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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Review Of A Hemphill Lie

How Hemphill lies deceive even those who think they have smart brains.
Subject: Emmanuel.
Hemphill: "If you study the name Immanuel, or :Emmanuel," you will find that it is a Hebrew word that means not "God with us," but "God is with us." there is a world of difference! The KJV translators got it wrong.... some of the more recent translators have corrected their mistakes. The Complete Jewish Bible, the NCV, The New English Bible, The Message, and the New Living ZTranslation all agree with the Holman CSB when it says, "And they will name him Immanuel, which is translated 'God is with us'."
Wow, sounds impressive. Even appears scholarly. The majority would eat this up like cheesecake. Thinking what is the big deal by adding "is." So, they would accept the corruption and blame the KJV translators. I for one do not trust these translators. So it would be easy for me to swallow the lie. Only one thing, I am way smarter than the liars and in this case Joel Hemphill.
I already know the plots and schemes to alter the Word of God by changing the translations. I am not a beginner in this war of truth. I am a seasoned veteran. I am a special tool of Jesus Christ. I am his servant. I follow the evidence and I look at the facts.
So, Mr. Hemphill decides that the correct translation should be from Hebrew. Which really he means Aramaic. Oh, so you get it. Or do you?
Matthew did not use the Babel Aramaic translation when he quoted Isaias 7:14. Nope, he quoted from the Septuagint. The Septuagint has "Emmanuel" whereas the Aramaic has "Immanuel." Only a slight variation of course and really of no consequence. But here is the bare facts.
Emmanuel from the Greek Septuagint means "God with us." This means Jesus is God with us. To alter this into "God is with us" takes away the deity of Christ and places the entire meaning of Emmanuel upon a general presence of God in Israel. So say "God is with us" implies God is with everyone in the same manner and capacity. But to say "God with us" is a direct reference to he whose name was to be called Emmanuel.
Now I know this is way over the heads of some of you. And you are ready to click off the page and go chase after pretty pictures of girls: but your salvation depends upon you believing the Truth.
The name of Jesus is Jesus. And his name shall be called Emmanuel. Why is it, not one time is Jesus ever called Emmanuel? Well, he does not have to be called by this identity. You see, it is his name Jesus that will be called Emmanuel. You see, when you say Jesus you can then call him Emmanuel. You can say: Jesus, you are Emmanuel.
Let me make this clear for those who have a muddled mind.
You can say: Jesus, you are God with us/me.
The lies spread by the Hebrew/Aramaic deceivers are many. If some of you do not learn how to rightly divide the Truth, you will eventually fall into some falsehood and go to hell.
As long as I am living and feel the leading of Jesus to stand up against false prophets, you will learn from me. After I am dead and gone, I am afraid many of you will go to hell because you are so easily mislead.
Living for Jesus requires more than hoot nite and a change of clothes.
You are required to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the Apostles and saints.
Pastor G. Reckart
Jesus, you are God with me.......

Joel Hemphill False Doctrine

The heresy of Jesus being only a man is mixed with confusion and lies. When I asked Joel Hemphill about Jesus, if he was flesh and blood from Adam and Abraham, he said no. He claimed if Jesus had the flesh and blood from Adam and Abraham he would have inherited sin and would not therefore be sinless. And could not then by our sinless sacrifice because his blood would have been defiled.
I asked him then: how can you have a Jesus?
He said the Holy Spirit did an act of creation in the womb of Mary and Jesus was born from this.
I asked him how Jesus got his blood if not from Mary's blood line?
He told me a blood cell was created in Mary's womb and this blood was sinless and holy.
I then said to him: so, Jesus did not have human blood, he had a new created blood?
And he said yes.
I then asked him how Jesus could be the son of man if he had no flesh and blood from Adam's race.
He said, he was the son of man only because Mary birthed him. That Jesus was made of or in a woman under the law and when she birthed him, he could be called the son of man.
But really, wouldn't it be more accurate in this case to say son of a woman, since no man was ever involved?
My point here is that according to Mr. Hemphill, Jesus was not a human being at all. He had neither the blood or flesh of mankind.
This Jesus, is not the Jesus of your bible. This is another Jesus.
I was shocked he held to the inherited sin in the blood doctrine.
In the chart you will see how he claims the seed and bloodlines were blocked. And the Holy Spirit put a new created blood cell in Mary and Jesus was then created.
He claims Jesus did not exist before Mary.
He claims also, this new created Jesus was the second Adam.
My daddy said: figures never lie but liars always figure.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Street Called Straight

Find the Street Called STRAIGHT.

