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Saturday, April 23, 2016

So What?

You gave up Easter bunny, eggs: SO WHAT?
You want to expose all the pagan holidays, all the idols, pick on Mary like she knowingly allowed the Catholic church to exploit her, and you want those nasty Zionist Jews to fall into the hands of ISIS and other Muslims. That would settle the score for them crucifying Jesus and the Israeli state. You want so bad to undo the words of Jesus: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."
But, you have not come to the Truth on the annual Passover day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You still practice the pagan Catholic holiday of New Year's Eve. That is when you observe your Pentecostal Catholic Mass you call Communion.
I know this makes you cringe. I know it angers you. I know your heart of animosity will lash out and back. You want a victim for your many different feelings of bitterness. It was the same way at the Cross. The High Priest, Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Herodians, Sicaria, and the temple Zealots: all had some bitterness to settle with Jesus. They would even the score and scream "away with him."
Sometimes exposing all the lies, errors, and deceptions, becomes and obsession and the love of souls and people dies. Little is obtained by witch hunting anyone who has even one tiny little different religious belief or practice. But, they must die. They must suffer. They must be destroyed. Their reputation must be tarnished. Everything they have accomplished must be destroyed.
So that you can be exalted.
I know, I got it all wrong. Right?
I do not see in many of you the conduct of the Apostles in whom you trust but do not follow their example.
You call yourself Apostolic. But are you really?
Go back to square one.
Go back to Passover night and get a revelation.
Get an inspiration that will change an ear chopper into a mighty man of valor.
Yep, you have no idea what you are doing. And you have even a lessor idea of what you could become.
Just saying......
Pastor Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made

Friday, April 22, 2016

Passover of Jesus Christ 2016

In five (5) hours Passover begins in Jerusalem. It will be approximately 8pm Jerusalem time. The twenty four (24) hour day of Passover begins. As the world turns, each hour afterward, for 24 hours, Passover will be observed at sundown.
Jesus observed three Passovers after his Messieh ministry began. The first two were exactly like the Passover of the Jews. He had observed this Passover from his early childhood. Each year, the Joseph and Mary family observed Passover according to the commandment.
But on the third and final Passover to be observed in the life of Christ after he began his ministry: there would be a change.
The God of the Passover was here upon the earth in human form. Yes, Jesus was the God of the Passover. And being this God, he changed the Passover to bring revelation to the true Passover Lamb. You see, the old Passover elements were only a type and a shadow of something future and real. And when that which was celebrated in type was come to reality: the type and shadow would fade away and be replaced.
The third and last Passover of Jesus is often called the Last Supper. Why, because he ate no more of the earth before his death. His last earthly meal was the unleavened bread with wine. He would eat no more with the disciples until he ate new with them in the Kingdom of God. He did not eat again with them until after his resurrection.
For we who understand the real meaning of the Passover of Jesus Christ, we know one thing: there must be a time when we do not partake of the world any more and we live inside the Kingdom of God. The unleavened bread is a symbol not only of the 33 1/2 years of the sinless life of Christ, but it means to us that we are to make a bold confession when eating it, that we give up all that is sin or we know to be sin. If afterward we learn something is sin, we obligate ourselves to depart from it and abstain from the practice thereof.
The early first Church observed this annual celebration on the same night Jesus instituted it. Paul taught it to the Corinthians. The early first Jewish Christians observed the Lord's supper each Passover evening when the other Jews celebrated the old Passover. These who prepared the Lord's Supper at the same time as the Jews were called Quartodecimans (14th people). Meaning they prepared the Lord's Supper on the 14th of Abib and ate it that night after sundown. When the Jews celebrated the type and shadow the Christians celebrated the flesh and blood of the true Passover Lamb of God.
It was at the Council of Nicaea that the Catholic church changed the Passover into the daily and "oft" Mass ritual. They substituted Easter for the Passover. Ok, I know many of you have refused to observe Easter but you have still refused to accept the Passover of Jesus Christ. So what is your glory? That you are smart enough not to accept rabbits and colored eggs, but not smart enough to go back and embrace the true annual Passover of Jesus Christ.
I know, following the Catholic tradition you will accept the Communion anytime a pastor has a whim to do so. You really love Pope Gregory's New Year's Eve night. Wow, you can pretend to close out your old book and start a new one. Wow, you can make a vow to stop some sins and dedicate yourself to a better holiness life. And if you are challenged about mixing the Communion with a pagan holiday you scorn the person who questions your man-made tradition. Yea, you slander them as nuts, crack-pots, radical self-centered egomaniacs. All because your understand of "oft" means anytime but the right night.
Yes, the Pentecostal Catholics are easily identified by their false interpretation of "oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me" (1Cor 15:25). To justify this anytime but the correct time you say "oft" means any time you want. In this unreasonable and false interpretation, "oft" is ignored to be an annual date. But let me ask you three questions:
1) how oft do you celebrate your birthday?
2) how oft do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?
3) how oft do yo celebrate your New Year's Eve book close-out ritual?
Obviously, you will self admit "oft" can mean one annual day. You do not use "oft" to celebrate your birthday any day but the correct day.
Point made!
Passover comes to America on the East coast at 8pm sundown. In Jerusalem it will be about 7 hours after Passover day began. When we celebrate this evening at 8pm it will be 3am in the morning in Jerusalem. This will be the approximate time Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane praying with great drops of sweat like as blood. I am not ashamed to do this. I am not a Pentecostal Catholic and will ignore this very special night of the year. Yes, I observe days, months, and times. So do all of you, but you do it for your own self and your oft other pagan days.
I write this today to provoke. Yes, to push you into a Catholic corner. And I am not ashamed to tell you that your paganism is not yet totally given up. When you celebrate the Passover of Jesus Christ you can eat no more with the world on its festival days but come on into the Kingdom of God where Jesus watches us observe his Last Supper on the very evening he gave it for his memorial.
Do those of you who have come to this annual day of joy and love toward our Prince of Peace, may Jesus be present with you in the bread, wine, and foot washing.
Pastor Reckart

