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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Place Called Wicked

A nation that forgets God will be turned into hell.
When a people become so wicked and so wicked tolerant that God wants them destroyed, it matters not to God the wicked party or group who destroys them.

The whole world has departed morality. It has allowed wickedness unrestrained. Legalized evil allows the lowest of human animals to destroy all traces of a Godly people. And at the height of this apostasy, God allows insanity to be seen as the only way of life. Turn your mind from God and he will turn your soul dark. From that moment you are not wanted by God and become nothing but firewood for hell.

You have been warned and have refused the admonition to repent and live holy. You compromise all truth and invent false revelations. You pervert truth with no shame or guilt. You refuse to stand with the righteous. You hide and gloss over the wickedness of your children. You pretend your church is going to heaven, when if you took a close look you would see it is a daughter of Rome and Pentecostal Catholic. You deceive yourself all is okay. And you will not openly speak against sin. Why would Jesus want you in his heaven?

You are dull of hearing. You are two-faced. You want New Testament salvation then go back under the law for righteousness. You reject the name of Jesus and replace it with Yah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jeshua, Yeshua, or some other Jewish or Catholic invented name. You are a two-faced hypocrite. You are playing deadly games. You will send your whole family to hell. Yet you do not care.

Where is your love of God?

Is that just as fake as your tears?

Turn around before it is to late.

Repent and do your first works over.

I have called to you and you would not hear.

Go on, hell is not full yet.

All who go to the heaven of Jesus are escapes from the wicked world.

The world, a place called wicked.

Heaven, a place called holy.

You choose.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Sharp One

Jesus must be very disgusted with the say nothing people, do nothing people, who say Lord Lord, and do not what he says.

There is no evidence these said: "Lord, Lord" before judgment day.

So, it is possible they refused to recognize Jesus as Lord in the days, months, years, before upon the earth.

By Lord, you quickly surrender and humble down to his majesty and ready to do all that he commands.
If you have never been commanded anything by Jesus, chances are you have never surrendered and humbled down and made your life available for his service.
Lord, I am so busy with my school, my job, my baby making, my other important things: ask me again some other time.
Lord, I must make money. I need all my time to make money so I have money to spend on the things I want.
Lord, you know how much I love you, I even praised your name on hoot night. I sang in the choir. I played a part in the Christmas skit and even was elected sweet Valentine King and Queen of our church. Wow, Jesus, I am really important to my pastor and will do anything he ask me. Can you ask me to do missions and to give some money for Mt. Jesus some other year?
Lord, I was just talking with my friends this past week about my vacation coming up and all the things I will be doing. I want to do that world’s longest zip-line thing. I want the thrill of the adrenaline as I go over 150 miles per hour. Wow, Jesus: that will be fun. Please excuse me for not wanting to save money for a missions trip. I really do not want to go see poor people eat rice and fish anyway. I don’t want to see these people living in hut houses and on dirt floors. How come they cannot help themselves anyway? Jesus, I have just married and you know how important it is to bond. Can you please excuse me for the next 10 years while I try to develop what my life will be? Thanks.
Lord, before I do anything for your kingdom, I want a car, a house, a farm, a few cattle, and easy living so I can know “how good life is.” You know Jesus, I am willing to give all to obey your will. But right now, please delay your will for ten years so I have a chance to live a little happiness. I think after this I will be willing and ready to do more for your Kingdom.
And Lord, do not forget, I give my tithes and offerings into the church. That should count for something, RIGHT?
Some day Jesus, I want to tell you how you are my very good Lord, Lord. In the mean time I will try to do miracles in your name and cast out a few devils. Maybe this will count for something also.
Just one last thing Lord. Please do not let me be one of those foolish virgins.
Thank you Jesus, you know how much I love you.

Your friend
The sharp one……

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cain Psychopathy

Anti-tither killing a tither
Anti-tithing is founded in the spirit of Cain. It is a hateful spirit. It does not have the love of God. It's purpose is to tear down and destroy faith. It has a killing spirit.


Cain was an older man;
Abel was the younger;
Cain was bigger and more powerful;
Abel was smaller and no match for his older brother;
Cain was mean spirited, ruthless, and vicious;
Abel was good hearted, kind, and a gentle man who loved his sheep;
Cain was a tyrant in attitude, would destroy anything or anyone who showed him up;
Abel was a righteous man just looking for ways to please God with his faith;
Cain wanted his unrighteous way to be accepted by God, but it was rejected.

Faith tithers, do not allow modern Cains to stop your faith.

Why did Cain kill Abel? It was because Abel offered his tithe firstfruits to God and God honored his faith. Cain offered whatever he wanted and did not use the firstfruit tithe method. God had respect to Abel's offering but not to Cain's.


The anti-tither Cain people want to invent their own offering method just like Cain. Anyone who gets in the way of their method they will attack. And if the tither is destroyed, they are happy. The Cain spirit is among us.

Remember tithers, give your faith firstfruits like Abel. Abel was not under the Law. Faith tithing needs no law to authenticate its practice. It needs so scripture. Abel had no scripture. And God said he was righteous. But to Cain, the anti-tither, he was counted unrighteous by God's measure of judgment.

Let the anti-tithers rage and rampage. Let them puke all manner of hate and contempt. Let them pervert the scripture to their own destruction. They are neither righteous or holy.

The scripture still says: if the firstfruit is holy the lump is holy. If you want to know what Paul meant, he was saying, if The tithe is holy all the rest is holy. Any other interpretation is false.

Tithing does not need a law in the New Testament. It needs only faith. With faith all things are possible. And blessings through faith tithing still comes to us because of God's respect for firstfruit givers.

As for those with the spirit of Cain, count them doubting fools just like God did Cain.

Faith firstfruit tithing, be proud to honor God and give it.

Ignore the hate filled lies of anti-tithers.

Pastor Reckart
A man God made who gives faith tithing