Some of you have been traveling on the Roman road to Rome long enough.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The definition of cult depends upon who is making it up.The criteria of a cult and a cult leader is made up by those who are part of a cult but have excused themselves because they have made sure their list of markers will not implicate or target them.
I have read down the list to see how Jesus might be guilty of being labeled a cult:
1)–a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous (;
Jesus is guilty
2)– a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also: its body of adherents (ibid);
Jesus is guilty
3)–a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.(;
Jesus is guilty
4)–Usually, though, a cult is more narrowly defined, and the word refers to an unorthodox sect whose members distort the original doctrines of the religion. In a Christian context, the definition of a cult is, specifically, “a religious group that denies one or more of the fundamentals of biblical truth.” A cult is a group that teaches doctrines that, if believed, will cause a person to remain unsaved. A cult claims to be part of a religion, yet it denies essential truth(s) of that religion. Therefore, a Christian cult will deny one or more of the fundamental truths of Christianity while still claiming to be Christian.
Jesus is guilty
Catholics and Protestants claim anyone who denies the trinity has denied a fundamental biblical truth and therefore a cult.
Catholics and Protestants have excused themselves from any definition of a cult by the way they invented the criteria.
Who gave them this authority?
What is the source of this authority?
Who made them judges over all others?
If you check the list of criteria on what a cult is, you will find nothing that make satanism a cult.
You will find nothing that makes Freemasonry a cult.
You will find nothing that makes the Jesuits a cult.
You will find nothing that makes the Catholic church a cult.
You will find nothing that makes Protestant churches that dabble in witchcraft a cult.
All under the protective shield of the trinity doctrine.
But the trinitarian club can disagree on the confession booth, the rosary, use of the crucifix, celebration of the “host” (communion wafer), prayers to Mary as the mediatrix, purgatory and limbo, sprinkling and pouring baptisms, baptisms of infants, celebration of the mass, holy water, making the sign of the cross, the pope as the pontifex max, secret orders that have deadly blood oaths, salvation by faith and works, predestination, homosexual orientation, drinking alcohol, use of tobacco, idolatry, priestly garments, and Mary as the mother of God.
And they do not consider such who disagree a cult.
The accusation of “cult” is used to label churches and pastors who refuse to be forced to accept either the Catholic religion or one of the many Protestant religions.
The New Testament did not have a doctrine explicitly on cults.
The Jews in the Temple considered Jesus a cult leader and his followers as cult members.
Many today continue to view Jesus as a son of satan.
We do know that Jesus would have rejected the entire Catholic church and her Protestant daughters.
The Church of Matthew 16:18 is not the Catholic or Protestant churches. We know this because the gates of hell have prevailed within these two groups.
I am amazed how easily the accusation “cult” is used and thrown around to stop the success of Christians who want 100% restoration of the first Church.
If a person chooses not to accept anything that came from Rome and or her Protestant daughters, they are labeled a cult.
If a minister starts a pioneer work and preaches salvation by faith according to Acts 2:38 he is labeled a cult leader. Why? Because he has not accepted the works salvation tradition of Rome.
If this minister makes converts of souls who were lost in their sins, and he baptizes them according to Acts 2:38 he is labeled a cult leader. Why? Because he did not sprinkle or pour the water in the trinitarian formula “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”
If the members of this congregation worship in Spirit and in Truth as preached by the Apostles, and reject Rome and her Protestant daughters they are now labeled a cult. Why? Because they are not a part of what the cult writers call “mainstream Christianity.”
Now exactly what is “mainstream Christianity?”
It is Rome and all of her perverted and corrupt traditions, adopted paganism, and invented doctrines. It is Protestantism with their separate perverted and corrupt traditions, adopted paganism, and invented doctrines.
WHat is amazing here, is that neither Jesus or first Christians were a part of this so-called “mainstream Christianity.” This means the so-called “mainstream Christianity” is nothing more than corruptstream false Christianity.
When I hear and read accusations of cult, used to judge and condemn those not Catholic or Protestant: I think of Jesus Christ. No wonder he is on the outside of the Laodicaea church. The Laodicaea church may have been either a Catholic or Protestant church. They put Jesus out, shut him out, closed and locked the door against him. Why else is he knocking unless they had latched it locked on the inside?
I no longer accept the Catholic and Protestant invented identity of what constitutes a cult.
I will consider all people as either believers or unbelievers. And this will be based upon compliance with the New Testament. I will not apply creeds, traditions, invented doctrines, or Catholic/Protestant as proofs of validity as a New Testament Church.
You can use the accusation “cult” against those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
You can use the slander “cult” against ministers and church members who openly refuse to be called Catholic or Protestant.
You can use the word “cult” against those you hate: but remember one thing. It is still a sin to bear false witnesses. If you tell this lie on a minister or a child of God who has been saved by grace through faith: you might as well hang a millstone around your neck because you will have offended a soul for whom Jesus loved and died.

If you must use the word “cult” against someone you hate, I urge you on your next trip to the church: check in your fanaticism at the door. Your lies and false witness will not be welcome in heaven before the throne of God.


Pentecostal is not a religion.
Pentecost means 50th.
There is no religion called 50th in the Bible.

The original Church of Jesus Christ was birthed on the day of Pentecost according to the Jewish calendar. Pentecost Sunday.

Yes, the original true New Testament Church was born on a Sunday morning about 9am.

By born, I mean the 120 gathered in the upper room, were filled with the Holy Spirit and came spiritually alive within the Kingdom of God.

Yes, the "born again of water and Spirit" of John 3:5 was now fulfilled. Most if not all had already been baptized in water by Jesus himself. His Apostles up to this time had not baptized anyone because they had not been deputized or sent to baptize yet. They were commanded not to depart from Jerusalem until they had been "endued" with POWER FROM ON HIGH.


The first Church did not bear the name Pentecostal. No one told someone else they belonged to the 50th Church.

You see, Pentecost is a name for a day. And it is also the name of the day on which the 120 came into the Kingdom of God.

Watch this:

The Kingdom was to come with power: Mark 9:1;
The Power was to come with the Holy Spirit baptism: Acts 1:8;
The Holy Spirit did not come upon them until the day of Pentecost: Acts 2:4.

Why is it that religions promote different forms of salvation procedures that do not include the salvation method of the 120 in the beginning?

Why is it so difficult to get distance between us and the Catholic/Protestant religious clubs and their membership entry applications?

Is it not reasonable that the first Church was not Catholic or Protestant?

Isn't it true that the trinity was not finalized and formalized until the Council of Nicaea? Isn't it true they had to invent and vote on the Nicene Creed that contained the trinitarian philosophy? If all of this new Neo-PLato terminology was also the fundamental belief of the first Church, why are they now inventing something never heard, saw, or written before?

I can assure you all the 120 in the upper room were Jews of the 12 tribes of Israel. And if they are not represented there in the upper room, they are surely represented in the 3,000 that believed, were baptized, and added to the Church (Acts 2:41). This is the true Israel of God. Get this.......

And I can assure you none of them were Catholic or Protestant.

I can assure you they all believed in one God who was not divided up into three compartments, three separate and distinct persons, or three co-eternal, co-existent, co-equal divine Spirits, each having his own body and being.

