you would not hear.

Go on, hell is not full yet.

All who go to the heaven of Jesus are escapes from the wicked world.

The world, a place called wicked.

Heaven, a place called holy.

You choose.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Sharp One

Jesus must be very disgusted with the say nothing people, do nothing people, who say Lord Lord, and do not what he says.

There is no evidence these said: "Lord, Lord" before judgment day.

So, it is possible they refused to recognize Jesus as Lord in the days, months, years, before upon the earth.

By Lord, you quickly surrender and humble down to his majesty and ready to do all that he commands.
If you have never been commanded anything by Jesus, chances are you have never surrendered and humbled down and made your life available for his service.
Lord, I am so busy with my school, my job, my baby making, my other important things: ask me again some other time.
Lord, I must make money. I need all my time to make money so I have money to spend on the things I want.
Lord, you know how much I love you, I even praised your name on hoot night. I sang in the choir. I played a part in the Christmas skit and even was elected sweet Valentine King and Queen of our church. Wow, Jesus, I am really important to my pastor and will do anything he ask me. Can you ask me to do missions and to give some money for Mt. Jesus some other year?
Lord, I was just talking with my friends this past week about my vacation coming up and all the things I will be doing. I want to do that world’s longest zip-line thing. I want the thrill of the adrenaline as I go over 150 miles per hour. Wow, Jesus: that will be fun. Please excuse me for not wanting to save money for a missions trip. I really do not want to go see poor people eat rice and fish anyway. I don’t want to see these people living in hut houses and on dirt floors. How come they cannot help themselves anyway? Jesus, I have just married and you know how important it is to bond. Can you please excuse me for the next 10 years while I try to develop what my life will be? Thanks.
Lord, before I do anything for your kingdom, I want a car, a house, a farm, a few cattle, and easy living so I can know “how good life is.” You know Jesus, I am willing to give all to obey your will. But right now, please delay your will for ten years so I have a chance to live a little happiness. I think after this I will be willing and ready to do more for your Kingdom.
And Lord, do not forget, I give my tithes and offerings into the church. That should count for something, RIGHT?
Some day Jesus, I want to tell you how you are my very good Lord, Lord. In the mean time I will try to do miracles in your name and cast out a few devils. Maybe this will count for something also.
Just one last thing Lord. Please do not let me be one of those foolish virgins.
Thank you Jesus, you know how much I love you.

Your friend
The sharp one……

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cain Psychopathy

Anti-tither killing a tither
Anti-tithing is founded in the spirit of Cain. It is a hateful spirit. It does not have the love of God. It's purpose is to tear down and destroy faith. It has a killing spirit.


Cain was an older man;
Abel was the younger;
Cain was bigger and more powerful;
Abel was smaller and no match for his older brother;
Cain was mean spirited, ruthless, and vicious;
Abel was good hearted, kind, and a gentle man who loved his sheep;
Cain was a tyrant in attitude, would destroy anything or anyone who showed him up;
Abel was a righteous man just looking for ways to please God with his faith;
Cain wanted his unrighteous way to be accepted by God, but it was rejected.

Faith tithers, do not allow modern Cains to stop your faith.

Why did Cain kill Abel? It was because Abel offered his tithe firstfruits to God and God honored his faith. Cain offered whatever he wanted and did not use the firstfruit tithe method. God had respect to Abel's offering but not to Cain's.


The anti-tither Cain people want to invent their own offering method just like Cain. Anyone who gets in the way of their method they will attack. And if the tither is destroyed, they are happy. The Cain spirit is among us.

Remember tithers, give your faith firstfruits like Abel. Abel was not under the Law. Faith tithing needs no law to authenticate its practice. It needs so scripture. Abel had no scripture. And God said he was righteous. But to Cain, the anti-tither, he was counted unrighteous by God's measure of judgment.

Let the anti-tithers rage and rampage. Let them puke all manner of hate and contempt. Let them pervert the scripture to their own destruction. They are neither righteous or holy.

The scripture still says: if the firstfruit is holy the lump is holy. If you want to know what Paul meant, he was saying, if The tithe is holy all the rest is holy. Any other interpretation is false.

