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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Origin of alleluia

Alleluia was a praise originally eleleu as seen below. It was shouted to the 12 Greek gods and goddesses as far back as 500BC. The Jews never spoke Greek in worship of God in 500BC. Why would they use a word to worship 12 idols of a heathen country?

The Latin form of this praise was alleluia. These did not come from Hebrew and mean "praise the lord."

All modern definitions of alleluia come from the catholic church.

The Hebrew word for praise is Judah. Look it up Strong's #3063.

Alleluia is a Latin interpolation in Revelation 19. It is a Greek interpolation in Psalms chapters 106, 111-113, 135, 146-150. How and when this praise to Greek gods found its way into these nine psalms in the Septuagint we do not know. It suddenly appears beginning in chapter 106 and disappears after chapter 150.

We know David did not speak Greek. So he could not have written it. We also know no one from Adam to David spoke Greek and could not have ever spoken it.

We have no proof it was in the original Septuagint in 300-280BC. No prophet of the Old Testament up to Malachai (400BC) spoke Greek and used it. The likely culprit is Origen (185-232AD), who edited the Septuagint in his attempt to reconcile his 6 (hexpla) bibles and make what he believed was one pure bible.

However this praise to Greek gods got into the Psalms and in Revelation 19 we know it is totally out of place. Its compound meaning of praise Jah/Yah leads us to idol gods such as the moon or Baal (Strong's 1180). Iah also is queen in Egyptian. The queen was worshipped as Iah. Reference given at the end.

Because alleluia is found in Revelation 19 and in the aforementioned Psalms, and because of Catholic interpretations, the minds of millions are deceived and trapped.

If they say alleluia is a praise to the moon or Baal they will be accused of saying the bible has errors in it. Which to catholics and pentecostal catholics is committing blasphemy. If they say praise-Jesus or hallelu-Jesus as the highest praise they are accused of denying Jehovah or Yahweh are names greater than Jesus. This is another accused blasphemy. To deny Jesus is Jehovah or Yahweh manifest in the flesh is to commit spiritual suicide.

All of this persecution arising from rejecting alleluia and it's pagan Greek origin is catholic jihad (holy war).

The facts of the pagan origin of alleluia from the temples of Greek gods will no longer be covered up. I am personally exposing this great conspiracy. As an Apostolic historian it is my duty no matter who the truth cuts or whose feelings get hostile.

I am very proud to say Jesus Christ is the only name of God to receive all glory, honor, and praise. Now and forever. Join me now to lift the name of Jesus Christ above all names.

I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. No Jehova,  no Yahweh, no Jah, and no Yah, come in the flesh.

Check out also IAH Egyptian queen ( Add http:// to this address or it will just take you to the moon.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made