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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Every day thousands more are added to the Jesus name blasphemers churches and cult groups. These are turned away from the name of Jesus by the tetragrammaton cult members who believe YHWH is the true name of God. They deny Jesus is the true name of God. In fact, they claim the name Jesus is a fake since it does not contain the tetragrammaton. There are hundreds of tetragrammaton cult leaders who are trying to invent new names for Jesus which they claim is his true Hebrew name. In fact, they are great liars. Because the names they are inventing come from the Aramaic Babylonian language of the tower of Babel.
Yes, you read that right. Aramaic may have been a common language in the days of Jesus, but this is the residue of the Babylonian victory over the area of the fertile crescent area. This dominance and control lasted for several hundreds of years. The Hebrew language spoken by Israel was replaced by this Babylonian tongue. It is called Aramaic. Go research it for your self. Why accept the lies of the tetragrammaton cult? These will have you believing that the Babylonian language of Aramaic is the holy tongue of God. It is not a holy tongue. It is a devil tongue filled with mysticism, satanism, and all manner of witchcraft. This is why the Chaldee mysteries are totally contained in the Aramaic language. The use of numerology, gematria, and other occult practices were developed into the Jewish Kabbalah by reprobate satanic rabbis and priests. While this is hard for some to swallow, it is nevertheless the truth. It was this snake throne system of Babylon in control of the temple in Jerusalem that plotted to have Jesus crucified. This fulfills Genesis 3:15.
I am not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the true Lord. He is the true Christ. He is the one and only true Lord Christ. This is why the name of Jesus is above all names. No other name can be called both Lord and Christ.
All the tetragrammaton cult liars cannot make YHWH both Lord and Christ. They can pervert, they can deceive, they can cast their Aramaic Babylonian spells upon the minds of the slothful, the ignorant, the novices, and the wanna-be prophets: but they will not be allowed to deceive all people. It is the power of the Holy Ghost that enables us to defend the name of Jesus above all names. By the name of Jesus Christ we have salvation. There is no salvation in YHWH or any other tetragrammaton name that comes from the Babylonian language.
Stand up for the name of Jesus Christ.
Stop accepting tetragrammaton lies.
Withdraw from all tetragrammaton cults.
Have no fellowship or communication with those who hate the name of Jesus and who are tetragrammaton cult members.
Rebuke them. Do not allow them to spread their lies. If they come into the church, cast them out. Tell them to go back to their own Babylonian cult. These have the spirit of witchcraft. Demons are with them.
The tetragrammaton cults now accuse us of making an idol out of the name of Jesus. I do not excuse their ignorance. Jesus is not an idol and therefore his name is not an idol. The mere stupidity of these cult members saying we have made the name of Jesus into an idol is shocking. No, rather, it is the tetragrammaton YHWH they make into an idol. These letters do not even make a name until vowels are added. They are no more the name of God then ABCD. Yet the fools of the cult religion of Babylon think we will fall in love with their mystery name and mystery religion.
No, we will not accept anything from Babylon. We will not accept the Aramaic tongue. We will not accept the mysteries of Nimrod. We will not accept the trinity. And we will never accept that Jesus had a Babylonian name. Got that? We will never accept any invented name for Jesus that comes from the Babylonian language of Aramaic.
Follow the Apostles in the New Testament.
No where did they call Jesus Jeshua (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Joshua  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Jehoshua(h)  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Yahshua(h)  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Yeshua  (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Ishoo (an Aramaic name).
No where did they call Jesus Isa  (a Muslim name).
Millions are turning from the New Testament and accepting interpolations, perversions, and corrupt invented names for Jesus that are not Hebrew. They come from some other language like Aramaic or Arabic.
The war began when the Apostles were told not to speak any more in that name.
For the name of Jesus they were persecuted. Some were put to death. All Christians were hated because of that name.
And here it is happening all over the world again.
And many ignorant preachers now claiming that Jesus is not the true Hebrew name of Jesus but one of these other Aramaic or Arabic invented names. If they believed their own lies how come they do not baptize:
in the name of Jeshua Christ;
in the name of Joshua Christ;
in the name of Jehoshua Christ;
in the name of Yahshua(h) Christ;
in the name of Yeshua Christ;
in the name of Ishoo Christ;
in the name of Isa Christ;
These deceivers claim the Greek bible contains a false name of Jesus because it is spelled IESOUS. They claim this Greek name is false. Well, the Apostles used it. So it is not false. What is false? What is false is to claim IESOUS is a Greek name. The fact is, it is a Hebrew name spelled with Greek letters. IESOUS is the same as JESOUS. But the liars will not tell you that. JESOUS is the same as JEHSOUS. But the liars will not tell you JE and JEH are pronounced the same and the H is silent in JE. The liars will not tell you that JESOUS is the same as JESUS. They do not want to admit that Jesus is a Hebrew name. Many liars, including so-called scholars, pervert the truth about the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But here on this blog, you will read the truth.
If you love Jesus, love his name. If you do not love his name, you do not love him who the name represents. If you deny his name you must deny him. If anyone does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh he is an antichrist. Jesus Christ is not YHWH come it he flesh. That is a Catholic and Pentecostal lie. They make Jesus a Babylonian god who came in the flesh. Do you accept this nonsense?
Some of you hate me because i am not one of your tetragrammaton cult friends. Sorry about that. Hate me till you die. I will lift up the name of Jesus Christ above all names. Yes, I am not ashamed to die this way. I am not ashamed to go before the throne of my God and fall down and call him JESUS. I am not afraid.
You who hate the name of Jesus better be afraid.
You who hate me because I am not a member of your Pentecostal Catholic organization, better be afraid.
But then, if you are not afraid in all your backsliding, unholy living, and worldly sinful homes: have a seared conscious. I do not expect you to be afraid. I warn you. I warn you that if you reject the name of Jesus Christ in all of its honor, all of its glory, all of its power, you will be lost and burn in hell for ever.
For me, no other name, but Jesus Christ, just as you read in Acts 2:38.
Call me anything you want. I am a man made by God to worship his name. What other man in the world is saying these things?
Bishop Reckart

