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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nicene Creed Facts

Trinitarians try to prove the trinity doctrine began with Jesus. Jesus declared the trinity they claim. Yet honest scholars admit the trinity was not formulated until the Nicene council in 325AD.

The Nicaea Creed was invented without use of any prior trinity creed. No former Trinitarian doctrine was trotted out. It is a lie that the trinity existed before the Nicene creed.

The trinity doctrine is false.

Be free from Rome and the pope.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trinitarian False Prophets

The world is not listening to the Truth.
There is a psychological shift in people to care about things that have no eternal value. There is an additional religious shift where Truth is exchanged for charismatic deceptions. How can so many become mesmerized by men like Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Peter Wagner, Howard Rodney Brown, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, John MacArthur, and a host of other lying trinity false prophets?
I am surprised at so many people ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the Truth.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Billions Going To Hell

7 Billion 300 million people in the world. How many of these are in some religion? How many of them are in a religion that can give no hope for salvation or eternal life? How many have deep religious beliefs and pray, burn candles and incense, offer nuts, fruits, and vegetables: climb mountains and crawl on their knees to shrines? They dream of reincarnation, of passing on to some nirvana, or a paradise with rivers of honey and 72 virgins.
Billions in false religions that while they may offer some inner good feeling, cannot lead to God.
We would think that within the Christian religion, everyone will go to heaven and escape hell. But alas, even among the over 5,000 sects, there is evil, wickedness, and all manner of sin. Sins of different kinds are openly accepted by many groups. Christianity has as many liars deceiving people as the other religions.
Holiness has long been lost. Righteousness has been exchanged for worldliness. A generation of "don't judge me" liberals openly flaunt their aggressive nakedness, exploiting their bodies to allure all manner of lusts of the flesh. This right in some churches. The majority do not know what sanctification is. They do not live it. They do not practice it. They claim once saved always saved and they can sin without condemnation or judgment. The whole world lies in wickedness and these fakes think that by calling themselves Christian they are one.
There are Christian false doctrines that stagger the mind. There are men and women who are deceived to give their lives for these fake works which cannot make anyone holy or righteous. They claim once they believe in Jesus Christ, they have the golden ticket and no one can tell them they are not saved. They claim being born again and they still live their old lives of sin. Preachers are ordained to reinforce this renegade religious mentality. Men and women give their lives to push an agenda or missions or evangelism and think they are doing good when in fact they are putting stumbling blocks so people cannot have biblical faith as once preached by the Apostles.
There is a massive falling away from real bible interpretations. Many follow lies and think they are following the truth. Billions are now hopelessly lost. And there is little time to turn things around.
Out of these billions Jesus Christ has a little flock. They will seek holiness and righteousness. They will love and live it.
If you think you are saved because you belong to the Catholic church, or one of the hundreds of protestant churches, or because you believe in the trinity: you will be shocked to find out you are still on your way to hell.
Yes, I know you do not like the truth. I know you believe you are saved. You got that shake my hand salvation, or that say the sinners prayer after me, and now you feel absolutely sure you will not go to hell. But you cannot find either of these two fake religious rituals anywhere in the New Testament. You cannot get it there with a hammer or a screw driver. You believe in lies because some evil religious group that has no holiness or righteousness assured you, you were saved.
If you want to be saved, I can tell you here, you can be. But if you seek this salvation through the channels of man-made religion, you will never find it. You must follow the Jerusalem road. If you do this, you will discover the way to reach God. And remember, if you do not love holiness, forget it. You cannot see God but you can see the devil in hell. He does not like holiness either.
Fulfill John 3:3-5 and Acts 2:37-38.
Do not be a number in the billions going to hell.
Pastor G. Reckart

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Let me speak for myself on Genesis 1:1, and 1:26, Anyone who purposely perverts my words is lying.

In Genesis 1:1 in the KJV we have: "In the beginning God created."

God in this verse, is Elohim.

Elohim is a plural word but does it mean God is plural, that is, more than one Being.

Please understand me here.

God is one Being. There is only one God. He is one Spirit. He is one Lord. There is no other God (Isaiah 44:8). Elohim God does not know another god,

Therefore, Elohim can only mean there is one God, not three gods. Or three separate divine Beings now called persons.

A person is a being. If God is three persons he is three Beings. This is impossible because God himself said he was one Lord and one God in Deuteronomy 6:4.

Elohim does not mean a trinity of divine beings and each separate from the other is also an Elohim. This is where the liars slip in their falsehood. They can say Jesus is Elohim. But mean by this he is only one Elohim of three. Only when they confess Jesus is the one true Elohim and there are no other Elohims, is the person being honest.

The Elohim trinity lie was invented by Peter Lombard around 1200AD in Paris at Notre Dame when he was a teacher. His lie was contained in his Book 1 The Mystery Of The Trinity. His lie was then spread all over Europe among Catholic universities. Martin Luther and John Calvin accepted this lie and it was transferred over into all Protestantism. Find a trinitarian any where and ask them about Elohim and they will spout off the Peter Lombard lie. Before he invented this lie, it was not mentioned by anyone in previous catholic church history. This lie was not presented at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. Jews never considered Elohim to be anything but a plural of majesty.

If you believe in the Elohim trinity, you are Catholic whatever else you call yourself.

Genesis 1:26: "Let us make man."

Since Elohim is not a trinity of divine beings, three separate gods called now persons: who was God speaking to?

God could not have been speaking to other Gods.

Trinitarians claim this is God the Father speaking to Jesus his son and the Holy Spirit his other son. Is this true? If he was, then this means there are indeed three separate Gods. Why then did God lie to the Jews and say he was one when there were two more?

One trinitarian said: oh this is Jesus saying he was one Lord and one God. But he was not saying there were no other persons in the godhead. Oh my, Jesus was not saying there were no other Beings in the godhead? For that is what he is saying.

The fact is, God was not speaking to other beings in the trinity. He was speaking to the angels, his heavenly court. So research it yourself. The scholars who are no longer afraid of burning at the stake by Rome and Protestants will speak up and tell you the truth.

God created Adam in his own image and likeness. Angels did not help him in this creation. At no time have I ever said angels created Adam. All I have ever said is that God was speaking to the angels, his heavenly court.

I am now being lied upon and claimed I believe angels created Adam. This is not true.

Why is this lie being spread?

Because I have proved Elohim is not a trinity of gods or divine beings. This has angered some whom I have tried to love and be friends with. Because I refused to accept the Elohim trinity doctrine, they are now spreading lies about me.

There is one God, and the Lord Jesus Christ is this one God of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. When you get to heaven you will see only one God. You will see the Lord Jesus Christ.

You will not see three separate gods or divine beings.

This is my testimony about Genesis 1:1 and 1:26.

You are free to disagree and believe in three Gods and three separate Beings. But do not say you believe in one God. Because you do not.

When you believe in one God you will say the Lord Jesus Christ, he is God and there is none other.

His name is above all names because his name is the name of God.

All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hosanna in the highest......

Pastor G.Reckart
A man praising the glory of King Jesus, Lord Jesus because there is none other.