Tithing does not need a law in the New Testament. It needs only faith. With faith all things are possible. And blessings through faith tithing still comes to us because of God's respect for firstfruit givers.

As for those with the spirit of Cain, count them doubting fools just like God did Cain.

Faith firstfruit tithing, be proud to honor God and give it.

Ignore the hate filled lies of anti-tithers.

Pastor Reckart
A man God made who gives faith tithing

Saturday, May 28, 2016


If Jesus is not God, what is the conclusion?
1). The Jews were correct: "thou being a man makest thyself God."
2). Mohammed was correct: Jesus failed in his mission and promised another paraclete, which would be Mohammad. Jesus was only a man, because God has no sons.
3). Jesus had a biological father, God was not the Father of Jesus.
4). Mary was not a virgin, some man fornicated her since she was not married to Joseph at the time of conception.
5) Jesus did not fulfill the prophecy of a virgin birth.
6). Jesus was born of fornication by some unknown male. This means there is no proof he was a descendant of David.
7). Therefore he does not qualify to be the Messias.
8) Faking his role as the promised Messias Jesus was guilty of blasphemy as a false prophet.
9). He is guilty of death.
10). His crucifixion was indeed the death of a criminal.
We are all without salvation when Jesus and his name are destroyed from the earth.
All that remains for the world for salvation is destroyed. There is no salvation.
We are all lost and without any message from God for over 2,000 years.
The Apostles were all false, liars, blasphemers, criminals, and worthy of death.
All Jews who were followers of Jesus (Christians) were deceived, enemies of the temple and Israel, and their fake kingdom must be destroyed.
All evangelism of the Gentiles was fake. They were led to believe lies about Jesus.
The New Testament is totally a fake book of lies and historical distortions._______________________________________
This is what happens when people deny Jesus was God manifested in the flesh
In order for the world to be deceived about Jesus, many of the above statements 1-10 must be alleged.
The name of Jesus must then be corrupted by the Jews who did so.
His name was changed from Jesus to YESHU. This is a secret code from: YSHU or YSHW = Yimaḥ ש = Shĕmo ו = Wezikhro = meaning, May his name and memory be blotted out. YSHU with vowels is YESHU and also YESHUA or JESHUA.
Many of you are accepting either the lies about Jesus and his deity and if not, you are accepting a name that was invented YHSHU to destroy the name of salvation.
Acts 4:12, the name above all names, is now perverted all over the world to Yeshua, Jeshua, and people are baptizing in his name which means "may his name and memory be blotted out.
Our dictionaries, both Jewish and Gentile, bible translations, reference books, concordances, lexicons, histories, have been infiltrated by antichrist to give lying and false information concerning Jesus and his name.
All manner of distortions are put forth to make sure that if anyone will believe in Jesus, that they will believe in "another Jesus" who was manufactured by antichrist among the Jews and Gentiles.
Jews are not in this alone. But many thousands of Gentiles who are following the Babylonian Talmud, the Kabbalah, and other mystical books that contain antichrist statements are also in this massive world-wide plot. The Illuminati, Free Masons, Bohemian Club, Club of Rome, and other secret orders among the Gentiles are members of the global antichrist plot to blot out Christianity from the earth.
Islam will be used as was communism.
While many are holding fake revivals and trying to build up their own power-based kingdoms of men power, women power, homosexual power, and boasting of prophetic ministries: none of these are concerned about the things that really matter to the Church and the Kingdom.
This information will not spread far.
People are so immersed in their own paradigms of information dispersion they become desensitized to the truth and play around on the peripheral edge of conspiracy and other unimportant issues.
I am not sure how many of you can stay focused. There is so much scatter-brain stuff going around these days. These are indeed the times of mass deceptions, perilous times, and a day of gloominess and great darkness.
Who shall be able to stand.
If you cannot stand and defend the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, then you have no choice but to fall for lies and end up in hell.
I am now watermarked.
I have the watermark of Acts 2:38.
I have been stamped and sealed by the Great Name of my God.
Jesus, name above all names.
No other name given under heaven whereby we must be saved.
If you believe this message, share it on your facebook.
Jesus help us all,
Pastor Reckart

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Who Is David Bernard?