Monday, September 29, 2014

Why are more and more people hating the name of Jesus?

Why are more and more people hating the name of Jesus?

Replacement theology all around us

The name of God was replace and forgotten by the tetragrammaton which the rabbis called Baal or LORD (see Jeremias 23:27). When Jesus came the rabbis were followers and defenders of their god YHWH, the tetragrammaton. Behind the crucifixion of Jesus is this Babylonian Babel tetragrammaton god.

We are now in a world-wide war concerning the name of Jesus. Millions now hate it who claim they are Christians. They claim if the Hebrew name of Jesus does not contain YHWH and backed up by the tetragrammaton, that it is false. Since they cannot get YHWH in the name of Jesus, they now want to respell the name of Jesus so it contains the tetragrammaton. In this manner, just as the rabbis replaced the name of God in over 6,000 places in the Old Testament, these now have bibles they have put out changing the name of Jesus to these tetragrammaton guess names.

How many will remain faithful to the name of Jesus Christ?

How many will accept these invented tetragrammaton guess names for Jesus?

I am fearful of many who are so fickle. Many who are so deviously deceptive, claiming they believe in the name of Jesus but also the tetragrammaton god. Many liars in the pulpits today. And while they speak in tongues, dance, shout, and scream halleluyah, they are casting down the name of Jesus Christ by the thousands.

I say, all their dancing, shouting, speaking in tongues is false. I say, they are deceptive endtime false teachers and false prophets. I say they are antichrist.

The name of Jesus Christ is the name of my King and Shepherd. Do not speak against it. You will be cursed by such stupidity. If you are friends with a tetragrammaton antichrist, why? How come you cannot come out from among them? How come many of you look for ways to attack me because I will not change to a tetragrammaton guess name?

