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Thursday, February 26, 2015

It Is Time To Prepare

All Christians should leave the Arab Muslim countries. They must not go back to take any possessions. They must leave as soon as possible. Take only food for the journey. Do not travel on Muslim sabbath day. They must seek Jesus where to go. This is great tribulation for them. It will soon spread to all the world. Christians who want to whoop it up, play stupid, and dance every sunday night while the devil moves in to entrap them: are not wise. There is no spiritual requirement to whoop it up every sunday night. The night comes when no man may work and that includes Sunday whoop night. :)
We are under attack by forces and secret orders we know nothing about. They want money, power, government control, and everyone to become slaves. The new world order seems to be Islamic and Obama and others seem to be part of the movement it annihilate Christians regardless of their pedigree. The focus will switch to what they call radical Christians. And with out consent they will wipe them out while the terrorist continue to come here on student visas.
I am deeply concerned at how many are now switching from God to Allah, from hallelujah to Allahu. We are slowly being changed by the change agents. We are told to give up traditions and the past and embrace a new forward move of the Holy Ghost. But yet the Holy Ghost has not spoken this to the Churches in their midst. The message for change is coming from one man (Pastor David Bernard). I want to know exactly what traditions and what past he is saying we need to give up. Are we not told the same thing by Muslim missionaries? But they do not think of Holy Ghost or the Paraclete like we do. They say the Paraclete is Mohammad. Are we being deceived here or what?
I know many hate me and wish I was dead. I know they still rant and make videos filled with nonsense. But I am still on the wall and I am not coming down. I will warn of the coming great tribulation. If many of you do not prepare you will not be spared. I cannot make people prepare. I cannot put into their minds how important it is to make their calling and election sure. I have not grown weary telling people to get out of the major Oneness organizations or be changed by the change agents. I warn all of you that your family: husband, wife, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends: may betray you unto death.
Many in ancient times would betray their own kin, their own blood, their brothers and sisters in the Lord: if they would not let them come and abide with the righteous as they prepared places of hiding and refuge. When you shut out people who are not godly they will betray you to death. It is coming. Jesus predicted it. Why is it none of the major Oneness organizational leaders are sounding the alarm? How come they continue on pushing whoop night and do not preach the truth that the Church will go through the tribulation?
I am afraid of many of you. Not because you are a threat to me over my reputation or my character: no way; I am afraid of you that you will turn into betrayers and using justified hate to cause the deaths of many.
Brothers and Sisters, I warn you all: know them who labor among you. If you do not use spiritual discernment and are led about with slick tongues, liars, deceivers, slanderers, novice gainsayers, and those off in vain jangling: you will become a danger to yourself and all whom you are friends.
Let us pray for Christians who are in Muslim nations that they can escape. Let us pray the enemy will let them get out of their Islamic State. And let us pray they can be welcomed into other surrounding countries as refugees. Let us pray for all Jews to escape and depart from all Muslim nations and areas where the Muslims claim they will establish an Islamic State. If that is what they want, let Christians and Jews depart and let them have it.
As a Christian, I have no fight with any religion. I can disagree on doctrine and believe many false doctrines are salvational, but this does not mean I want anyone dead just because they are in false doctrines. I do not want any Jews dead even if they hate Jesus and Christians. I pray for the peace of all souls. I pray for Muslims that they will learn what love is and means. I pray for Muslims to get a vision or dream of Jesus. Seems this has a great affect on those Muslims who have these spiritual visitations.
Jesus, be with those who flee.

Your Son

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Feel Excited Today

Giving tithes pays off.
And today is payday.
Today, the blessings for giving tithes comes back to me.
Today, I am able to take my blessing and go buy a farm.
Yes, it is a farm where I can plan the future a little better for my church family and also for our covering if events of the tribulation begins to spring forth.
I know the anti-tithers are still after me, spreading lies and hate: but Jesus is with me. He is the one blessing me with the money to buy this farm. Jesus has not cursed me. He has blessed me in the presence of my enemies. My cup will run over today. I will post a picture of it today. hehehe
Thank You Jesus for blessing your servant and son.

Bishop Reckart
Tither and receiver of blessings

Sunday, February 22, 2015


He was despised of men.

How despicable the heart and mind of men who despise to elevate themselves.

Why was Jesus despised?

Because he possessed wisdom. Those who are ever learning and cannot of themselves have wisdom, seek this from those who have it. Then they take the learning and turn and destroy the giver. They pervert the wisdom of God and turn it into a perverted wisdom of men using all manner of distortion. Then, the perverts hail themselves as the saviors of others by attacking the true source of wisdom.

This happened to Jesus.

