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Friday, September 9, 2016

Count Me In Jesus...

Count Me In Mt. Jesus is a celebration of faith. It has taken priority over the mission work of Jesus Messieh Fellowship International and Jesus House Apostolic Assemblies. These are our two SEC registered groups in the Philippines. Mt. Jesus is more than just a building project. It is the first mountain in the world that has been anointed and consecrated to the name of Jesus as the name above all names. There is no other mountain in the world that has this great honor. And while Mt. Jesus is not a high mountain as big ones go, it is still a high summit upon which the name of Jesus has been called down upon. Mt. Jesus is unique. It gives those who believe in the name above all names an opportunity to participate in this great high place. Yes, it will be a high place. A place which those in the area all the way to the sea will be able to see. When the Cross is placed upon this mountain as I promised the former owner, it will be seen for miles. We will use this as an evangelizing tool. The picture of the temple and cross upon this mountain will be used to invite many thousands of souls to come to salvation. From this mountain salvation will issue forth like a river. I know all of you can not go there. You will never be able to stand upon this mountain. But you can put your name there along with the name of Jesus. I have asked everyone to give to this worthy project. Some have responded. Many have not. I know for some, the name of Jesus will never be worthy of any support on Mt. Jesus. So, I cannot reach out to them. But I am reaching out to all the rest of you. I depart to the Philippines on September 15th. I plan to be there by September 18th. And I plan to assist in the building of the temple. The foundation must be laid. And the Temple building built up. So I have decided I need a giving plan. A plan where a person can choose how much they want to give and where they would like their name placed in the temple. So here is my plan: (Category 1): Names in the foundation with those of the 12 Apostles, a gift of $5,000 US dollars. (Category 2): Names in the Altar of the Passover Celebration Table, a gift of $1000.00. (Category 3): Names in the Cornerstone Box along with the name of JESUS, a gift of $500.00. Category 4): Names at the foot of the Cross on a brass plate, a gift of $250.00. (Category 5): Names on the gift scroll at the entry of the temple, a gift of $100.00. Yes, many of you have given. As you give, I will begin registration of your names. I will make this information available with a monthly mail out news letter report. This information will not be posted online. The names of the donors, their comments of 100 words or less will be sent out with the news letter. Only a very few pictures will be posted online from now on. Those who care and share, who love and support, will be kept apprised of the building of the temple. The non-givers and others will just not be a part. My thanks and appreciation to all who have already given. I have already collected your names and placed them accordingly in the proper category. You will not be forgotten. You can add to your donation to reach the category of your choice. You can send in weekly or monthly amounts toward your place goal. Jesus bless us all. Yes, Jesus, you can count me in. Give today. Go to Paypal. Enter my email address: as the person you are giving to. It should show up as JMFI. Follow all the prompts and fill in the information. You can use your debit or credit card. If you would like to use Worldremit, you can do so. Send it to the Philippines as cash pickup in pesos. And my name Gary Reckart as the receiver. After you process your donation please copy down and send me the pick up reference number. The cost for this service is very very cheap compared to Western Union and Moneygram. I recommend it for all international transfers. Jesus bless us all who lift up his name above all names. Pastor Reckart