I am so very proud of those men and women who boldly stand for the name of Jesus Christ. I am proud of those who have not taken the 666 dead end road.

Help us Jesus,

Pastor Reckart

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Help Us King Jesus

Ungodly men who crept in and turned the grace of God into lasciviousness. The half brother of Jesus said this in Jude 1.

J.H. Thayer connected the term with such things as “wanton (acts or) manners, filthy words, indecent bodily movements,” and “unchaste handling of males and females” (pp. 79-80). It is a comprehensive term for evil and perversion (Balz, p. 169). For example, it describes the moral environment of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah (2 Peter 2:7), and one hardly needs to be reminded of the shameless practices characteristic of those communities.

In those days there arose a sect of backslid Christian men who fell into Gnosticism. We know them as the Nicolatines in the book of revelation. Who were teaching the congregation and God's servants that eating things offered to idols and committing fornication (sexual immorality) was okay.  At least two churches had members of this new ungodly gnostic sect.

Why is it that more and more ungodliness is "creeping" into churches and very few preachers are saying anything? Can it be they will not say anything because their sons and daughters are part of the ungodly who have taken up lasciviousness as a way of life?  And so now since they cannot condemn them, or rather refuse to condemn them: they must now allow the congregation to match what they have allowed their sons and daughters to do?

In the last days sin will increase. The Godly will have a way of escape. Not a way of escape out of being in these sins, but a way of escape from falling into them and becoming a part of the last day ungodly generation.

Escape from this untoward generation. Escape from the ungodly. Get away from them, far away from them. Do not fellowship with them. They will drag you down to the pits of hell. They are not ashamed. They do not blush. There is no fear of God in them any more. They are proud in their sins. And they demand no one judge them.

Ungodliness is increasing. We must keep ourselves pure. We must keep on the road to heaven. No turning back. We must remain encouraged. We must keep praising Jesus our Lord. We must lift up the hands of the feeble and pray for the sick and weak. In our Jesus world of grace and mercy, we reach for the lost hating even the smell of their garments, pulling them out of the fires of hell just in time.

Help us King Jesus, help us......

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Two Tables Of Stone

Having studied the travels of Moses and the Israelite exodus, it seems very possible the route given in the back of our bibles is not correct. The traditional Sinai appears false. It is not located in Arabia. Why is this important? Because Paul says Mt. Sinai was in Arabia. He would know. Arabia would not include the land now called Sinai. So where was the true Arabia and Mt. Sinai?

It appears the true Mt. Horeb (Horeb is the original Paleo-Hebrew and Sinai is Aramaic); is a black mountain along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is called Jebel al-Lawz. You can Google it.

Many of the supporters of the Catholic church deny this location and try to invent several confusing locations. But the fact is, all of the historical locations mentioned in the Exodus is found at Jebel al-Lawz.

Here is something I want you to consider: Moses went up into the mountain to meet with God and get the Ten Commandments. He got them. It appears God took stone from Mount Horeb and wrote on the two tablets the Commandments. We normally see a single white piece of stone that has two curved tops and on these are the Ten Commandments written in what is called Hebrew. But upon investigation, the letters are not Hebrew at all they are Babylonian Aramaic. This is an impossibility. The Israelites not only did not know how to read and speak Aramaic at the time of the Exodus, they would not learn it for another 1000 years (1400BC-600BC). Why is this lie of using Aramaic on the Ten Commandments never objected to? I am the first person in modern history to object to this. I have written about this before but no one cares to take notice and agree with me. I will go another step here now.

The Ten Commandments were not written on white stone. The stone from the true mountain of Jebel al-Lawz is black. It would seem obvious to me, that if the stone on this Mount of God was black because it was on a fire and burned, then the stone for the Commandments was not white as pictured in every single image of them.

I will go another step here and say the Ten Commandments were said to be written on tablets of stone. Tablets here seems to indicate "slabs". Two separate slabs of black stone. Moses broke the original tablets of stone. He was required to make two replacements like the ones he broke. What do you think he did? He went back up to the mountain top and there got two more slabs of black stone and on them he wrote the Ten Commandments. He put these into the Ark of the Covenant. What he did with the broken set written by God that he broke we do not know.