Who is UPCI David Bernard's Jesus?
According to his own words, YHVH or Jehovah, Yahweh, Yah; are names of God. He says "scholars" agree that Yahweh is most likely the pronunciation.
He says Joshua is most likely the pronunciation of the name of Jesus. He says Jesus is just an English name and not his Hebrew name. So he confessed Jesus is an invented made up name. This is why he cries that we should not contend for a pronunciation but rather that his name means Jehovah Savior.
He claims the tetragrammaton YHVH is included in what ever the name of Jesus really is. It is obvious he is copying and pasting lies he Googled from some Yahweh cult website.
Who are his alleged scholars? What are their names? What religion are they? What are their credentials to sayJesus is not the true name of Jesus? And who gave these scholars apostolic authority to replace the name of Jesus with another made up name? And why is it he does not come right out and say Jesus is a false name?
Let me be clear. If Jesus came in the name of the Father, and if the name of Jesus is not the name of the Father: then the UPCI use of the name of Jesus is a preposterous fraud.
David Bernard claims the UPCI, through his mouth and writings, does not accept Jesus as the Hebrew name of God. The final dictate from his lips and tongue then is that the name of God is YHVH. And if this is the name of God the Father Jesus came in: then the name of Jesus is likewise unpronunciable.
He tells the lie that the Hebrew language has no vowels. He prceeds to say that the vowels of Adonay are inserted into YHVH to derive the names Jehovah and Yahweh. How clever this lie has become. If the Hebrew has no vowels how can Adonay have vowels? Hummmm.... Take away the vowels of Adonay and what have we? We have "dn". The conlusion is massive delusion.
Jesus did not come in the name of YHVH. Gabriel did not tell Joseph or Mary to call his name tetragrammaton or YHVH. I said so...
David Bernard has protested against the name of Jesus using clever lies. He should resign his church and position as chairman of the UPCI. He should openly confess he has lied. He should leave the Christian religion all together because he has denied the name of Jesus is Jesus. The UPCI rank and file should repulse him. He is not a true witness of Jesus Christ.
I will force the UPCI to declare Jesus is the true Hebrew name of Jesus or shame them for denying the name above all names.
Pastor Reckart
Jesus, name above all names...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Path Of The Just

The path of the just is the path of Truth.
No lie, half truth, compromise, agree to disagree, or error, is allowed on this path.
The pure in heart seek it.They cry to be led in it.They humble to the simplicity of this walk of the talk.
They know they have found the old path when all they have in their heart and mind is the Truth, nothing but the Truth, so help us God.
I have no ambition but to have a Church of pure Truth.
For that is what Jesus had on his mind when he said he would build his Church.
The path to this Church is the path of Truth.
Back around 1981 my wife sent me to the grocery store in Terrell, Texas to buy some foods. When I came out of the Safeway store a Black man yelled to me from a couple parking isles over. I stopped at my car. He approached and asked: "are you a Man of God." I answered yes. He said: "I have been praying and reading my Bible. And I have a question about baptism. This morning God spoke to me to come here to this Safeway store and he would send a man to tell me what to do. So, my question is: should I be baptized in Jesus name or is my Father, Son, and Holy Ghost baptism ok?"
I asked him: did God tell you a man would tell you what to do? "He replied yes. I have been here two hours watching people come and go. And when I saw you go in the store, God told me that's the man."
I then said to him. You will know the safeway today. i will not make God a liar. If God told you I would tell you the Truth, then I will tell you.
The Truth you must accept and walk in, is the baptism in the name of Jesus Christ in Acts 2:38.The Black brother cried saying "yes Lord, yes Lord, I receive it."
The next sunday I baptized he and his wife. They went on their way rejoicing.
The path of the just is the path of Truth.Now in that area there were three other Oneness churches PAW, UPC, Independent). But ours was the only holiness one.
Why would God structure it so the holiness Pastor was the one to show this seeking Brother the path of the just?
I spent many hours and days later perfecting his understanding and knowledge of true Apostolic Truth.
So much nonsense these days parading as Truth and the most of it is nothing but Babylonian confusion and a babble of tongues until no one understands what the other is saying while they all claim they are Apostolic and Oneness.
I want the unity of the One Faith, and this means I want the path of the Just, the walk of Jesus talk.
Pastor Reckart

