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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Come Out

The Catholic church was never Pergamos or Thyatira churches in Revelation 2:12-17.

Anyone who teaches this, is teaching a lie.

Why then may I ask, does the UPCI and other Oneness groups teach this lie?

Let me say this: the Holy Ghost does not enter into us so that we may bear witness to lies.

The Holy Ghost is supposed to lead and guide us into all righteousness.

Why then has organizational names such as UPCI, PAW, WPF, ACI, PAJC, COOLJC, ALJC, IMA, AWCF, IPUC, IAFCJ, PCAF, et al: become so powerful that members or each of them believe whatever their group believes is the truth?

Yet why, after over 100 years have they continued to practice Catholic holidays such as Christmas, New Years Eve, St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter?

Why then after over 100 years have they continued to follow catholic catechisms that proclaim the name of Jesus means Jehova(h) saves?

Why then after 100 years have they continued to proclaim the name Jehova(h) as the Old Testament name of God when they know this name did not exist until around 1280AD? And that it was invented from the tetragrammaton YHVH by Raymundus Martini?

Why then after 100 years are they following the lies of James Strong Lexicon that the name of Jesus is not Jesus but anciently was Joshua, Jehoshua, and Yeshua? Either Gabriel brought the name Jesus down from heaven or it came from under heaven from the Babylonian Aramaic language. Strong admits that Joshua, Jehoshua, and Yeshua are tied to the Chaldean language.

Why then after 100 years have they all chosen to follow the Catholic tradition of celebrating the Lord's Supper any time they want just at Rome observes the eucharist several times a day and every day of the year. Knowing that "as oft" does not signify at the will of human choice, .Why has New Year's Eve communion become a tradition not backed up by Scriptural warrant?

Why do they teach the lies that "breaking bread from house to house" is celebrating the Lord's Supper when they know this is a lie? This "oft" lie is used to justify Communion every day of the week, Once a week, Once a month, etc. etc.?

Why then do they teach the lie that the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is Lord Jesus Christ? And so claim to fulfill the trinity of Matthew 28:18 just convert it to Lord Jesus Christ as the three-fold name of the trinity: Lord the name of the Father; Jesus the name of the Son; and Christ the name of the Holy Ghost?

Why then are we seeing more and more trinitarian preachers in Apostolic pulpits and being accepted as joint heirs of the Kingdom of God? What happened to the requirement of Acts 2:38 and belief in the Oneness of God before a man was allowed to stand behind the sacred desk? And yet you will put a man in hell and drive him from the church if he wears facial hair. You will allow Jezebels with dangling earrings and lipstick to prophesy to God's people and you call her an Apostle?

You assemble youth by the tens of thousands to brainwash them to remain in Catholic Pentecostalism when you know it needs dismantled and torn down. And something holy and with the pure word of God preached built up just like the Apostles had,.

I know many of you are squirming. Your tea-kettle is whistling. And you are ready to pronounce me a heretic and a devil. But I am warning all of you: REPENT. Stop; this nonsense before you go so far Jesus will vomit you out.

Resign from your secret orders and depart from your cult affiliations. Some of you God will kill unless you come clean. This is not a game. It is not religious hop-scotch. You don't get to hop around on one leg and try to get to the moon and proclaim yourself a winner. It is time you go the same altar you have been calling sinners to. And there fall down and get right with God.

None of these political corporate religious organizations will save you. They have all forsaken the right way.They are all of them backslid. Come out from among.

Come out of Pentecostal Catholicism.

Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made