Being Pentecostal must mean first that you are a Christian with a Jewish foundation in your faith. You are saved by faith, not by logic or reason.

Being Pentecostal must mean second that you believe Jesus was both God and man.

Being Pentecostal must mean third that you accept Jesus as the God of the Old Testament who came to earth in the form of man, born of the virgin Mary, and manifest to Israel as both the Father (Spirit) and man (seed of Adam and David).

Being Pentecostal must mean fourth that you accept Jesus as he is described in Revelation 1:8.

Being Pentecostal must mean fifth that you have received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other languages as the Spirit gives the utterance.

You have no right, and no authority to speak about Pentecost and those who have received the Pentecost baptism of the Holy Spirit, until you align yourself with the group of 120 Jewish men and women on the day of Pentecost.

You will not find there a single Catholic.
You will not find there a single Protestant.
You will not find there a single person who refused and rejected the new birth baptism of the Holy Spirit.
You will not find there any graduates of a theological school who paraded and promoted Catholic/Protestant traditions and beliefs.
You will not find there trouble makers judging one another and putting each other down because they wanted a more spiritual understanding and a close life with God.

Being Pentecostal is more than speaking in tongues. This is usually the surface religious group who puts more emphasis on emotionalism then on faith and practice.

If you want to to be a person who accepts the day of Pentecost identity, be prepared to step out like the 120 did and leave religion behind. No matter how big the temples of man; no matter how big the denomination; no matter how impressive religious leaders are; follow the Holy Spirit to your own upper room.

There become one with Jesus-God.
There become a temple of Christ-God.
There join with Brothers and Sisters around the world who have had their crossing mikvah baptism in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38).

If you are not ready for this. You can never be a Pentecostal because you would not have qualified to be in the first upper room or among the 3,000 added that day.

Pentecost is not a religion.

It is a way of life. It is one day that is every day. Pentecost is not one day, it is now every day. Because the Holy Spirit is available every day of the year.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made, who is making you?

Friday, October 9, 2015

One God or Three Of Them?

The subject of God has consumed the lives of many thousands of men and women.

Ever since Moses wrote:

In the beginning God, men and women have either loved and reached for knowledge of this Being, or invented their own god or gods so they could control, manage, and interpret what a deity is.

Researchers have all concluded that men and women have venerated the sun, moon, stars, volcanos, mountains, and other natural things. They have also venerated man and woman and made them into gods and goddesses. Add a child or children into this new developed human-gods theory and instantly, as in the case of cosmic gods: there is a belief in the plurality of spiritual powers. Within this search for a deity that men and women could worship and give homage, came different animals. Perhaps the most widely animal of excitement and awe was the snake, the serpent. The serpent was seen as the benefactor of knowledge and wisdom. This belief came from the story of Adam, Eve, and the serpent. The serpent promised them gnosis or secret knowledge that God had withheld from them. The serpent figures in different civilizations and their religions. Other animals were added to increase the awe and veneration of men and women for the ones being promoted to have special spiritual powers and images such as the golden calf emerge. In all of these religions invented by men there is absolutely no objection to there being a plurality of gods.

There stood out one people, one lineage of men and women, that did not follow those who invented gods of their own making. We refer to these as the patriarchs of the pre-flood and post-flood eras. This genealogy of men and women are traced through the seed of Adam to Enoch to Noah to Abraham and then to the nation of Israel. While the world around them became deeply divided over which and whose god or goddesses was supreme, the lineage of Adam to Abraham held strictly to one God who was the Creator. This one God was one Being. He was alone and there was no God other than He. This God demanded worship and veneration be reserved only for Him. All other gods and goddesses were to be rejected. This was so important it was enshrined within the very first Commandment: "Thou shalt not have any other gods before me." This Commandment lays out the fact there is one God and not a plurality of Beings who separately can be venerated as a co-equal God to other Gods.

The trinity concept does not begin in the Bible.It begins outside of the Bible and apart from the Patriarchal lineage of monotheistic believers. Monotheism is defined as: mono = one and theism = God. Monotheism in its strict identity means One God and only One God. This is also referred to as the Monarchical faith. Monarchical is defined as mon or mono = one and archical = ruler. Thus in its strict identity means One Ruler. It is from this One Ruler we have the name Elohim or Lord. By one Monarchy we mean there is only one Lord. He alone is supreme because he is also the only true God.

Up to this point most scholars and people of common sense can agree. It is when we depart from the Bible and give philosophy, beliefs of men, and a merger of the plurality of pagan and heathen concepts of deity that a division comes into play. For the most part, the entire world was born and raised among religions that boast of a plurality of divine beings. For some it is their way to compartmentalize how their gods relate to one another and how they possess different powers to be called upon by men and women.

I met a Hindu on a flight from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi back in 2003 on my way to Indonesia. He was sitting next to me with his wife in the window seat. He had a little prayer book he was reading. And I noticed on the pages images of the Hindu gods Shiva, Kali, and Vishnu. I asked him if he would explain to me his religion. He was so happy to share with me. According to him, each of the deities had different things they did for mankind. You pray and show veneration to the one who has control over that which you seek help. So you pray to and venerate which ever one you need help from. The other gods are not jealous of each other. They see themselves regulated to their own specific powers and so each god within his/her power would be co-eternal and co-existent in peace and love. The gods love each other and have eternal and internal relationship. He explained they have songs they sing to these deities. They have worship rituals and dances to them. I could then understand how many of the ancient Israelites could take God and add to Him other gods and goddesses until they also had a plurality of deities to whom they would sing, dance, and perform rituals. I also began to understand why God was jealous and angry against the Israelites for this idolatry.

Are you still with me?