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dogs In The Pulpit

Did I read this right:
A pig will return to its wallering in the mire?
A dog will eat its own vomit?
Did Jesus give us two simple but important identifications of a backslider?
What of backslidden churches?
How to identify?
Churches wallering in worldliness, cast off holiness, sin rampant among members, no judging allowed in the pig sty. False doctrine promoted while screaming halleluyah and having fun. Pigs in a mud hole love every minute of it. They love the head pig and his sow. She looks so glamorous in her pants, earrings, lipstick, and neck jewelry. She has put on what the pigs around her have. From pig sty to pig sty the same wallering in worldliness. They are the United Pig Churches. Dare anyone to say they are not the bride of Christ?
What of the vomit eaters?
Only sick dogs vomit. The smell of dog vomit is sickening. For a dog to eat its own vomit it must ignore the stink and pretend it is like eating fresh good food. Dogs will eat other dog's vomit. My, my, my. One sick dog can make a meal for other dogs gathered around.
I heard it:
I am sick of hearing about holiness. I am sick of hearing about worldliness. I am sick of churches and preachers who judge me and look on the outside and not on the inside. I am sick of rules, standards, and giving tithes. I am sick. I tell you I am sick. Someone give me a witness (crowd yells preach it brother).
Those who witnessed this vomit sat there and ate it up.
Yes, when you go to Church to be fed, are you getting bread from heaven or the vomit of a preacher who has many times yelled, stomped his feet, jumped and spinned around, bent over like he is hit by the Holy Ghost, grabbing his stomach: and when he straightens up he confesses all his sickness (mentioned above).
Eating vomit and did not know it, thinking they were having a great meal.
Jesus, my King, my Lord: I appreciate the robe of righteousness. I vow one more time not to take this precious garment of praise and waller in the pig sty with it. And Sir, I refuse to eat the vomit of sick dogs in the pulpit.
Thank Jesus for holiness Pastors and holiness Church members.
Just saying....
Pastor Reckart

Saturday, April 23, 2016

So What?

You gave up Easter bunny, eggs: SO WHAT?
You want to expose all the pagan holidays, all the idols, pick on Mary like she knowingly allowed the Catholic church to exploit her, and you want those nasty Zionist Jews to fall into the hands of ISIS and other Muslims. That would settle the score for them crucifying Jesus and the Israeli state. You want so bad to undo the words of Jesus: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."
But, you have not come to the Truth on the annual Passover day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You still practice the pagan Catholic holiday of New Year's Eve. That is when you observe your Pentecostal Catholic Mass you call Communion.
I know this makes you cringe. I know it angers you. I know your heart of animosity will lash out and back. You want a victim for your many different feelings of bitterness. It was the same way at the Cross. The High Priest, Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Herodians, Sicaria, and the temple Zealots: all had some bitterness to settle with Jesus. They would even the score and scream "away with him."
Sometimes exposing all the lies, errors, and deceptions, becomes and obsession and the love of souls and people dies. Little is obtained by witch hunting anyone who has even one tiny little different religious belief or practice. But, they must die. They must suffer. They must be destroyed. Their reputation must be tarnished. Everything they have accomplished must be destroyed.
So that you can be exalted.
I know, I got it all wrong. Right?
I do not see in many of you the conduct of the Apostles in whom you trust but do not follow their example.
You call yourself Apostolic. But are you really?
Go back to square one.
Go back to Passover night and get a revelation.
Get an inspiration that will change an ear chopper into a mighty man of valor.
Yep, you have no idea what you are doing. And you have even a lessor idea of what you could become.
Just saying......
Pastor Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made

