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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Review Of A Hemphill Lie

How Hemphill lies deceive even those who think they have smart brains.
Subject: Emmanuel.
Hemphill: "If you study the name Immanuel, or :Emmanuel," you will find that it is a Hebrew word that means not "God with us," but "God is with us." there is a world of difference! The KJV translators got it wrong.... some of the more recent translators have corrected their mistakes. The Complete Jewish Bible, the NCV, The New English Bible, The Message, and the New Living ZTranslation all agree with the Holman CSB when it says, "And they will name him Immanuel, which is translated 'God is with us'."
Wow, sounds impressive. Even appears scholarly. The majority would eat this up like cheesecake. Thinking what is the big deal by adding "is." So, they would accept the corruption and blame the KJV translators. I for one do not trust these translators. So it would be easy for me to swallow the lie. Only one thing, I am way smarter than the liars and in this case Joel Hemphill.
I already know the plots and schemes to alter the Word of God by changing the translations. I am not a beginner in this war of truth. I am a seasoned veteran. I am a special tool of Jesus Christ. I am his servant. I follow the evidence and I look at the facts.
So, Mr. Hemphill decides that the correct translation should be from Hebrew. Which really he means Aramaic. Oh, so you get it. Or do you?
Matthew did not use the Babel Aramaic translation when he quoted Isaias 7:14. Nope, he quoted from the Septuagint. The Septuagint has "Emmanuel" whereas the Aramaic has "Immanuel." Only a slight variation of course and really of no consequence. But here is the bare facts.
Emmanuel from the Greek Septuagint means "God with us." This means Jesus is God with us. To alter this into "God is with us" takes away the deity of Christ and places the entire meaning of Emmanuel upon a general presence of God in Israel. So say "God is with us" implies God is with everyone in the same manner and capacity. But to say "God with us" is a direct reference to he whose name was to be called Emmanuel.
Now I know this is way over the heads of some of you. And you are ready to click off the page and go chase after pretty pictures of girls: but your salvation depends upon you believing the Truth.
The name of Jesus is Jesus. And his name shall be called Emmanuel. Why is it, not one time is Jesus ever called Emmanuel? Well, he does not have to be called by this identity. You see, it is his name Jesus that will be called Emmanuel. You see, when you say Jesus you can then call him Emmanuel. You can say: Jesus, you are Emmanuel.
Let me make this clear for those who have a muddled mind.
You can say: Jesus, you are God with us/me.
The lies spread by the Hebrew/Aramaic deceivers are many. If some of you do not learn how to rightly divide the Truth, you will eventually fall into some falsehood and go to hell.
As long as I am living and feel the leading of Jesus to stand up against false prophets, you will learn from me. After I am dead and gone, I am afraid many of you will go to hell because you are so easily mislead.
Living for Jesus requires more than hoot nite and a change of clothes.
You are required to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the Apostles and saints.
Pastor G. Reckart
Jesus, you are God with me.......

Joel Hemphill False Doctrine

The heresy of Jesus being only a man is mixed with confusion and lies. When I asked Joel Hemphill about Jesus, if he was flesh and blood from Adam and Abraham, he said no. He claimed if Jesus had the flesh and blood from Adam and Abraham he would have inherited sin and would not therefore be sinless. And could not then by our sinless sacrifice because his blood would have been defiled.
I asked him then: how can you have a Jesus?
He said the Holy Spirit did an act of creation in the womb of Mary and Jesus was born from this.
I asked him how Jesus got his blood if not from Mary's blood line?
He told me a blood cell was created in Mary's womb and this blood was sinless and holy.
I then said to him: so, Jesus did not have human blood, he had a new created blood?
And he said yes.
I then asked him how Jesus could be the son of man if he had no flesh and blood from Adam's race.
He said, he was the son of man only because Mary birthed him. That Jesus was made of or in a woman under the law and when she birthed him, he could be called the son of man.
But really, wouldn't it be more accurate in this case to say son of a woman, since no man was ever involved?
My point here is that according to Mr. Hemphill, Jesus was not a human being at all. He had neither the blood or flesh of mankind.
This Jesus, is not the Jesus of your bible. This is another Jesus.
I was shocked he held to the inherited sin in the blood doctrine.
In the chart you will see how he claims the seed and bloodlines were blocked. And the Holy Spirit put a new created blood cell in Mary and Jesus was then created.
He claims Jesus did not exist before Mary.
He claims also, this new created Jesus was the second Adam.
My daddy said: figures never lie but liars always figure.