Israel as a people were originally the seedline of the Patriarchal faith of monotheism and the diving monarchy. Within this faith of Abraham and his Elshaddai (God Almighty) there was no plurality of divine beings. In fact, when God himself changed the name of Jacob to Israel a divine revelation was placed upon the name of all the people of the twelve tribes. The name Israel contains the revelation and few even know it: Is-ra-el. Is is a contraction of Ishi which is defined as "prince"; ra is defined as "power" and el is defined as God. Take a look at this text:

Gen_32:28  And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

It is very obvious that God put within this new name his own name. Yes, in the ancient days of the Patriarchs God or El or Elohim was a name.  We know this because God said that Abraham knew him only by the name of Elshaddai Or God Almighty (see Exodus 7:4). We now know El = God and shaddai = almighty. God is the name and shaddai defines his awesome power as "almighty." do not let anyone tell you that God is not a name.

One God and his name one.

The paganistic and heathenistic world demands a plurality of gods and goddesses, each having their own names but they are co-equal, co-eternal, and co-existent. There is unity between them, They each have the same substance as their corporate existence: they are a spiritual power. They radiate a single spirit in the minds of the people, as a deity and therefore as a spirit that can be where ever the worshipper is. This concept of trinity goes all the way back to Babylon. And from this tower and the dispersion of the people, this trinitarian error was spread to all nations.

It is right here many run. Many will become angry. Many will begin to make false accusations. They will attack monotheism and the monarchy and claim there is not one God but three of them. Each being a separate person, a separate being, and each possessing its own spirit.The adoption of the plurality concepts of idolatrous religions is drafted over into and among the Israelites and their successors, the Christians.

While there are attempts to perform a marriage between monotheism and the monarchy with pagan religious concepts of deity, Jesus never once taught there were three of them who were separate, who were co-eternal, co-existent, and co-equal. There are several attempts to take different scriptures to prove there are three, upon close examination such wrestlings of scripture only produce confusion and contradiction.

Let's do a simple test here. Ar you trinitarian or oneness like the Jews.

Answer honestly please:

1) How many Gods are there?
2) How many diving Beings are there?
3) Hoe many divine Spirits are there?
4) How many Lords are there?
5) Did God ever say he was co-eternal, co-existent, and co-eternal with other Gods?

Before you can escape from humanitarian concepts of the pluralistic trinity, you must admit that Jesus was both God and man. He was divine and earthly. He was the divine Spirit in a human form. He was both Father and Son.

Jesus said to Philip: "when you have seen me you have seen the Father." He said: "I and my Father are one."

To many this revelation departs to far from the plurality concepts invented by man. Traditions kick in and men become lovers of themselves more than lovers of God. We cannot allow our minds to be tricked and controlled by concepts the Old Testament prophets knew nothing about, Jesus knew nothing about, and the apostles knew nothing about.

Anyone who uses any text or scripture in an attempt to prove there are three divine Beings, three divine Spirits, and three divine persons who are each a separate Lord: is being deceptive.

There is one God. Jesus is this one God manifested in the flesh )1Timothy 3:16).

Anyone who denies this confession of faith of the Father and the Son, is not a real Christian.

If you use up your life trying to prove there are three of them and not one, you will be trying to get to heaven with concepts not taught in your Bible.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


To lapse morally or in the practice of religion to revert to a worse condition: retrogress.

Biblically, a backslider returns to the life of sin giving up religious convictions and the Christian life they were living.

In commonality, a backslider may think of himself/herself as reclaiming their mind from religious practices and standards. Many actually come to believe that what was once considered sin is no longer sin. Some will use backsliding to change religious groups that permit the kind of life they believe a Christian can live and still claim to be saved.

Backsliding is more than change one's moral or religious beliefs. It is indeed a condition of the spiritual standing a person has with God. A backslider departs from the ways of God and his righteousness and reverts to the ways of the world. By ways of the world I mean, they choose the sinful practices, habits, customs, and life-styles of those who are lost and without salvation.

One of the important things a backslider does is goes back on their faith in water baptism. They actually cancel their water baptism and consider it as an event that no longer has any spiritual acceptance. By backsliding they openly recant their baptism and count it as if it never happened. They may not say it with words but they say it with their actions. And in this case, actions do speak louder than words.

Think about it: when a person repents and comes to Christ begging to be saved from a burning hell, they shed tears of regret for being a sinner. As they begin to purge and cleanse their conscience by confession of the soul, they see their need for the blood of Jesus Christ to wash away their sins. They want a clean book in heaven. They want to be the person God created them to be. They will make vows to God such as:

I will do what ever you want me to do;
I will go where ever you want me to go;
I am yours Lord, everything I've got.
Use me Jesus for your glory.

To backslide on all of this is not only a great shame to a person's soul it means they just made themselves a liar. They did not mean all of those words at all.

A backslider indeed has a change of heart. A heart that was once touched by the Holy Ghost no longer wants to feel this blessing. The heart wants as far from Church and the presence of the Holy Ghost as they can get. Many will deny the realness of the Holy Ghost. Many will deny the name of Jesus and even curse that blessed and holy name. Many will begin to attack the church they once attended. They will say all manner of evil against the pastor. When a backslider cuts ties to God they sever all spiritual relationship with the people of God. They want to be free from religion and are willing to demonstrate it quickly by open change of life-style, manner of dress, language, and public display of their sins.

A backslider develops a hard heart. The longer they stay backslid the harder the heart becomes. They do not care if they are damned. They do not care if they can never come back to God and have the joy of salvation once again. They openly boast they want to burn in hell.

A backslider has no value to God. I have witnessed many of them die lost. Die in their sins. They never came back to salvation. This is the ultimate end of a backslider. Then they will go to the judgment.

I do not like backsliders. The reason I do not like them is because they bring a reproach upon the Church, the Pastor, the doctrines of Truth, and speak evil of the way they once called holy. I will not chase after a backslider. I will cut off all communications. I have no desire to fellowship with their evil works of unrighteousness. I do not want to see any backslider. They have turned their back upon Jesus and I do not like this. If they show remorse and repentance I will turn to them again. I will help them if they are serious and honest. I do not want any to perish. But I will not allow a backslider to have fellowship with me so long as they remain in their backslidden condition.