Many flocked to him in multitudes to hear his wisdom. A greater than Solomon was here. Many came to test his wisdom to find some fault; but he made it impossible for them to obtain his wisdom because their hearts were evil. To those who came to attack him with questions, after all they claim they were only testing him: these went away into everlasting hell because their purpose to hear wisdom was not pure. So they went away and told lies and twisted what he said. The false accusations, bearing false witness, went all the way to the house of the high priest where lying witness came in and laid out their perversions.

I understand perfectly how Jesus must have felt when many of those who followed him were convinced of the lies and turned and went to hell. I understand how Jesus must have felt as he looked through eyes of love as they turned their backs on him and walked away. The sorrow must have been immense. More than sin broke the heart of Jesus, it was the memory of those who turned and went to hell believing the lies that became the wisdom of men.

I know there are many good men and women who are still searching for the Truth. I know also there are many deceivers and perverters spreading their own lies and carnal wisdom to lead them astray. But this one thing I am assured: the wheat will come to harvest and no one can stop this. No man, no woman, no rabbi, no priest, no church, no organization: can stop the endtime harvest of the wheat.

It is my desire as I grow weaker and weaker in body, to spread the Truth in many men and women of God who will not give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. I want them to know more about the name of Jesus than any man now living has ever shown to them. I want to exalt the name of Jesus above all names and keep this testimony until I am no longer alive upon the earth. I will leave behind a legacy among the nations no other man of this generation has done. And yes, I am careful who I will allow to walk with me to the end of my journey. I did not need the gainsayers when I started and I will not need them to finish my race.

I understand what being despised is all about. I am experiencing exactly the sin used against Jesus to bring him down. He turned it into love for those who remained faithful. And I want to be careful to show those love who remain faithful to the name of Jesus, name above all names.

Jesus, you were despised. But I refuse to join the despisers. I remain your faithful son and servant.

Live forever O My King, Live forever

Bishop Gary Reckart
A Man Who Does Not Despise, even his enemies.....

Setting The Record Straight

Here is a quote from Brother James Owens:

“I asked B Reckart in my sitting room ,
“Are you 100% sure about hallelujah ?”
He said “no , I am only a man ”

This is all lies. This question was never asked me in his sitting room and I never answered what he claims.

I opposed hallelujah in my debates with the YHWH tetragrammaton cults in 1993 and afterward. I wrote about it in my small booklet “Praise The Name Of Jesus Christ.” All the people of the Philippines know I have openly opposed use of hallelujah.

I have written several studies revealing the falsehood of yah, iah, and the god many claim is Yahweh, the one they scream hallejujah to. My reputation on how I stand against the word hallelujah is clearly in what I have presented to the world.

James Owens is using his own lie to try and turn people against me. The same with Lewis Floyd. He claims I allowed my brother-in-law to use hallelujah in my church and I did nothing about it. The fact is, my brother-in-law like so many made a slip of tongue from years of habit in the UPC and said hallelujah at one of our Passover celebrations that Lewis Floyd attended. I did not allow him to use hallelujah. And I did go to him and he apologized. I have written this several times and Lewis Floyd continues to attack me about this.

Everyone who stands up for me is accused by these two men of worshiping me. This is not the case at all. Men who know my work, my commitment to the Truth, and my determination to lift the name of Jesus above all names, will not accept or respect James Owens or Lewis Floyd attacking me or lying on me.

I never said to James Owens that I was only a man and I was not 100% sure about hallelujah.

How come he never brought this up in the years since I visited his home? Only now he spreads this lie?

James Owens, you know you are lying. And you also know this lie comes from your deep hatred of me because I rejected you being a minister no longer wanting your fellowship. This was all because of your attitude and your hatred of me over the tithing issue. You can continue to attack me and make up lies to accuse me, but those who know my heart and spirit will never believe you.

Your lies will take you where you will not want to go. I urge you to repent and confess to Jesus Christ that you have spread a false report and a railing against an Elder. You are commanded not to do this.

I love you, but you must carry yourself like a real man of God and obey the Truth. Until you do, I still will not accept you as a minister or desire fellowship with you.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Jesus Christ Made

Want to know what I wrote about hallelujah, click here and read what I wrote in  2006. This was years before I met James Owens, and before he was even saved. He is accusing me of recanting and changing my mind? There is a lying spirit in his mouth. He needs to stop listening to the lies of Lucifer.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thank You Jesus

Jesus is the best thing that happened in my life. When the King became my Lord, my life changed. I did not know at the time the big decision I had made would affect the rest of my life. The day Jesus became my King was the day I was baptized in his name. I have not been ashamed of his name since that day in 1957. It would be 35 years later that I would stand in defense of that name against two Yahweh tetragrammaton cult members. Dedicated to the name of Jesus I began to search the world for people who would join me in lifting up the name of Jesus ABOVE ALL NAMES. Some joined and then for one reason or another turned to hate me and attack me. Others joined and simply backslid back into the world of sin. Many joined and then went off into vain jangling with false doctrines of all kinds. In spite of this, I am still active in searching for souls who seek a relationship with the true name of God.