Why is this important? It is important because it uncovers several lies that have been preached and told for many years. It is important because we should not be preaching and telling lies. If nothing more, we should at least try to get to the Truth of all matters. And this is the reason for my post today.

I would love to visit this mountain. And some day I will if it is the will of God. It will not hold any special salvation power for me, but just to be able to stand in the area where Moses talked to God would be awesome. If I am blessed to make this journey I will also visit the place where Jesus was baptized along the Jordan River. After this, I would love to visit the true Garden of Eden. But right now it is not safe for an American, a Christian, and a Jewish Israel of God person to go there.

Jesus help us all to see the truth and also stand for it.

Bishop Reckart

The Rise Of Slanderers

As we go nearer into the endtimes, there will arise more and more attacks against men of God. These will come from within and without the body of Christ. It happened against Jesus and the Apostles.

I can only imagine the destruction these caused as they tried to elevate themselves by attacking Jesus and the Apostles. Ciaphas was immediately elevated to a very strong position as head of the Sanhedrin Council. He gained honor and respect by attacking Jesus with despicable words. He stirred up hatred by use of slander. He developed his slander circle. He became more and more aggressive when no one stood against him. He surrounded himself with men who agreed with him. At last he found a way inside the circle of the 12 Apostles. And with one man on the inside, the plot to murder Jesus developed into the Passover crucifixion. It is so very interesting how men will be friends with slanderers, knowing their intent is to destroy and kill. These know they are being used to support false accusations but they remain in the slander circle. And when no one will rise against these attackers, they think themselves invincible.

The Apostles experienced the same kinds of people. Herod became an antagonist and had James captured and beheaded. Peter was arrested and put in jail. Herod was bold to make use of slander and false accusations against these good men of God. we do not know who all had their hands in the conspiracy against the Apostles, but we can be sure they were proud of themselves. One dead and another one soon to go to the chopping block. Joy was in the camp of the slanderers. They were fighting the Apostles with Jihad (holy war). And they wanted the head of Peter on a charger to parade around for public approval.

The Apostle Paul had many slander attackers. They tried to find as much fault with him they could. I find it interesting that the preacher killers today have very little to show for what they have done for the Kingdom of God. They are for the most part a band of renegade novices. Yes, I said novices. A man who is no greater than a slanderer is a novice no matter if he has been a Pastor for 40-60 years. Seasoned men of God know how to be gentle, peaceable, unto all men. They do not seek to elevate themselves by destroying the reputation and name of others. Jesus did not do this. The Apostles did not do this. And a good man of God will slip away and be silent and bear his cross. He will stand against all evil but avoid those who are vain janglers and accusers of the Brethren. The Apostle Paul had many enemies. But what he preached remains the one Gospel I seek to preach all over the world.

Why is it people today cannot discern slander? Why is it so many have no sensitivity toward the Truth? Why is it they cannot rightly divide between honorable men and men of ill conduct?

Over 16 years ago I had to walk away from some accusers. I turned my love and attention to the world and missionary work. Today, two of my accusers have died. A couple more have lost their churches. Some of them are as bitter as an unripe persimmon. Everyone of them shouted and danced for a couple years enjoying their slander against me. But I remained faithful to Jesus Christ in all doctrine and verity. Many hundreds of souls are now saved and the truth is increasing in many countries because I turned to the Gentiles. Hummmmmmmm.

As the slanderers increase, I will just do more. I will ignore them and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of their darkness. I will advise all men of God to prepare themselves for the slanderers. They are seeking out who they can betray and destroy. They are seeking out our enemies the same as Ciaphas sought out Pilate and Herod. They have one goal, one ambition, to destroy us and the work of God we are doing. This was the whole intent of the Jerusalem gang who united against Jesus and the Apostles.  This same betrayal spirit will arise more and more as we complete the final days of the endtimes.