I am this way because God is this way.

If you are planning on backsliding, just know, that you may go to hell with over 95% of all the other backsliders.

Can I ask you what is wrong with Jesus that you would case him away to return to sin?

Did he die in vain for you?

Jesus has been good to me. I have no plans to backslide.

Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made

Thursday, September 17, 2015

No Other Name

The day of Pentecost. Yes, the day of the Holy Ghost. Yes, the day Peter preached the plan of salvation. What did we miss? What is it we did not get the complete picture? Or maybe another way to put it: have we overlooked a simple but great revelation considering Acts 4:12 "none other name given under heaven among men"?

I think we are correct that the name Peter preached, "Jesus Christ", is that name. We have been blessed by holding this doctrine. But,

We were cursed to be deceived to allow other names to move up and be equal or even greater than the name of Jesus.

In a church in Indiana I ask the 400 people there to stand if they believed in the name of Jesus. All of them stood. I then had them to be seated. Then I asked, will those of you please stand who believe the name Jehovah is greater than the name of Jesus. Over half of them stood up. I had them to be seated. I then preached on Acts 2:38 "the name of Jesus Christ" and Acts 4:12. I did not explain my purpose. I wanted to verify my research and my presumption that Oneness people have been deceived to accept another name and it was equal or greater than the name of Jesus.

I had already discovered years prior that the name Jehovah (Jehova, Iehova) was invented by a Catholic monk named Raymundus Martini. I also discovered that he was Jewish and dabbled in Kabbalistic mysticism. He is the one who chose the vowels to place within the letters YHVH. And these letters YHVH were alleged by the Jews to be the sacred and most holy unpronounceable name of God. When Martini used his learning from the mystic side of the Jewish religion and applied it to YHVH, he invented the guess name Iehove (Jehovah). His scheme was to take the vowels from the Jewish word for God (Elohim) and place them between the letters. So this is what he did with the letters:


This was later developed into Iehova and then Yehovah and Jehovah.

We were not told that this alphabet soup thimblerigging came from a mystic Jewish catholic monk. We were told it was the Old Testament most holy name of God. When they impregnated the Bible with this new invented name in seven places (Spanish bible over 5780 places): that a new "revelation interpretation" would be developed. I Am that I AM would be converted into YHVH that YHVH and thus "I will be what I will be." This new Jewish-Catholic revelation would be passed down to us via the Protestant reformation. We have not known that Protestantism is still Catholicism with the trinity embedded within it. And we were not told that the Jehovah name factor was embedded within our bibles as a new revelation that previous to Raymundus Martini was not in any prior bible. In face, even the Jews never knew of a God-name Jehovah existing before. They claimed YHVH was unpronounceable.

We have since learned that Jehovah is a false name. It is in fact a name associated with the devil himself. We have learned that the religious mystics of a later age claim that Jehovah is a fake name and that Yahweh is the correct rendering of YHVH. They have now changed YHVH into YHWH changing the V into a W. Now that is real thimblerigging like they do at the circus sideshows. We have also learned that Yah is the name of the Egyptian moon god and was also the name of other pagan gods. If you research this yourself you can discover the subterfuge and the pen of lying scribes with their sly hands. Many thousands are now victims of a massive name fraud game. There are Jehovah name cults (Jehovah's Witnesses) and a host of Yahweh name cults. Some have even changed the name of Jesus into Jehovah and call him Jehovah Christ. Some call him Yahweh Christ. And there are others who use Yah and call him Yahshua Christ.

Myself included, we were deceived by Jewish and Catholic deceptions so high ranking from the mystics of Rome, that our minds can not get free of their power. But the power of the Holy Ghost can free us. Free our minds. Give us back the true revelation of the name of Jesus Christ. And when this happens the invented guess names of Jewish and Catholic rabbis and monks cannot deceive us any longer.

When we see the light, see the Truth, behold the glory and majesty of the name of our King, the name of Jesus Christ: we become free. The Truth has made us free. This is precisely what the Apostles experienced. They had a revelation about the name of Jesus. They knew it was the revealed name of God that came to earth on the lips of an angel: "thou shall call his name JESUS."

According to many, the name of Jesus means "Jehovah saves." Oh really?

And who tells us this lie but those who continue to teach the lies of rabbis and monks and protestant trinitarians. These are your dictionary and encyclopedia writers. These are the ones like Strongs that keeps the lies and false revelations streaming into our minds. We know the name Jehovah is false so remove it. What does the name of Jesus mean? Why is it we will not let the angel tell us? It means simply salvation or saves: "for he shall save his people from their sins." So very simple yet we have allowed lies to come into our minds and out of our mouths.

Stop using the fake name Jehovah. Exalt the name of Jesus above all names. And when you do this. When you praise the name of Jesus above all names, you do something very powerful. That is why when we worship the name of Jesus Christ the glory of God will fall upon us. We can see miracles happen. And in our baptism, we cross over from all false names into the one true name of our God. Then something great happens.

In Acts chapter two a mighty and great thing happened.

When Peter preached the name of Jesus Christ for the plan of salvation he had a great revelation. Did we miss it?

When he said "in the name of Jesus Christ" he exalted the name of Jesus above all names.

And here is the beautiful part: from that moment on into eternity the name(s) of the devil were barred.

Yes, any name that is not the name of Jesus Christ is barred as a name of God.

Now your mission.

Preach Acts 4:12 with a revelation that all names including YHVH, YHWH, and Yah are barred.

If we are people of the name of Jesus Christ, then let us be people of NO OTHER NAME.

I said so.........