Friday, April 22, 2016

Passover of Jesus Christ 2016

In five (5) hours Passover begins in Jerusalem. It will be approximately 8pm Jerusalem time. The twenty four (24) hour day of Passover begins. As the world turns, each hour afterward, for 24 hours, Passover will be observed at sundown.
Jesus observed three Passovers after his Messieh ministry began. The first two were exactly like the Passover of the Jews. He had observed this Passover from his early childhood. Each year, the Joseph and Mary family observed Passover according to the commandment.
But on the third and final Passover to be observed in the life of Christ after he began his ministry: there would be a change.
The God of the Passover was here upon the earth in human form. Yes, Jesus was the God of the Passover. And being this God, he changed the Passover to bring revelation to the true Passover Lamb. You see, the old Passover elements were only a type and a shadow of something future and real. And when that which was celebrated in type was come to reality: the type and shadow would fade away and be replaced.
The third and last Passover of Jesus is often called the Last Supper. Why, because he ate no more of the earth before his death. His last earthly meal was the unleavened bread with wine. He would eat no more with the disciples until he ate new with them in the Kingdom of God. He did not eat again with them until after his resurrection.
For we who understand the real meaning of the Passover of Jesus Christ, we know one thing: there must be a time when we do not partake of the world any more and we live inside the Kingdom of God. The unleavened bread is a symbol not only of the 33 1/2 years of the sinless life of Christ, but it means to us that we are to make a bold confession when eating it, that we give up all that is sin or we know to be sin. If afterward we learn something is sin, we obligate ourselves to depart from it and abstain from the practice thereof.
The early first Church observed this annual celebration on the same night Jesus instituted it. Paul taught it to the Corinthians. The early first Jewish Christians observed the Lord's supper each Passover evening when the other Jews celebrated the old Passover. These who prepared the Lord's Supper at the same time as the Jews were called Quartodecimans (14th people). Meaning they prepared the Lord's Supper on the 14th of Abib and ate it that night after sundown. When the Jews celebrated the type and shadow the Christians celebrated the flesh and blood of the true Passover Lamb of God.
It was at the Council of Nicaea that the Catholic church changed the Passover into the daily and "oft" Mass ritual. They substituted Easter for the Passover. Ok, I know many of you have refused to observe Easter but you have still refused to accept the Passover of Jesus Christ. So what is your glory? That you are smart enough not to accept rabbits and colored eggs, but not smart enough to go back and embrace the true annual Passover of Jesus Christ.
I know, following the Catholic tradition you will accept the Communion anytime a pastor has a whim to do so. You really love Pope Gregory's New Year's Eve night. Wow, you can pretend to close out your old book and start a new one. Wow, you can make a vow to stop some sins and dedicate yourself to a better holiness life. And if you are challenged about mixing the Communion with a pagan holiday you scorn the person who questions your man-made tradition. Yea, you slander them as nuts, crack-pots, radical self-centered egomaniacs. All because your understand of "oft" means anytime but the right night.
Yes, the Pentecostal Catholics are easily identified by their false interpretation of "oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me" (1Cor 15:25). To justify this anytime but the correct time you say "oft" means any time you want. In this unreasonable and false interpretation, "oft" is ignored to be an annual date. But let me ask you three questions:
1) how oft do you celebrate your birthday?
2) how oft do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?
3) how oft do yo celebrate your New Year's Eve book close-out ritual?
Obviously, you will self admit "oft" can mean one annual day. You do not use "oft" to celebrate your birthday any day but the correct day.
Point made!
Passover comes to America on the East coast at 8pm sundown. In Jerusalem it will be about 7 hours after Passover day began. When we celebrate this evening at 8pm it will be 3am in the morning in Jerusalem. This will be the approximate time Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane praying with great drops of sweat like as blood. I am not ashamed to do this. I am not a Pentecostal Catholic and will ignore this very special night of the year. Yes, I observe days, months, and times. So do all of you, but you do it for your own self and your oft other pagan days.
I write this today to provoke. Yes, to push you into a Catholic corner. And I am not ashamed to tell you that your paganism is not yet totally given up. When you celebrate the Passover of Jesus Christ you can eat no more with the world on its festival days but come on into the Kingdom of God where Jesus watches us observe his Last Supper on the very evening he gave it for his memorial.
Do those of you who have come to this annual day of joy and love toward our Prince of Peace, may Jesus be present with you in the bread, wine, and foot washing.
Pastor Reckart