Jesus bless us all,

Bishop Reckart

Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Truth criticism against false doctrine?

Is Truth criticism against false doctrine?

Today when a person speaks the Truth it is called criticism. Religious groups and their members use the accusation "spirit of criticism" to denounce Truth. It is a way to cast a negative attitude against the Truth. It deceives people into believing that since Truth is criticism, that Truth is more evil than the false doctrine the Truth exposes.

False Doctrine

Here is how I see it.

Truth will always expose false doctrine if it is allowed the freedom to be presented.

When Truth is presented, those in false doctrine will then criticize the Truth and claim it is wrong to speak against what another person believes.

The argument is, that a person has a right to believe what they want even if it is false doctrine. And if a person speaks the Truth to them, to challenge their false doctrine this is criticism.

Ok, in this I am a critic.

I will criticize all false doctrine by speaking the Truth. I will not allow false doctrine to accuse the Truth as being criticism as a means to punish the person speaking the Truth.

Bishop Reckart
Doing what Bishops are supposed to do

Self Forgiveness

Friday, September 12, 2014

Interesting Discoveries In The Search For The Garden Of Eden.

Millions of Blacks and many whites, including the majority of evolutionist believe the origin of man began in deep Africa. Bibles have been manufactured for Blacks showing Eden in Africa. One of the reasons for this direction of research is trying to find the black dirt God used to make Adam who they claim was not a "ruddy/redish' fleshed man but a black man.

The racism today is rather hateful among the so-called Black Hebrew movement. Even the Black Muslims who follow the racism of Elijah Mohammed, believe Adam was black and created in Africa. They have a rather large array of evidence they claim points not only to the original blackness of the human race, they claim the white man resulted from leprosy of blacks. In the Black Muslim story, a black scientist named Yakhob was messing with the DNA of sheep and he created the white man. This is embodied in their religious teachings.


If all this is true, then the creation chapters dealing with the creation of man and his being put into the garden of Eden is all lies. The rivers that are mentioned: Hiddekel, Tigris, and Euphrates would all be false. They would need to be changed to African rivers and there is not a single shred of evidence for these alleged African rivers.

Several years ago the search for the garden of Eden shifted to the area of Tabriz in northern Iran. A Jewish researcher traveled from Tehran toward the north following directions taken from an ancient scroll dating back to nearly 800-1000BC. He followed the travels of a man who was sent there by an ancient king. As he made his journey he was able to identify some of the way mark descriptions written in the scroll. He was amazed when he arrived in the mountains south of Tabriz and came over the ridge on the highway. As he descended into the valley below and going northward he discovered what he believed was the area of the garden of Eden.

Only thing is, he never could find the actual place. He only found the location of the area. With Google Earth we can now view this area and research it more closely.

We know there was a river that flowed through the garden of Eden. We also know that this river eventually was parted or was joined by two other rivers until there are three. Researchers have long concluded that Hiddekel has to be the river that came through Eden because it is the only one with "El" referring to God. The other two, Tigris and Euphrates come later on. One thing researchers have found is that these rivers are still there after all these thousands of years. And they are not in Africa.

There is a little village there named Khaje which is also spelled Khajeh. Now that is kinda shocking. Because the ancient meaning of this name is Kha=life or soul and je or jeh= we now know is in the name of Jesus and starts of the spelling of many other Old Testament names. This can be translated as meaning the soul or life given by God. Some even name their baby girls with this name Khaje and they mean by it that the spirit or soul of the daughter has been given by God. What is shocking is that Khaje is right smack dab in the middle of the area where the garden of Eden existed. Does this name continue to hold an ancient secret few know or understand? Does it point us closer to the location of the garden of Eden?