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let The Fire Begin

Psalms 9:17
What will curse any nation and bring speedy judgment from God?
To forget God, is to train or fill the mind with evil to the point a person become non-religious. Pure religion is all about God and living according to his law. Yes, Old Testament or New Testament, God has in place laws that are guidelines of behavior. When the behavior is evil it is an open sign a person has rejected God and his laws are no longer respected as the spiritual pattern for conduct. This kind of person will forget God. All the categories of the mind will become corrupt until in them there is only every wicked work.
The nation or people that forget God shall be turned into hell.
Hell, a burning destruction, will come from the Almighty.
This fire of burning can only be avoided by repentance and turning to God. Warn the sinner. Warn the nation. Even as sinners show no care of remorse, even so goes the nations. If you are such a person who puts the pleasures of the flesh above God's way, hell is coming your way: both in this life and especially after death.
Parents have cursed and damned their children by forsaking and forgetting God. While they all may retain a knowledge of God in their mind, they reject to follow God's laws for that dispensation. Whole families become apostate. These are they who knew God but chose not to glorify him in Holy living and conduct. A reprobate mind comes before God's fires of hell. A reprobate nation will manifest before all hell fires begin around the cities. Fire and vapor of smoke and destruction is on the way.The Bible says so.....
Ask the Jews why Jerusalem was destroyed by fire several times. Ask them if departure from God is why the national blanket of protection was lifted. Ask them if God cared about their racial pride when they became corrupt specimens of devils. History is a cycle of blessings and cursings. Because after each revival of God followed by adherence to God's law comes backsliding followed by forgetting God. Then curses follow upon man, upon the land, and upon all animals and beasts of the field. Even as a backslider brings the curse into the home, so many backsliders bring the curse to the nation. To forget God brings the cycle of hell fire and vapor of smoke of destruction.
American you will not escape.
People of the world you will not escape.
When we can no longer turn the wicked person or wicked nation, get out of the way of God so when hell comes, you will escape. Why do you think Jesus would warn the Apostles and early Christians to flee from Jerusalem when they saw it surrounded with enemies? It was to get them out of the way. To protect them from the hell fires and vapor of smoke that was soon to be unleashed upon an evil and corrupt city and nation. Fires from Dan to Beersheba would make bright the night sky. We also must prepare for this same judgment of God.
Within a few short years all Europe will be on fire in many cities. Fires will be set and started around the world. Explosions will bring death and destruction. When you see the vapor of smoke, know I warned you.
Your racial purity and glory will mean nothing to God because skin color gives no one an exemption from a wicked and godless life. I said so.... March in the streets, riot, set fires of hell all over the place, loot, kill cops, kill innocent people, your racial pride is not salvation from God. You are fulfilling prophecy.
A generation has come upon the earth that has forsken God. Nearly everyone has forsaken the way of God. Even you are tempted to sin and do wickedness and think God will not hate you for your backsliding. Instead of repenting you want more sin, adding sin to sin to satisfy the flesh. "Pleasure me" are two words people use to invite their flesh to sin without shame.
Save yourselves from this untoward generation.
Escape the coming fires of hell.
Repent and turn your life around, so worship ye God in the beauty of holiness.
The people and nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell.
Let the fires begin God.

Monday, September 14, 2015

King Jesus

esus, he is worthy. He is a righteous King. His name is above all names in heaven and upon earth. My admiration for my King and my Savior is deeply held in my heart and soul.
He is before all things and all people.
He is glorious in power.
I worship King Jesus above all the gods of men. I can say HOSANNA in the highest to him because he alone is worthy of the greatest praise of HOSANNA. His Kingdom has come.
Many press their way through the masses going to hell to enter into the Kingdom. They bypass all the fake churches, kabbalistic synagogues, arabic mosques, shrines, lodges, and occult hovals. To enter into this Kingdom they forsake all. They bring neither gold, silver, things of value: but enter totally void of all positions of power, wealth, and esteem. They die to enter. In their baptism they cross through the waters of separation. They are buried and their past and sins are put away forever under the blood of Jesus. They rise in their resurrection of faith into the glory of the Kingdom. And then they are endued with power from on high.
Our King is the one who designed this procedure. He is the one who ordered it throughout the world. If you love Jesus you will come before your King prepared to be a servant. You will not whine, complain, use jealousy to advance before others, and you will not tell lies and cast down those who are righteous and stand for holiness and morality.
Our King is our life. His will is above all our will and the will of others. We will obey him before we obey any other person.
No nation, no ruler, no denomination, no religious corporation, no poltic-religious organization, no church, no synagogue, no mosque, no lodge, no cult hoval will ever have dominion over us.
We serve under one dominion and none of those aforementioned are mediators between us and our King. He did not create them, ordain them, or sanction them. The Kingdom has come. All that remains is if you have said and mean it: THY WILL BE DONE.
You do not have to share this on your wall. You are not required to spread this message. You can read it, click like, and then go on in life as if you never read it. And especially, you can even forget it. Truth these days has a few seconds of our time and then we lapse back into the puke of Laodicea and love it.
I am reaching, reaching for those whose hearts can still be touched. To turn them from idols and ungodliness to a holy God. I may not be successful with you. But somewhere in the world there are souls who seek their King. And I want to point them in the right direction. I must point them away from the Babel builders to my King, that I will do.
What are you doing?

Saturday, September 12, 2015


The new age of criminal martyrs.

A general definition for a martyr is a person who has been killed because of their religious beliefs or religious influence.

For instance, Jesus was a martyr. He was killed because of his religious beliefs and his religious influence.

The same with the Apostles.

We do not think of a martyr as a criminal. In fact, according to our Bible, a martyr is a special class person who gave his/her life for the Lord Jesus Christ and his Church/Kingdom. They have a special reward which we cannot specifically speak about. We only know they are special to our King. And rightly so, they died in faith and they were cut off from the living for their righteous beliefs and conduct.

