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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gilbertus Genebrard Inventor of the name Yahweh

Gilbertus Genebrard was 28 years old when he invented the Yahweh name. so far as we know he did not believe the name Jehovah was the true translation of the tetragrammaton. There were many who did not accept the name Jehovah. But they were not the bible makers. It was the bible makers who chose to put Jehovah in their translations. The Latin Vulgate (his bible) did not have the tetragrammaton. It did not have Jehovah. This was the Catholic bible from around 425AD (the Jerome translation) on up. He turned away from the Masoretic text to the Samaritan text to discover how these translated the tetragrammaton. It was believed that the Samaritan was the only surviving text that used the Paleo-Hebrew letters. When he obtained a copy he discovered the Samaritans had Yabe for the name of God. It was not translated from any tetragrammaton. Yabe is the same as Yave. He added the silent "h" and formed Yahve. Then adding the final silent "h" he had Yahveh. The "v" was chanted into a double "v or w" and the baby was born Yahweh.

Was he a member of some secret cult? We do not know yet. Was this the cause of his desire to prove Jehovah was false? We do not know. It is more likely he acted on his own and wanted to prove to the church of Rome it was wrong to accept the name Jehovah from the Masoretic text. 

If I see anything, it could have been that he did not trust the Jews and their Masoretic Aramaic text. And since the name Jehovah was born from the Masoretic text he could not see how God would preserve his name among a Christ rejecting group of men. What ever his reason, he broke with the Masoretic text controlling his mind. He got rid of the trigger that deceived the world that the name of God was Jehovah. When he accepted the Samaritan Yabe, he was going totally away from the Jews to their enemies. While he was doing this, he had no idea that his new invention of Yahweh would be taken by William Gesenius and applied to the Aramaic language and vowel pointed to make it appear Yahweh came from the Jews and not the Samaritans.

There are many men who have studied this strange development of two totally different names of God and both taken from the tetragrammaton. But they never connected William Gesenius as the man who took a Samaritan name for God and turned it into a Jewish one.

Bishop Reckart
A  man God made

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Baal is Yah, Yah is Yehovah

Baal is Yah. And Baal is Yahovah. Yahovah is YHVH the tetragrammaton god. What more proof do you want that YHVH is not the true God of the Old Testament? The rabbis and scribes have perverted the scriptures as contained in the Masoretic text.Do not, I repeat: do not accept any name that is invented from the tetragrammaton YHVH or YHWH.

Monday, October 2, 2017

What the UPCI and David Bernard never told you

What you were never told by the UPCI, David Bernard or any other Oneness writer about the name of Jesus.
The name Jesus with the letter "J" does not appear in the 1611 King James. In all previous versions the letter "J" does not appear.

Jesus was written as Ihesus by John Wycliffe.
Jesus was written as Iesus by the King James translators.
Jesus was written as Yeshu by rabbis who developed it for a cursed name.

The letter "J" symbol was developed in the 17th century.

Here is where the rabbis and tetragrammaton cults deceive thousands of people. And the UPCI and David Bernard helps them.

What you were never told:

The letter "I" has consonant and vowel sounds. The consonant sound is the sound of the letter J. The vowel sound is the letter "I". The Babylonian Aramaic sound of "I" is the letter "Y."

This is why the rabbis, monks, and tetragrammaton cults use the letters "I and Y" interchangeably but refuse to render the consonant J sound.

While the "J" letter symbol did not exist the consonant sound of "I" pronounced as "J" did exist. Basically, if the letter "J" never existed the letter "I" in the name of Jesus (Iesus) would still have the "J" sound.

In 1992 Jerry Kirk, the tetragrammaton cult prophet I debated showed me his 1611 KJV with Iesus in it and ask me to pronounce it. I pronounced it Jesus and he went nuts. Saying I had no right to pronounce the letter "I" as a "J."

What Jerry Kirk did not know was the consonant sounding of the letter "I."

In addition, there was another rule of grammar that when the letter "I" was followed by a vowel it was to be given the consonant pronunciation. Thus in Iesus, the "I" was followed by "e" and so "I" was pronounced as a "J." Thus Jesus.

The consonant "J" sound was removed from the letter "I" and no longer applies except for alphabet use back past the 17th century. All they did was add a fish hook to the letter "I."

In my research I have found the "J" where it appears a fancy "I." This goes back to 900AD at least. How many of these represented the consonant "J" sound I do not know. But it can't be ruled out.

So, when you read 1611 KJV and other older English, Latin, and Greek documents you can convert the "I" to the "J" consonant sound where it would apply. In most English versions after the 17th century where the consonant "J" sound existed the "J" letter is found. Do not allow someone to convince you the "J" letter and sound are wrong in those names and words.