The past three years have been the worst since 1992 when I stood alone to defend the name of Jesus. Many enemies have stood up against me. Lies and distortions have been spread. Many have dumped me into their spiritual garbage dumpster. And many more continue to spread hate and false information. Churches have been destroyed all to try and tear me down or to stop my missionary work. Behind all of this anti-Reckart making of videos and sending out emails, is the spirit of hate because I am still lifting up the name of Jesus above all names.

One man said it clearly: I want God to kill you....

Great love right?

What is my sin? One man said I deserved to die and go to hell because I teach faith tithing.
Another believed I should burn for ever because I no longer accepted him as a minister because of his personal failures.

But looking back over these many years of standing for the name of Jesus Christ, name above all names: I can still boast and say that the day Jesus came into my life was the greatest day of my life.

With Jesus a vital part of all that I do, I do not fear any man or care what anyone says against me. Why should I, when Jesus himself is in charge of my life? This week Jesus will do it again. He will show me a different path. And I will walk in it. I will begin a new future and Jesus will remain at the center.

I love my Lord and King. I continue to praise the name of Jesus Christ. I did not get here because of any man. I am here by divine choice and selection. I am so very happy that I do all things to please Jesus. And if others dislike me for that, I do not care. I love my Shepherd and King.

Some day, I shall stand before him and he will welcome me into the New Jerusalem. He will invite me to sit down with him in his throne. In that day I will speak to my King and tell him:

Thank You Jesus for choosing me out of the billions of the world. Thank you for making me a man of holiness. Thank you for putting truth into my heart. Thank you for revealing your name to me. I took this to the nations. Thank you for blessing me for this great work.

Thank you my King......

Monday, February 9, 2015

Surviving In A Hostile World

When it comes to living and walking by faith, do not expect everyone to respect these choices. Do not expect others to love you for the good person you have become. They will dig up any dirt they can find and try to bury you. But be encouraged. You can survive. You can out-smart them. Make up in your mind you will refuse to allow your enemies to rule over you and take away your peace and love of God. Avoid them. Pray for your enemies. If you can, feed them. But get away afterward. While they are eating, slip away. hehehe

The more and more we progress into the tribulation time period we will see the wheat and the tares manifested. I am a wheat. Any person of reasonable spiritual mind knows I am a wheat. But look around you at how many tares are trying to make you look false and themselves look like the real wheat.

I can see now the tares will become our enemies as we approach the great tribulation. Many of the tares will go into other religions, other false doctrines, and go off into vain jangling. Professing themselves to be wise they will become fools.

For three and a half years, the enemies of Jesus used words and false accusations against him. Then came out the staves and the swords. Then came out the weapons. Jesus allowed them to use evil words, accusations, and lies. He allowed them to come with staves (clubs) and swords. He could have called ten thousand angels. But he chose to allow the Cain spirit to swell up in his adversaries. He could have healed them of this Cain malady, but instead he allowed it to manifest.

They would now kill the FIRSTFRUIT.

He would allow them to kill the very object of Abel's sacrifice.

He took the brunt of their their hate, their envy, and their jealousy.

And the Apostles got away. They fled. Out of fear maybe. But Jesus took the fall and they could escape. And they did. Later they would repent and express remorse for doing this. But Jesus took the hostile spirit of Cain that was in his enemies and took the fall.

I know there are many who profess themselves wise. Many who make themselves big with alleged private revelations. And there are many who are willing to be the one to create hostility and put into action the mob mentality of those who will pick up their own stave (club) and sword, and go in search for you like they did looking for Jesus: and while they have their moment of fame; they are sending themselves to hell. Not a one of those in the party to arrest Jesus was later saved. There is no mention of a single one who escaped going to hell.

We live in a hostile world. More and more we will see the Cain spirit around us. Do the right thing. Do not talk to Cain spirited people. Remove them from your friend's list. Let them go their way and do not join them.

Be a firstfruit unto Jesus. Let the real FIRSTFRUIT dwell richly in your heart. Let joy reign in your soul. Keep yourself from all who walk disorderly. And if you believe I am a devil for writing this, of course I want you to distance yourself from me. In this manner I have used my weapon of spiritual warfare to make myself a little safer.

Faith tithing is a great way for us to show our thankfulness unto the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is a way for us to show our respect for what the firstfruit represents. Do not allow anyone to lie you out of your blessing for making a good sacrifice.

Live in a hostile world and still have joy.

I do and so can you.

This morning my cup of joy is full and runneth over.

I am surviving in a hostile world......

Thanks you my King Jesus Christ.

Saturday, February 7, 2015