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Monday, March 30, 2015

Be Free

The Catholic church invented the Easter celebration at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. All of her daughters identify themselves with mother Rome by celebration of Easter also. This may shock you, but Jesus was not resurrected on Easter. The name Easter was not known among the Jews at the time of the resurrection of Jesus. No Apostle or writer of the New Testament ever mentioned Easter. The one time Easter is found in the Bible is there by deception and fraud. Go check it out. It is found in Acts 12:4. But check the Greek and it is "pascha" or Passover. Why did the King James translators purposely corrupt the Bible by putting Easter in it when the Greek had Passover?

This one thing I know, No Christian of the first Church ever celebrated any Easter resurrection.

Rome did this lie.

Any church that celebrates the Catholic lie is Catholic.

There are many Pentecostal Catholics. Are you one of them?

Why not make a clean break with Rome? Why not go back to the Passover of Jesus? Why join up in Catholic pagan days?

It is a fact, those churches who celebrate pagan Easter also celebrate the pagan Roman Catholic Christmas and New Years.

I am free.

Are you free?

If you are, you will depart from all Roman Catholic paganism.

If you are, you will celebrate the Passover Communion Last Supper on the very night he instituted it.

That night this year is sundown April 3, 2015.

I challenge you.

If you refuse, and if you attend a church on Easter sunday that celebrates Easter, you are a Catholic even if you refuse to admit it.

What are you really?

Are you an organizational clone?  Do you follow the pagan customs or an organization without questioning its celebrations?

Be free.

Leave Rome forever.

And if that means you must leave your church, THEN LEAVE.

Is your faith great enough to walk in the Truth?

Or will you continue to walk in Catholic paganism?

Return to the first Church faith.

Be Catholic free.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Passover Study

Passover Study for home feast of faith is now revised. Jesus bless us all this Passover Lord's Communion Supper.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Total of 155,170 people have visited and read the information on this blog.

The seed is planted.

A harvest will come forth around the world.

Jesus is showing that truth is still the measure of holiness. Those who do not seek truth will not love holiness.

Thanks to all you many of hundreds who have written and thanked me for posting information that lifts the name of Jesus above all names.

I thank Jesus my King for his blessings.

Pastor Reckart

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Calling All Good Men and Good Women

Why does God hate sin?
How can we love what God hates?
Can we say we love God and also love sin?
Has God ever compromised with sin, and said he will accept it because he does not want to condemn anyone?
Is there something about sin that it must be destroyed?
Is there something about people who love sin and reject God that demands they be punished forever in the Lake of Fire?
Why is it that those who love sin cause others to love sin?
Why is it that the philosophy of uncondemned sin is now acceptable?
Is it possible to go to heaven living in sin?
If a person is living in sin when they die, will they go to hell?
If a person dies in their sins, will they be cast into the Lake of Fire?
Religion is no more a quest for holiness before God.
Religion has become a contest of corporate businesses using every possible marketing skill and advertising means to attract thrill seeking floaters. The church that offers the better thrill is the one they will attend.
Religion has professionalized the heavy beat music, the rave-celebrations, with use of fake fog, flashing strobe lights, black lights, and dancing participants.
Old fashion preaching against sinful conduct and rejecting holiness is not preached any more in 90% of modern Pentecostal churches.
We have entered into Laodicaea and the religious celebrants inside the Christless churches, are happy.
Laodicaea appears to come from two words: Lao from laos=people and dicaea from diocese=rule or government. Hence Laodicaea means rule or governance by the people. A Laodicaea church is then a church where the will of the people rules and not God.
Can anyone not see why Laodicaea was cursed?
Jesus was on the outside knocking to get it.
God was not in the church full of people.
They were equal to vomit.
They were neither hot or cold.
They loved material things more than they love holiness and Jesus in their midst.
Who put Jesus out of the church?
How come the Pastor did not correct this and go open the door for Jesus?
How come he allowed the people to do as they wanted? Laissez-faire?
Why is it that a pastor who is not subject to Christ and his leadership produces people who are not subject to authority and leadership?
Is it here we see the works and fruit of sin?
Why is it when sin abounds, people abound also in such immoral conduct, they cannot come back to God without GRACE?
In other words, if God does not give the person GRACE they will be stuck in their sins and evils through all eternity. And this demands they go to the Lake of Fire.
Is it not wise then to repent of sin?
To forsake sin?
To seek holiness?
To love the company of other holy people?
To separate from all people who refuse to acknowledge their sins and who want to influence others to sin?
It is still the goal of a few people to go see God and knell before his throne and cry holy?
What about you?
Have you been brainwashed to accept sin and pretend your own sins will not be judged?
If you were a sinner, big or small, you can have assurance you are forgiven. You can make things right with God.
You can begin your life of holiness.
You can prepare to meet God.
How will you appear before your maker?
Come holy, that is my suggestion.

Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Philippine Convention Theme

Our theme for the June Convention of JMFI/JHAA in the Philippines is:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Passover of Jesus

The annual Passover of Jesus will commence in Jerusalem at sundown Friday April 3rd.
From Jerusalem it will be observed every hour for 24 hours as sundown comes to the different time zones.
For those west of the international date line, Passover for you will be after sundown April 4th.
Plan now to celebrate the Passover of Jesus on the very day and evening he did with his Apostles.
The first Passover of Jesus fell on the eve of the 14th of Abib. After sundown it became the 15th of Abib. Passover always falls the day of the full moon.
If you have never celebrated the Passover of Jesus why not do so this year.
Why not celebrate on the right day and the right night?
You will be so happy you did.
You broke with traditions of Rome and her daughters.

Welcome to the truth on the Passover of Jesus.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good Ground

When working for Jesus in the mission field, I have found it very true there are four kinds of ground. I have tried to sow among thorns. I have tried to sow along the wayside. I have tried to sow on stony ground. And although my intentions were good. I spent a lot of money. And I had great hope for many ministers and people. It all comes down to good ground.
I have spent thousands of dollars to sow the good seed. Money spent on thorn ground, wayside ground, and stony ground is all wasted. I am not sure people understand what kind of people they are UNTIL the missionary wants no more to do with them.
For instance, if I sow along the wayside. And there I try to get the Truth to take a root (home missions); and soon as the seed is planted, here comes the fouls to devour it. And the people did not chase the fouls away. They just invite them to come and take the seed, the missionary now knows this ground will never produce fruit into the Kingdom of God.
The same with stony ground. When people's hearts become as stone toward the seed, it shows the missionary who they are.
The same with thorn ground. When people surround themselves with people who reject the seed: the missionary then knows he can never help these people.
So, move on to the good ground. This good ground are people whose hearts are open, pure, and ready for the precious seed. As all good ground humbles itself to bring forth a harvest, even so those who are good ground will produce a harvest. None of the other three will ever have a harvest.
Pastors are always trying to find the good ground. Many people come and go and they are never good ground. Only the good ground people mature into the great people of God.
Could be if your Pastor does not want much to do with you in the ministry, its because you manifest one of the three bad grounds. The list of reject is #1 stony ground men; #2 among thorns men; and #3 wayside men. Show the Pastor you are good ground. And when he sees the fruit he will welcome you to join him in ministering. No Pastor can make a man who is stony, a thorn, or a wayside man into a man of God.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Fundamental Ethics

I believe love and respect are fundamental ethics of a minister’s life.