I am not sure if you will agree or disagree with my assessment of modern criminal martyrs. I mean if you will agree with my findings that many people are glorifying, killing, destroying, spreading mayhem, using terror and fear, to make it appear criminals are somehow martyrs. Not just martyrs but people who died in a holy relationship with God. But they died as a criminal, a person who at the time of death could not have been saved.

Are we being brainwashed? Are we being spoon-fed corn meal flavored puke? When Christian martyrs are looked at as poor stupid people. While because of racist use of the martyr glorification, there are riots, police cars stomped and burned, rocks hurled, bottles filled with HIV urine thrown on police, and calls “burn this bitch down”, is blasted from a bull-horn. A criminal is not a martyr. No criminal who dies because of his not being a law-abiding citizen is a martyr.

Let me take this one step additional: no person who blows themselves up to kill innocent babies, children, teenagers, and adults is a martyr. I can promise all of you, such murderers will not be welcome into God’s heaven. And there will not be 72 virgins waiting for them upon their death. These are not martyrs they are criminals of the which God has already said they will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Why are we Christians being separated by false use of what a martyr really is? Why are we allowing people to use the term martyr when it can never apply to the people they use it to promote their agenda?

Somehow I am seeing a division coming where race will be used against Christians who just want holiness and a righteous conduct from people. And if someone dies a criminal we must walk away from all efforts to make us march in the streets, burn police cars, and set off bombs.

If you glorify a person to be a martyr and they died a criminal, you not only are bearing false witness, you are lying that they died for a holy and righteous cause.

I have great respect for true martyrs. But I will not kill other people and destroy property to prove I cared for them.

I cannot find Jesus telling his Apostles or the first Christians to steal, riot, kill, and destroy to protest the death of a real martyr.

Remember the true martyrs today.

And you will not find a criminal among them.

Monday, August 31, 2015

I Said So

The gates of hell shall not prevail against the name of Jesus Christ. Because the name of Jesus Christ is engraved into the Church of the Living God. People come and they go, they live and they die: only those who cherish and defend the name above all names, are the true defenders of the Church of the Living God.

I said so....

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4 Jews and 1 Catholic going to hell

I know of 4 Jews going to hell.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Sonia Sotomayor
Elena Kagan
Stephen G. Breyer

I know of 1 Catholic going to hell.

Anthony Kennedy

Three women and two men going to hell. This cannot be reversed.

I said so...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Church of Jesus Christ




The birth of the New Testament Church was on the day of Pentecost. It was in the city of Jerusalem in the country of Israel. The Church is a Jewish citizen, and according to the rules of gender, it was a girl. This girl would become the Bride of Christ. The Church collectively is comprised of every born again Christian who are saved by grace through faith as found in Acts 2:38.

At her birth there were around 120 in attendance. Among these were the 11 Apostles and the newly 12th, Mathias. Mary the mother of Jesus was in attendance. The names of all the 120 were not written down. But each was a witness to the birth of the Church. The glory represented in the star that witnessed the birth of Jesus was seen upon the 120 in what appeared as tongues of fire. The fire, representing the purifying witness of the sacrifice, was testimony of the sanctification and holiness of each of the 120 present. The glory of God in each flame of fire was a personal witness that person was chosen as a special vessel of the Holy Spirit of God.

As they were praying and worshiping the glory fell. They began to speak in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance. The languages were not learned. They were not words spoken by repeating something spoken by someone else. These were miracle utterances that only the Holy Spirit could make happen. According to the eye witnesses, there were people who heard them speaking in tongues and they said: "how hear we every man in the tongue werein we were born." These were not speaking the same language. There is a list of over 16 countries in Acts 2:9-11. This was a miracle of God. Speaking in tongues was a sign the glory of God had departed from the temple and was now in the Church. It was fitting that the girl church have at birth the Spirit of life. And so as with all live births, the Church was born with the Spirit of God within it.

The location of the birth was chosen by God himself. The city of Jerusalem was specifically chosen. Jesus instructed the disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they were "endued" with power from on high. ENDUED? POWER FROM ON HIGH? This was to be an experience not only of the miracle power of God, it was to be a personal sign to all that they were now members of the Kingdom Of God. This was a higher Kingdom than the kingdom of Israel. The Church therefore is greater than natural Israel. It is greater than the temple. Its ministers are greater than all the rabbis and priests of the Law. And the New Covenant would replace the Old as the Church became the New Testament Bride of Christ.

The Day of Pentecost is the birth of the Gospel of salvation and on this day, the Apostle Peter tied it all up in his majestic preaching of the historical record climaxing in the prophecy of Joel: "In the last days saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh." Peter was saying: "THIS IS THAT." No one challenged him. No one questioned his keen understanding of the miracle of Pentecost. No disciple, no visitor, no on-looker, no rabbi, no priest, NO ONE openly denied this miracle was from God.

From this birth came a mighty group of men and women. They were not members of an organization. They were members of the Israel of God, under the King of Israel: JESUS CHRIST. He is the Lord of all. In his name shall the Gentiles trust. And from the east to the west and around the world, the Lord would be one and his NAME ONE. It is from this we have Acts 4:12: no other name given UNDER HEAVEN, among men, whereby we MUST BE SAVED. On the day of Pentecost one name was preached. And for the true ministers of God, there will never be any other name or names equal to or greater than the name of JESUS CHRIST.

There is a lot I could write about concerning the Church, but these things are not interesting to the majority of the world who loves being suppled on smooth worded sermons designed to work up a hoot. Truth works on the heart in such a way, those who love truth have a surge of inspiration that a hoot cannot replace or supply. Those who love the truth will know what I mean. The others, will continue in their blindness replacing truth with religion and traditions of men. The birthday of the Church allows us to go back and say one word: RESTORATION. And we are not talking just about speaking in tongues.