These rules are not English language specific but descend from Latin, Greek, and Paleo-Hebrew. They may not descend from Babylonian Aramaic in which case we do not care because Jesus did not have a Babylonian name.

The UPCI and David Bernard have refused to provide this information causing thousands to be deceived against the name of Jesus.

If you will not stand for the name of Jesus what worth are you?

Now you know why we cannot accept any name for Jesus that starts with "Y" or "I" where they are not given the consonant sound of "J."

Jesus is as good as it gets.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Origin of alleluia

Alleluia was a praise originally eleleu as seen below. It was shouted to the 12 Greek gods and goddesses as far back as 500BC. The Jews never spoke Greek in worship of God in 500BC. Why would they use a word to worship 12 idols of a heathen country?

The Latin form of this praise was alleluia. These did not come from Hebrew and mean "praise the lord."

All modern definitions of alleluia come from the catholic church.

The Hebrew word for praise is Judah. Look it up Strong's #3063.

Alleluia is a Latin interpolation in Revelation 19. It is a Greek interpolation in Psalms chapters 106, 111-113, 135, 146-150. How and when this praise to Greek gods found its way into these nine psalms in the Septuagint we do not know. It suddenly appears beginning in chapter 106 and disappears after chapter 150.

We know David did not speak Greek. So he could not have written it. We also know no one from Adam to David spoke Greek and could not have ever spoken it.

We have no proof it was in the original Septuagint in 300-280BC. No prophet of the Old Testament up to Malachai (400BC) spoke Greek and used it. The likely culprit is Origen (185-232AD), who edited the Septuagint in his attempt to reconcile his 6 (hexpla) bibles and make what he believed was one pure bible.

However this praise to Greek gods got into the Psalms and in Revelation 19 we know it is totally out of place. Its compound meaning of praise Jah/Yah leads us to idol gods such as the moon or Baal (Strong's 1180). Iah also is queen in Egyptian. The queen was worshipped as Iah. Reference given at the end.

Because alleluia is found in Revelation 19 and in the aforementioned Psalms, and because of Catholic interpretations, the minds of millions are deceived and trapped.

If they say alleluia is a praise to the moon or Baal they will be accused of saying the bible has errors in it. Which to catholics and pentecostal catholics is committing blasphemy. If they say praise-Jesus or hallelu-Jesus as the highest praise they are accused of denying Jehovah or Yahweh are names greater than Jesus. This is another accused blasphemy. To deny Jesus is Jehovah or Yahweh manifest in the flesh is to commit spiritual suicide.

All of this persecution arising from rejecting alleluia and it's pagan Greek origin is catholic jihad (holy war).

The facts of the pagan origin of alleluia from the temples of Greek gods will no longer be covered up. I am personally exposing this great conspiracy. As an Apostolic historian it is my duty no matter who the truth cuts or whose feelings get hostile.

I am very proud to say Jesus Christ is the only name of God to receive all glory, honor, and praise. Now and forever. Join me now to lift the name of Jesus Christ above all names.

I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. No Jehova,  no Yahweh, no Jah, and no Yah, come in the flesh.

Check out also IAH Egyptian queen ( Add http:// to this address or it will just take you to the moon.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Remember

