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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just Shut Up

Silence brings healing. Know when to keep your mouth shut.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Church of Jesus Christ




The birth of the New Testament Church was on the day of Pentecost. It was in the city of Jerusalem in the country of Israel. The Church is a Jewish citizen, and according to the rules of gender, it was a girl. This girl would become the Bride of Christ. The Church collectively is comprised of every born again Christian who are saved by grace through faith as found in Acts 2:38.

At her birth there were around 120 in attendance. Among these were the 11 Apostles and the newly 12th, Mathias. Mary the mother of Jesus was in attendance. The names of all the 120 were not written down. But each was a witness to the birth of the Church. The glory represented in the star that witnessed the birth of Jesus was seen upon the 120 in what appeared as tongues of fire. The fire, representing the purifying witness of the sacrifice, was testimony of the sanctification and holiness of each of the 120 present. The glory of God in each flame of fire was a personal witness that person was chosen as a special vessel of the Holy Spirit of God.

As they were praying and worshiping the glory fell. They began to speak in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance. The languages were not learned. They were not words spoken by repeating something spoken by someone else. These were miracle utterances that only the Holy Spirit could make happen. According to the eye witnesses, there were people who heard them speaking in tongues and they said: "how hear we every man in the tongue werein we were born." These were not speaking the same language. There is a list of over 16 countries in Acts 2:9-11. This was a miracle of God. Speaking in tongues was a sign the glory of God had departed from the temple and was now in the Church. It was fitting that the girl church have at birth the Spirit of life. And so as with all live births, the Church was born with the Spirit of God within it.

The location of the birth was chosen by God himself. The city of Jerusalem was specifically chosen. Jesus instructed the disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they were "endued" with power from on high. ENDUED? POWER FROM ON HIGH? This was to be an experience not only of the miracle power of God, it was to be a personal sign to all that they were now members of the Kingdom Of God. This was a higher Kingdom than the kingdom of Israel. The Church therefore is greater than natural Israel. It is greater than the temple. Its ministers are greater than all the rabbis and priests of the Law. And the New Covenant would replace the Old as the Church became the New Testament Bride of Christ.

The Day of Pentecost is the birth of the Gospel of salvation and on this day, the Apostle Peter tied it all up in his majestic preaching of the historical record climaxing in the prophecy of Joel: "In the last days saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh." Peter was saying: "THIS IS THAT." No one challenged him. No one questioned his keen understanding of the miracle of Pentecost. No disciple, no visitor, no on-looker, no rabbi, no priest, NO ONE openly denied this miracle was from God.

From this birth came a mighty group of men and women. They were not members of an organization. They were members of the Israel of God, under the King of Israel: JESUS CHRIST. He is the Lord of all. In his name shall the Gentiles trust. And from the east to the west and around the world, the Lord would be one and his NAME ONE. It is from this we have Acts 4:12: no other name given UNDER HEAVEN, among men, whereby we MUST BE SAVED. On the day of Pentecost one name was preached. And for the true ministers of God, there will never be any other name or names equal to or greater than the name of JESUS CHRIST.

There is a lot I could write about concerning the Church, but these things are not interesting to the majority of the world who loves being suppled on smooth worded sermons designed to work up a hoot. Truth works on the heart in such a way, those who love truth have a surge of inspiration that a hoot cannot replace or supply. Those who love the truth will know what I mean. The others, will continue in their blindness replacing truth with religion and traditions of men. The birthday of the Church allows us to go back and say one word: RESTORATION. And we are not talking just about speaking in tongues.

The Church of the living God is the pillar and ground of the Truth. We have no connection to the temple any more. We do not follow rabbis and priest of the Jewish Pharisee religion. We have our New Testament and we filter all things through these 27 books. We do not allow traditions of men to change our doctrine, our faith, our conduct, or our practice. Rome has nothing in us. And the Jewish religion of today has nothing we want. We have the complete package in Jesus Christ and him alone.

Happy Birthday Church of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is Anyone Available?

Jesus fought hate with love and won.

We may not always win those who hate us, but we can win others with love if we follow the pattern of Jesus.

Jesus spent little time trying to change the minds of the haters but a lot of time on those who were like sheep without a shepherd.

In his heart he wanted to gather those scattered sheep.

And to gather them, he first forgave them for the reasons they were scattered, including their sins.

And he made it known, those he forgave, he would not remember their sins.

Going into all the world to preach the Gospel must include this very special purpose and reveal the heart of Jesus.

The fields are white unto harvest. But the laborers are few.

Jesus is seeking laborers at the 11th hour to finish the harvest.

Is anyone available?

Bishop Reckart​

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jehovah, Joshua, Jeshua but not Jesus?

How we the Apostolic church are being brainwashed away from the name of Jesus by listening to rabbis who are the descendants of those who called for the crucifixion of Jesus and his name to be stopped being preached.
Watch this crafty attack on the name of Jesus:
Larry Booker came to Germany and used Essais 12:1-5 for the name Joshua, Jeshua etc.. that a Rabbi he knows tell him how to pronounce that name in Hebrew.
First, Pastor Larry Booker was deceived that Babylonian Aramaic language was Hebrew. He accepted it because he has refused to educate himself and learn that Aramaic was never the Hebrew language. It may have been a language used by the Jews who adopted it when carried away into Babylon, but Aramaic was NEVER the Hebrew language known as Paleo Hebrew.
Second, why is he going to the enemies of Jesus to get information on the name of Jesus? This shows his lack of understanding that the Jews have perverted the name of Jesus many different ways and given out false and blasphemous names. But the people listening to him would never believe he was lying to them because he got lies from his trusted rabbi friend? A rabbi friend he knows? How much more is this rabbi teaching him that he accepts?
Third: the name Joshua is not the name of Jesus. If so, Pastor Booker should rebaptize all of his members immediately in the name of Joshua Christ or as he would do it: in the name of the Lord Joshua Christ. And if he is now going to say Joshua is a mistake or wrong and his rabbi says it is Jeshua,, then he should rebaptize saying in the name of the Lord Jeshua Christ or the name of Jeshua Christ. He cannot believe the name of Jesus is both Joshua and Jeshua. And he cannot say these are the true names of Jesus without casting down the name of Jesus as being false. If one is true the others are false.
I have warned for years that there are men in Apostolic pulpits who are leading people astray. I think before anyone believes Pastor Booker they should examine his Catholic traditions of Christmas and Easter, just naming two of them.
Fourth: Pastor Booker also preaches the name of Jehovah. He is a partial Jehovah name witness and then switches over to Joshua or Jeshua for the name of Jesus in the New Testament. Again, how come he does not know that the name Jehovah was invented by a Catholic monk? How come he does not know that Jehovah is a false name? If he does not know this, why? And if he does know it, why has he shoved the truth about the Catholic invent name Jehovah aside?
I know this subject is worn out and old for some of you. Your ears are dull of hearing. You do not care any more if the name of Jesus is cast down and replaced by rabbi invented lying names. I feel sorry for you. I really do. How can the name of Jesus get tired to our ears? How can we be so tired of hearing the name of Jesus lifted up above all names?
I apologize that on this sunday morning, you must read again my protest about men lying to people in the pulpit and telling them the name of God is Jehovah, Joshua, or Jeshua.
I really am sorry I have angered you and messed up your day all over the name of Jesus Christ.