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

God of the Passover

The God of the Passover is more important then the Passover.
God instructed the Passover to be an exemption from the death angel.
The lamb, the blood, staying behind the blood marked doorway until the signal to leave and join the other escapees, was all God's salvation plan.
Your pastor does not have the revelation of the Passover and that is why he is a Pentecostal Catholic. Why you are also.
Lord's Supper any time but the right time.
What do you really know about Jesus, the God of his own Passover?
Are you a Pentecostal Catholic?
Dare to celebrate his Passover Friday after sundown. If not, indeed, you remain a Pentecostal Catholic.
Pastor Reckart

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Churches with a whip.

Have the Pentecostal people become institutionalized by the effects of the large mega churches?
Is it possible these will never grow any more spiritually than the institution church allows? Once they are institutionalized, they become brainwashed there is no life or chance to go to heaven unless they stay in that particular church.
Then, to make them even stronger institutionalized, the pastor tells them if they leave the compound they can never be saved. He tells them there are only two ways out of the church. Either die out or backslide out. And if they leave seeking more spiritually or truth they are ostracized by the pastor. He tells other members to shun them or have nothing to do with them because they are not subject to leadership or authority.
There it is, the whip. How to keep those hungry in the compound and place over them this evil accusation when all these souls want is a closer walk with God in Truth.
Organized religion with its massive psychological power with each pastor using the whip, once a person has come into the compound they can never leave.
The fearful never depart, those who have no vision never see, and only the brave are here.
Pastor Reckart

Monday, April 11, 2016

Correcting anti-Jewish beliefs

Email to a man who claims the Palestinians have as much right to the land of Israel as the Jews. He claims the Palestinians mostly have the same DNA pool as the Jews. And this makes them have a right to the land. He considers the Jewish state illegal. He believes the Jews should give up the land to all who share DNA gene pool genes. Here is my response.
I am not sure you understand anything I have written.
I have written that Abraham was originally of the Syrian race stock. 400 years later at the time of the Exodus, many Jews had married into the Hamitic race. This produced the “mixed multitude” which I gave you the Aramaic for “mixed” which is “ARAB.”
I mentioned that Ishmael was of the Syrian seed of Abraham but was also half Hamitic. Therefore, any Arabs descended from him may have some same DNA as Abraham and the Israelites.
In fact, if you have read what I have written on the 12 tribes, I have said that all the sons of Jacob married Canaanite women and all the tribes from the wombs of these non-Hebrew females. So, I do not disagree with the premise that there was a mixture of Hebrew and Canaanite DNA or bloodlines. But I do want to make it clear, as you pointed out: a Jew is considered Jewish by religion and by birth from a Jewish mother. This seems to be the development arising out of the ordinances and laws of Moses not to intermingle with the women and men of other nations.
There is still the fact of religion and no Arab (mixed descendents) or the other Canaanites, had any relationship or representations of the Israelites when it relates to the ministry of the Levites and the sons of Aaron. They had no right to any benefits of the many Sacrifices, Atonement, Passover, or Sabbaths. They were counted as heathens and the uncircumcised.
While your efforts to tie them all up as joint members of the DNA gene pool, it goes no further than that. It does not automatically include any of them in the Abrahamic covenant or promise. And it does not include any of them in the inheritance of the land. The land grant given to Abraham and to his seed was through Isaac. That fact is settled. I do not know of any text where that land grant has been canceled, terminated, abridged, or destroyed.
For me, I believe the true New Testament Church is the Israel of God and includes people from all nations who are born into it or converted to it. And to this it seems you agree.
I am not sure what the purpose is for you to push the Palestinian thing. If it is because you are anti-Jewish thinking they have no more right to claim the land then the Palestinians because they share some DNA, then I think you need to re-adjust your biblical perspective. In the OT it is clear that foreigners can live in the land, but it is also clear they CANNOT OWN any of the land. The land was to remain among the 12 tribes and the heirs thereof. No where was any of it to become available to non Jewish, non Hebrew people.
As for the broken off branches, this refers not to the land grant or even Abraham promises, but rather to the rights to come into and enjoy the fatness of the olive tree. Which tree is the Church.
Jesus bless you more and more,
Pastor Reckart