I remember as a young minister, I was told by some older Elders to just hold on, soon God would shake all the Oneness groups and the Bride would come forth. I was told basically to wait on the rise of prophets who would cry out. I waited.
I looked for a prophet from among the UPCI, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the PAW, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the AMF, now the ACI, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the COOLJC, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the ALJC, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the PAJC, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the WPF recently created, none arose.
I looked for a prophet among the Oneness homosexual churches, none arose.
I looked for the leaders of these groups to prophesy and none did.
I was told not to cry out because I would be rejected by all of them.
My old mentor Pastor Murray Burr once told me: there has no prophet risen from among them. And if one did they would scandalize his name and deny him. His friends would walk away from him because he would shame their backslidings. Ministers and pastors would say he was demon possessed (Beelzebub); crazy, and deceiving the people (same ploys used against Jesus).
I waited, with baited breath at conventions to hear a message that would start a spiritual revolution. But all I head was fancy text and motivational sermons. I observed more and more theater and entertainment. Big TV screens moved into the churches. And the services were more designed for hoot night than a dedication to the old paths. Yes, many were filled with the Holy Ghost and even baptized in Jesus name: but they were never perfected in Truth, Faith, Doctrine, Practice, Conduct, and Order. In fact when was the last time you hard those words from the pulpit?
So, I decided let me try the spirits. I began to write and publish the Truth on a variety of subjects. And sure to the words of Pastor Burr I was viciously attacked. And what shocked me was I had less than 10 preachers who came to my defense. Less than 10 out of the estimated 50,000 Oneness preachers now in pulpits around the world.
If you are waiting on some group to root out the evils of their backslidings, you will die and never see it. Why? Because Rome and all of her daughters are cursed with a curse. They cannot perfect themselves when they are filled with false doctrines, catholic traditions, Jewish fables, and their own man-made deceptions. If you die in these churches chances are you will be lost.
When UPCI churches allow Freemasons on their staffs, boards, and in their pulpits, you know something is not rotten in Denmark, it is rotten right where you give your tithes. But why should you care? You find it more necessary to hate those who speak out because they are strange words to your ears. You love the platitudes and the sermons. You see backsliding all around you. Even your children drifting away into worldliness, and you do not speak up. If you will not cry out for your own soul,doubtless you will cry out to save others.
I have a mission. It has cost me lots of friends. I did not choose this ministry. I was created, trained, and sent out to accomplish it. I am not a Pentecostal catholic. That troubles the most of you. I do not preach the party-line. I do not have your pedigree card. I am not subject to any of your hierarchies, I have rejected your mantras and little ecumenical oaths (not to contend etc., etc.,).
I realize I am not the smartest man on the block. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and sometimes I am short a happy meal by one french fry. BUT I AM NOT LOST. I AM NOT A PENTECOSTAL CATHOLIC.
I am the voice I longed to hear.
And when I stepped out into the howling winds of false doctrine: the only voice I heard was my own.
Yes, some of you agree with me on some things. But you are not ready to come clean and become a voice with me. You hide behind clever words. No one really knows all that much about what you stand for or believe because YOU NEVER PUT IT IN PRINT.
The world is waiting on the manifestation of the Sons of God.
Are you one of them? Do you even care if you are? Will you submit yourself to Christ and really ask him to make you more and more like him? If you do not, enjoy your religion.
Bishop Reckart
A man God made

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Jesus is and always was the name of God from before the creation. Jesus in creation, Jesus in redemption, and Jesus in the regeneration. Please pass this revelation on to all Oneness people. It is time to stop the lies that it was the Father in creation (one God); the Son in redemption (another God); and the Holy Ghost in regeneration (another God): still has a trinity.
Only when we confess Jesus in Creation, Jesus in redemption, and Jesus in regeneration: do we have the TRUTH.
Shout this from the housetops. Share it on your Facebook page.
Bishop Reckart
A man the Creator made

Friday, August 4, 2017

My Baptism

I remember the day of my baptism. It was a sunday. My dad would not allow me to go to church with my mom that sunday. So he kept me home. My mom and he had a big argument. I was now 12 and she said I could choose my baptism . My dad said no, he would choose not only when but by whom. At that time he ahd the pastor had a falling out about him mistreating my mom. So my dad had quit church saying the pastor had no right to meddle in his family matters. My mom said she asked the pastor to help her because he had been abusing her physically which I saw several times. And would always go off and cry..

But on this day I was a prisoner.

We were down at the river and I was in the boat to go across. My dad grabbed my hand and pulled me from the boat. I fell into the water and was all wet. My mom begged him to let me go to be baptized and he refused. He even threatened to throw me into the river. At that age I could not swim. I was crying and afraid. My mom then said ok. Take him back home.

I was taken back home. But my heart was going to be baptized. After I went back home with my dad, he laid down and went to sleep. I opened the door. Ran as fast as I could to the boat dock. And the boat owner took me across. I ran nearly all the way to the church down the railroad tracks. When I arrived my age was in sunday school class so my mom did not see me. We had a one room church with curtains that divided it into four parts. When my class was over (about half hour), they pulled the curtain back and I went to my mom.

She asked me how I got there. I told her I ran away.

She had already talked to the pastor. The pastor saw me and came and asked me if I wanted to be baptized in Jesus name. I told him yes. I was 12 years old like Jesus was and I wanted to live for God. So he told me ok.

After service they lifted up the platform which was made of wood and under it was the baptistry. It was in February and the water was so cold it nearly took my breath away. But on that sunday I accepted Jesus as my God. I accepted Jesus name as the name of salvation. I had repented of my sins. I wanted to be filled with the Holy Ghost. So I was:


This past February 2017 was my baptismal anniversary.

Thought some of you should know that all of my life has not been easy or a bed of roses. I have sacrificed all of my life to be faithful to the holiness Apostolic message. I am nearing the end of my race. I will not quit until it is over.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made