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

God of the Passover

The God of the Passover is more important then the Passover.
God instructed the Passover to be an exemption from the death angel.
The lamb, the blood, staying behind the blood marked doorway until the signal to leave and join the other escapees, was all God's salvation plan.
Your pastor does not have the revelation of the Passover and that is why he is a Pentecostal Catholic. Why you are also.
Lord's Supper any time but the right time.
What do you really know about Jesus, the God of his own Passover?
Are you a Pentecostal Catholic?
Dare to celebrate his Passover Friday after sundown. If not, indeed, you remain a Pentecostal Catholic.
Pastor Reckart

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Churches with a whip.

Have the Pentecostal people become institutionalized by the effects of the large mega churches?
Is it possible these will never grow any more spiritually than the institution church allows? Once they are institutionalized, they become brainwashed there is no life or chance to go to heaven unless they stay in that particular church.
Then, to make them even stronger institutionalized, the pastor tells them if they leave the compound they can never be saved. He tells them there are only two ways out of the church. Either die out or backslide out. And if they leave seeking more spiritually or truth they are ostracized by the pastor. He tells other members to shun them or have nothing to do with them because they are not subject to leadership or authority.
There it is, the whip. How to keep those hungry in the compound and place over them this evil accusation when all these souls want is a closer walk with God in Truth.
Organized religion with its massive psychological power with each pastor using the whip, once a person has come into the compound they can never leave.
The fearful never depart, those who have no vision never see, and only the brave are here.
Pastor Reckart

Monday, April 11, 2016

Correcting anti-Jewish beliefs

Email to a man who claims the Palestinians have as much right to the land of Israel as the Jews. He claims the Palestinians mostly have the same DNA pool as the Jews. And this makes them have a right to the land. He considers the Jewish state illegal. He believes the Jews should give up the land to all who share DNA gene pool genes. Here is my response.
I am not sure you understand anything I have written.
I have written that Abraham was originally of the Syrian race stock. 400 years later at the time of the Exodus, many Jews had married into the Hamitic race. This produced the “mixed multitude” which I gave you the Aramaic for “mixed” which is “ARAB.”
I mentioned that Ishmael was of the Syrian seed of Abraham but was also half Hamitic. Therefore, any Arabs descended from him may have some same DNA as Abraham and the Israelites.
In fact, if you have read what I have written on the 12 tribes, I have said that all the sons of Jacob married Canaanite women and all the tribes from the wombs of these non-Hebrew females. So, I do not disagree with the premise that there was a mixture of Hebrew and Canaanite DNA or bloodlines. But I do want to make it clear, as you pointed out: a Jew is considered Jewish by religion and by birth from a Jewish mother. This seems to be the development arising out of the ordinances and laws of Moses not to intermingle with the women and men of other nations.
There is still the fact of religion and no Arab (mixed descendents) or the other Canaanites, had any relationship or representations of the Israelites when it relates to the ministry of the Levites and the sons of Aaron. They had no right to any benefits of the many Sacrifices, Atonement, Passover, or Sabbaths. They were counted as heathens and the uncircumcised.
While your efforts to tie them all up as joint members of the DNA gene pool, it goes no further than that. It does not automatically include any of them in the Abrahamic covenant or promise. And it does not include any of them in the inheritance of the land. The land grant given to Abraham and to his seed was through Isaac. That fact is settled. I do not know of any text where that land grant has been canceled, terminated, abridged, or destroyed.
For me, I believe the true New Testament Church is the Israel of God and includes people from all nations who are born into it or converted to it. And to this it seems you agree.
I am not sure what the purpose is for you to push the Palestinian thing. If it is because you are anti-Jewish thinking they have no more right to claim the land then the Palestinians because they share some DNA, then I think you need to re-adjust your biblical perspective. In the OT it is clear that foreigners can live in the land, but it is also clear they CANNOT OWN any of the land. The land was to remain among the 12 tribes and the heirs thereof. No where was any of it to become available to non Jewish, non Hebrew people.
As for the broken off branches, this refers not to the land grant or even Abraham promises, but rather to the rights to come into and enjoy the fatness of the olive tree. Which tree is the Church.
Jesus bless you more and more,
Pastor Reckart