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How To Catholicize Your Church Or Group

How to Roman Catholicize your church or group:
1) Teach the 3 in 1 doctrine of the Godhead and not "these three are one;
2) Promote and celebrate Christmas, the false date of the birth of Jesus Christ and also practice many of the pagan traditions;
3) Promote and celebrate New Year's Eve, a date established by Pope Gregory when he changed the calendar;
4) Promote and celebrate St. Valentine's Day and also the use of pagan Cupid idolatrous images;
5) Promote and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with use of the green shamrock three leaf design that represents the trinity. St. Patrick was the monk/priest who came to Ireland and converted many of the people from Oneness/Monotheism and other deities to the Catholic trinity;
6) Promote and celebrate Eostra Sunday (Easter) as the day of the resurrection of Jesus, and rejecting the third day after the Jewish Passover when it actually occurred;
7) Accept the 1280AD monk invented name Jehovah and sing songs praising this god who is not Jesus Christ;
8) Accept the 1565AD monk invented name Yahweh and sing songs praising this god who is not Jesus Christ;
9) Accept and use hallelujah invented by Catholic George F. Handel in 1741 and its other spellings halleluyah and alleluia;
10) Celebrate the Catholic Mass/Communion practice of holding the Lord's Supper any time but the correct evening of the Jewish Passover as Jesus instituted it;
11) Accept, promote, and join the religious hierarchy pattern of Babylon consisting of ascending levels or powers of ministers over ministers with a primary central figure who usurps the titles: Pope, Superintendent, President, Apostle, Bishop, Prophet, or Pastor;
12) Slander, prohibit, black-ball, ostracize, disfellowship, and persecute anyone who calls Pentecostals "Pentecostal Catholics" who have Catholicized themselves in the "11" categories above.
Yes, this is a day when men are ashamed and afraid to stand up and speak the Truth of God with love.
They are intimidated to remain silent because after all, we must all place a dirty sock in our mouths and be gagged with the oath not to contend to our different views to the disunity of the body.
With all of these Catholic practices in place, few are brave enough to speak out. The ones who will are attacked and scandalized so they cannot be successful in spreading the Truth.
The whole world lieth in darkness. We are compassed with the powers of organized Babylon patterned religious groups.
But I read these words: "For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent."
The Lord here is Jesus Christ. For there is but one Lord (Eph 4:5). But for many there are three Lords: the Father *YHWH/Jehovah/Yahweh"; the Son "Jesus Christ"; and the Holy Spirit "no-name God."
The pure language is the same as a pure tongue. How can this be unless all lies, falsehoods, names of idols and false gods, are removed from the tongues and lips of the people who will then turn and call upon the name of the Lord?
And what is the name of the Lord?
It is the name of Jesus Christ.
You want to give your life making your church or group into a Pentecostal Catholic one?
You want to give your life to spread the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names (Acts 4:12), to all people, cities, and nations?
Just asking,
Pastor G. Reckart
A Man Trying To Convert All Churches And People To Be True Christians And Come All The Way Out Of Catholicized Churches And Groups.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Third Day Resurrection

You want to know the Truth? Here is the Truth. Do not follow the cults of YHWH sabbath keepers who claim a wednesday crucifixion and a Saturday evening resurrection. Saturday is not the Lord's Day. The Lord's Day is the day of his resurrection. That is why we call Sunday, the first day of the week, the Lord's day.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

WHat Happened On The True Resurrection Sunday

On the morning of the resurrection no souls were born again. The first day of the resurrection no souls were born again.


Because the Kingdom had not come yet.

The first evening after the resurrection Jesus appeared to some of the disciples in the upper room. They had shut the doors for fear of the Jews. And Jesus suddenly appeared.

What did he do?