There is a river that flows past this little town and the name of it is Aji-Chay. Now remember, in those days there was no city just a paradise that was on both sides of the river just as we see in the book of Revelation. So here we have the river Aji-Chay right in the same place we find a place named Khaje. What is so interesting here is the name Aji-Chay. In the Aramaic language "chay" means life. For instance in the Aramaic as recorded by Strong at #2416 speaking of the tree of life has the Aramaic word "chay-yiym." This cannot be accidental. The river is then called the river of life. And the name Aji-Chay although the meaning hidden for centuries and thousands of years points us yet again to the location of the garden of Eden.

When I researched the location of Aji-Chay, I was shocked to find it right in the largest garden place in the whole region. Just go to Google Earth and type in Aji Chay, Iran and let it take you to the garden of Eden.

Are we getting close to the right area?

What also shocked me was the color of the mountains around there. The most beautiful red dirt eyes ever beheld. And mixed in was brilliant white dirt and even some grey/black dirt. Now would it be that God took all that dirt and made Adam and in his own DNA he held the colors of the human race of reddish, white, and black? And If God used the dirt from this area to make man, then he made him with dirt that would make all the colors of the human race right there in Adam. All of it found right there in the area of Eden.

Has the area of the garden of Eden been found? We do not know but it sure is interesting to study.

Pastor Reckart

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The battle of the gods against Jesus Christ

When they take their battle against Jesus Christ, he will destroy them with the brightness of his coming. 

The antichrist and his god YHWH will not defeat Jesus Christ. 

The battle of the gods is now gaining momentum around the world. Many are already taking the mark of this YHWH god beast system. They are deceived that they are returning to the true God of the Jews when in fact they are accepting a Babylonian idol god named Yaaveh whose name developed into the tetragrammaton YHWH.

The god of the coming antichrist is YHWH. The rabbis already say YHWH will be the god of their coming messiah. They say Jesus Christ was not their Messiah when he came and if he comes again they will kill him again to the glory of their god YHWH.

I want to express again, that Aramaic is not a Hebrew language. 

Aramaic which today is called biblical Hebrew, is a language and tongue of Syria and comes from the tower of Babel. 

The world is being deceived that the Babel language of Aramaic is now Hebrew. That is far worse a lie and deception than the trinity. Because they are substituting the true God with this Babylon false god YHWH. Scholars confess YHWH came from Babylon.

Now we have rabbis who are claiming that YHWH and Allah are the same god. 

Wake up people. Either Jesus Christ is our God, or we have a false god.

Whose side are you on? You can no longer just read and be silent. You can no longer just click like and go on your merry way. If you have no voice to raise in defense of the name of Jesus Christ, then quit claiming to be a preacher or a Christian.. 

Did you ever notice those who worship the YHWH god will not call themselves Christian? They will try to prove the name Christian is pagan. Are you being groomed by these modern satanist to deny the name of Jesus and deny the name Christ?

If you cannot defend the name of Jesus Christ against all these gods and their names: STOP BAPTIZING IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. 

The ancient false gods are having a revival right in our midst and all we can think about is music, shouting, dancing, leaping, running, having a good time in church: while millions including these shouters are being deceived. 

Shouting never saved a soul. The emotionalism of shouting last for a few minutes. But the name of Jesus Christ and its glory is eternal. Do all things in this name. Do nothing in the false god name YHWH.

Sinners now shouting among us and they have not even repented. What is going on here? 

When the devil can shout in the house of God, the man in charge of the pulpit does not have discernment. He has stopped taking authority over false lying spirits.

I am using brash words because the time demands words with the bark still on. 

The time of lullabies and working up a shout with a keyboard and a drum set is over. 

You can dance while the soul is being deceived, or preach the truth and lift up the name of Jesus Christ above all names. 

As you know, I am suffering constant attacks because of my stand. Many with me have gone back to YHWH people. They are trying to take me down one way or another, one scheme or another. The anti-tithers have assailed me with all manner of hate and hostility, But, I will not be moved. I am like a tree planted by the waters. I shall not be moved no matter who or how many wag their tongues against me. 

Many who stood with me are now perverting the Truth. Many who did agree are now accusing me of all sorts of crimes against God. What is going on here? 