The Church of the living God is the pillar and ground of the Truth. We have no connection to the temple any more. We do not follow rabbis and priest of the Jewish Pharisee religion. We have our New Testament and we filter all things through these 27 books. We do not allow traditions of men to change our doctrine, our faith, our conduct, or our practice. Rome has nothing in us. And the Jewish religion of today has nothing we want. We have the complete package in Jesus Christ and him alone.

Happy Birthday Church of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is Anyone Available?

Jesus fought hate with love and won.

We may not always win those who hate us, but we can win others with love if we follow the pattern of Jesus.

Jesus spent little time trying to change the minds of the haters but a lot of time on those who were like sheep without a shepherd.

In his heart he wanted to gather those scattered sheep.

And to gather them, he first forgave them for the reasons they were scattered, including their sins.

And he made it known, those he forgave, he would not remember their sins.

Going into all the world to preach the Gospel must include this very special purpose and reveal the heart of Jesus.

The fields are white unto harvest. But the laborers are few.

Jesus is seeking laborers at the 11th hour to finish the harvest.

Is anyone available?

Bishop Reckart​

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jehovah, Joshua, Jeshua but not Jesus?

How we the Apostolic church are being brainwashed away from the name of Jesus by listening to rabbis who are the descendants of those who called for the crucifixion of Jesus and his name to be stopped being preached.
Watch this crafty attack on the name of Jesus:
Larry Booker came to Germany and used Essais 12:1-5 for the name Joshua, Jeshua etc.. that a Rabbi he knows tell him how to pronounce that name in Hebrew.
First, Pastor Larry Booker was deceived that Babylonian Aramaic language was Hebrew. He accepted it because he has refused to educate himself and learn that Aramaic was never the Hebrew language. It may have been a language used by the Jews who adopted it when carried away into Babylon, but Aramaic was NEVER the Hebrew language known as Paleo Hebrew.
Second, why is he going to the enemies of Jesus to get information on the name of Jesus? This shows his lack of understanding that the Jews have perverted the name of Jesus many different ways and given out false and blasphemous names. But the people listening to him would never believe he was lying to them because he got lies from his trusted rabbi friend? A rabbi friend he knows? How much more is this rabbi teaching him that he accepts?
Third: the name Joshua is not the name of Jesus. If so, Pastor Booker should rebaptize all of his members immediately in the name of Joshua Christ or as he would do it: in the name of the Lord Joshua Christ. And if he is now going to say Joshua is a mistake or wrong and his rabbi says it is Jeshua,, then he should rebaptize saying in the name of the Lord Jeshua Christ or the name of Jeshua Christ. He cannot believe the name of Jesus is both Joshua and Jeshua. And he cannot say these are the true names of Jesus without casting down the name of Jesus as being false. If one is true the others are false.
I have warned for years that there are men in Apostolic pulpits who are leading people astray. I think before anyone believes Pastor Booker they should examine his Catholic traditions of Christmas and Easter, just naming two of them.
Fourth: Pastor Booker also preaches the name of Jehovah. He is a partial Jehovah name witness and then switches over to Joshua or Jeshua for the name of Jesus in the New Testament. Again, how come he does not know that the name Jehovah was invented by a Catholic monk? How come he does not know that Jehovah is a false name? If he does not know this, why? And if he does know it, why has he shoved the truth about the Catholic invent name Jehovah aside?
I know this subject is worn out and old for some of you. Your ears are dull of hearing. You do not care any more if the name of Jesus is cast down and replaced by rabbi invented lying names. I feel sorry for you. I really do. How can the name of Jesus get tired to our ears? How can we be so tired of hearing the name of Jesus lifted up above all names?
I apologize that on this sunday morning, you must read again my protest about men lying to people in the pulpit and telling them the name of God is Jehovah, Joshua, or Jeshua.
I really am sorry I have angered you and messed up your day all over the name of Jesus Christ.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Be Free

The Catholic church invented the Easter celebration at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. All of her daughters identify themselves with mother Rome by celebration of Easter also. This may shock you, but Jesus was not resurrected on Easter. The name Easter was not known among the Jews at the time of the resurrection of Jesus. No Apostle or writer of the New Testament ever mentioned Easter. The one time Easter is found in the Bible is there by deception and fraud. Go check it out. It is found in Acts 12:4. But check the Greek and it is "pascha" or Passover. Why did the King James translators purposely corrupt the Bible by putting Easter in it when the Greek had Passover?

This one thing I know, No Christian of the first Church ever celebrated any Easter resurrection.

Rome did this lie.

Any church that celebrates the Catholic lie is Catholic.

There are many Pentecostal Catholics. Are you one of them?

Why not make a clean break with Rome? Why not go back to the Passover of Jesus? Why join up in Catholic pagan days?

It is a fact, those churches who celebrate pagan Easter also celebrate the pagan Roman Catholic Christmas and New Years.

I am free.

Are you free?

If you are, you will depart from all Roman Catholic paganism.

If you are, you will celebrate the Passover Communion Last Supper on the very night he instituted it.

That night this year is sundown April 3, 2015.

I challenge you.

If you refuse, and if you attend a church on Easter sunday that celebrates Easter, you are a Catholic even if you refuse to admit it.

What are you really?

Are you an organizational clone?  Do you follow the pagan customs or an organization without questioning its celebrations?

Be free.

Leave Rome forever.

And if that means you must leave your church, THEN LEAVE.

Is your faith great enough to walk in the Truth?

Or will you continue to walk in Catholic paganism?

Return to the first Church faith.

Be Catholic free.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Passover Study

Passover Study for home feast of faith is now revised. Jesus bless us all this Passover Lord's Communion Supper.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Total of 155,170 people have visited and read the information on this blog.

The seed is planted.

A harvest will come forth around the world.

Jesus is showing that truth is still the measure of holiness. Those who do not seek truth will not love holiness.

Thanks to all you many of hundreds who have written and thanked me for posting information that lifts the name of Jesus above all names.

I thank Jesus my King for his blessings.

Pastor Reckart