Did he preach a sermon? No.
Did he sing a song? No.
Did he rebuke them? No.
Did he dance a victory jig and scream let's go places?
No, there was not a single halleluyah spoken on this first night service on Sunday evening.

He did something to prove he was Jesus.

He showed them the nail prints in his hands and his pierced side.

These were still injuries that had not healed.

Having shown them the proofs he was Jesus, he turned to Thomas and invited him to stick his hand into his side and to touch the nail prints.

Thomas did not do it. He respected Jesus so much.
Instead he said something that remains a revelation.

"My Lord and my God."

Yes, he called Jesus his Lord and also his God.

This happened on Sunday night after sundown, in the first meeting in the upper room after the Passover Lord's Supper.
It is so great, so absolutely wonderful, so spectacular, on a sunday night to see someone get the revelation who Jesus is and for them to cry out: "My Lord and my God."

This will go a lot more in worship than a million screaming halleluyahs

Lets get this down pat.

On the first sunday evening service after the resurrection, Jesus revealed himself. Why is it we cannot have this duplicated in every church? I know why. Its because Pentecost has fallen into body worship. They think with their much bodily exercise and crossover worldly jerking and dancing that this is what sunday night service is all about.

Well, tonight is not the resurrection night. Today is not the day of resurrection. It is nothing more than Catholic easter. The true resurrection will occur on the third day after the Jewish Passover. And this falls on Friday April 22, 2016 in Jerusalem.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Darkness As A Covering Over All Nations When The Covering Of God Is Removed

The covering of God has been lifted off Belgium. This is a country that has accepted homosexuality and other immoral conducts. It is generally anti-Christian when those Christians oppose the conduct of same-sex marriages and unions. God cannot and will not allow there to be peace in a country that rejects his moral laws (Psalms 9:17).
I am sure the terrorist who did this recent bombings believed they were killing infidels and people who had departed from their moral foundation. To them, Allah and Islam represents a much more pure religion then that now the common acceptance in Brussels. These men were willing to kill themselves thinking they would go immediately to heaven and obtain their 72 perpetual virgins. What they saw in the people of Belgium were modern dressed pagans and heathens.
The world will not be a safe place any where that terrorist like these believe they have an Islamic duty to kill immoral people who might influence their children, brothers, sisters, family or another Muslim to become evil and wicked. This is their mind-set. To them, they are protecting another generation of Muslims from turning to the immoral religions of Christianity.
It is indeed a shame that as of now the majority of so-called Christians no longer believe same sex marriages, homosexuality, and other immoral sexual conducts are sinful. We are confronted with a generation exactly as Jesus predicted: that of the days of Lot.
One of the reasons for this acceptance is that most families now have one or more open homosexuals. These are accepted as normal people on the same level of those who are not one of them. This allows churches to have homosexual choir leaders, worship leaders, and musicians. Not only are people staying in these immoral churches they are jumping, leaping, and screaming halleluyah every sunday night as if God has accepted this because they keep speaking in tongues.
Well, there is a homosexual oneness church here in Tampa, Florida. And they report they speak in tongues. Can I ask here what Holy Ghost is this? I am confident that emotionalism stirred up by music and talented worship leaders can speak in tongues and NONE OF IT IS FROM GOD. They can claim this is a move of the Holy Ghost when in fact it is a counterfeit Holy Ghost. You can go online and Google RAVE PARTIES and see the same leaping, jumping, and yelling. This is nothing but the kundalini invasion into the churches. The jerking, the uncontrollable shaking, the holy laughter, the wiggling like a snake, the screaming like pigs, is NOT THE DAY OF PENTECOST HOLY GHOST.
Will the covering be lifted off America and other nations? Will the covering be lifted off of churches and they allow anything to come in and shout and dance and no demons ever cast out again? Will the covering be lifted off people and they will descend into the abyss of darkened minds and become worldly to the extent they cannot come back to God?
This is indeed a perilous time.
There are many dangers pressing upon us from all around. And it does not help to have preachers in the pulpit who are dumb dogs who cannot bark. But they know exactly how to manufacture hoop-night.
Just saying.........