It is because they want attention and they want to pervert the Truth and have it their way. Sorry, this is not Burger King. 

When I refuse to be changed to their theories, they attack me and make videos to mock me. But know one thing, I am going to stand for the Truth until I die or the world catches on fire.

Because I was standing for it before I met or knew these people. I am not ashamed of this Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

In the end Jesus will show who is that ONLY POTENTATE. Got that? You worship your false god. I will worship my Shepherd Jesus Christ. I know his name and it is not YHWH.

Jesus will bring the nations before him on judgement day and those who went after the gods, even the YHWH god, and would not that he Jesus should reign over them, he will order to be destroyed. 

Do not be among that number. 

Stop being silent. 

Stop joining my enemies. 

Stop playing patty cake baker's man with those making mocking videos. 

It is now time to decide whose side you are on. If you can be turned from the name of Jesus Christ you will surely end up in hell. 

The war of the ancient gods against Jesus Christ Lord is real. 

Where do you stand? 

Open your mouth and prove it. 

Does the devil already control your tongue while you speak in tongues?

Be a witness with your mouth. 

Lift up your voice like a trumpet.

If not now when?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The gods and their warriors coming out against God

We have entered into the time of the battle of the gods against God. This is why all the wars of those for their god.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Black Egyptian Israelites Claim The Old Testament Is completely False

There are scads of different Black Hebrew Israelites.

There are Black Hebrew Israelites who believe the Israel in the Bible were all Black people. They believe Adam was Black. That Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the twelve tribes were Black people. They believe the White Jews are all fake. These do accept the Old Testament, they just change it to a Black racist book.

Then there are the Black Hebrew Egyptian Israelites.
They believe the whole Old Testament has been perverted.
They believe Abraham was a Black Egyptian Pharaoh. They believe the garden of Eden is in Africa. They believe Isaac, Jacob, were Black Egyptian Pharaohs. They believe Moses was a Black Egyptian.
According to this theory, Abraham was not a descendant of Shem but of Ham. They claim Ham means black and Abra-ham means he was a Black man "father of Black" people. But Ham also means "hot." So the land of Ham mentioned in the Bible could simply mean the land of hot climate in referring to Egypt, not that Egypt was the land of Blacks.
According to the Black Egyptian Hebrew Israelites, the white Jews were anciently known as the Hykos, the alleged shepherd kings who ruled Israel and were driven from that country.  According to the Black Hebrew Egyptian Israelites, the white Hykos stole the history and identity of the Black Hebrew Egyptian Israelites. And they made themselves a fake bible. They claim the Moses of the white Hykos Jewish Bible was Black but the Hykos made him into a white man.
They claim that Moses never went to Mt. Horeb and got the ten commandments. They claim the real Black Moses went to the great pyramid of Giza and there made the ten commandments from ancient laws of Black Egyptians.
They claim the White Moses never made a tabernacle and put the ten commandments into it. But rather the Black Moses used a pyramid and into it he put the ten commandments he redacted from Egyptian laws.
They claim the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, are all in Egypt and cannot be found in Israel.
The entire theory is used to develop a Black Jesus who they claim is the last of the Abrahamic lineage of Pharaohs. According to them, Jesus was a rich powerful man who had his own army of hundreds.

These Black Hebrews claim the White Jews now in control of Israel are nothing but the Hykos. And they claim the Black Hebrew Egyptians must rise up and overthrow them and cast them out. These are very much anti-Jewish in regards to the present day Israel. They want them wiped out, killed, no matter how it will be done.

So, the whole Old Testament is a fake and a fraud according to them. What is interesting is that these believe the God of Abraham is the sun and moon gods. The sun god is called Yahweh and the moon god is called Adonai. They claim the Hykos fake Jews have stolen these Egyptian god names and put them into the Hykos White bible we call the Old Testament.

Wow, there are lots of destructive forces out there to lead astray and destroy.

Be wise, be smart, learn when to walk away from those who spread Black racism as the means of salvation. They hate White people, all White people because you are considered Hykos.