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Monday, July 4, 2011


For nearly 20 years I have publicly stated that YHWH and the guess name Yahweh do not represent the true God of the Bible.

It was when I got a book called "Morals And Dogmas" written by Albert Pike that I was first introduced to the tetragrammation mystery. Before this, I was like all other deceived people and believed the tetragrammaton was the sacred name of God. I accepted the claims by Pike, Jewish, Catholic, Pagan, and other scholars that YHWH was the sacred name of the God of the Jews. This led me to accept the guess names Jehovah and Yahweh that were created by Catholic monks. Like others before me I also connected "Yah" to the first YH letters of the tetragrammaton. And this led me to believe that saying "halleluyah" or "hallelujah" was a praise to the highest God whose name was YHWH. It also allowed me to understand LORD (all in caps) in the King James Bible to stand for the sacred YHWH tetragrammaton name. But I had been deceived.

My journey away from YHWH and the tetragrammaton began in Lawrence, Texas around 1980. The Pike book gave me the Aramaic letters. In my zeal to want to praise the highest name of God, a name I was told was greater than the name of Jesus, I personally painted the YHWH in Aramaic letters on the wall behind my pulpit. They were about 12 inches in height. I painted them in gold, outlined in black, believing the name of God should reflect great value.

At this time our Church was attempting to obtain a mortgage from a local bank and the banker called that he wanted to come by and inspect the property before approval. He arrived and walked through the building and then entered the sanctuary.  He walked toward the front and then stopped. He looked up at the tetragrammaton and ask, "what is that doing there?"  I told him it was the sacred name of God. He looked at me with a look I shall never forget and said: "THAT IS NOT THE NAME OF GOD, IT IS THE NAME OF A FALSE GOD."  He then turned and completed his inspection and departed back to the bank.  We did receive the mortgage.

I was troubled by what he said. I went back to the books I had. They all praised YHWH as the sacred name of the God of the Jews. I could not shake the banker's words. What did he know I did not know? He was a well educated man having been educated in banking at Cornell University.  I do not know his source of information but I can say this, God put that man in my pathway at a time I was about to be deceived and would have in my estimation became a blasphemer against the name of Jesus, like all other YHWH people do.

I had to expand my research. In the mean time, feeling great conviction in my heart that something was bad wrong, I took paint and painted over the tetragrammaton. If this was not the true name of God I was not going to give it a place of esteem and honor in a Temple dedicated to the name of Jesus.

Worship Of Yahweh
I then began to search for the archaeological evidence of YHWH and the Yahweh god. I went to the library and spent hours and days pulling books off the shelves. I went to the index and looked up Yahweh and Jehovah. I checked all the page references. Little by little I was able to find information that showed me Yahweh and Jehovah were not true names of God. I learned these names were invented by Catholic monks. I then discovered the lies of the scholars, even Jewish ones, who claimed the vowel marks placed with YHWH was the sacred work of holy scribes and rabbis which did not exist in prior centuries. And these men were giving the pronunciation of the tetragrammation as they knew it within their secret Kabbalistic traditions. My search turned to Jewish witchcraft. I found Charles Ponce's book on Kabbalah. This led to discovery of Gershom Scholem's book on Kabbalah. Then back to Freemasonry and Scottish Rite degrees where YHWH was highly honored and worshipped. I returned to the Jews and their claims YHWH was so holy no one could pronounce it and so they substituted "Adonai" or LORD in its place to keep from profaning the sacred name of God. Along the way I found Exodus 32:5 and the golden calf called LORD and in Hebrew this means Yahweh. Then I found Exodus 23:13 that it was the names of pagan idol gods the Israelites were not to mention or speak. And these long ago reprobate Jews were putting the name of God on the same level as that of false gods? Something did not add up. It did not take me long to see the lies and the distortions by Jews.

And when I read that there is proof the entire Old Testament may have been rewritten about 562BC in Babylon I was shocked.  The reason for this suspicion is found in 2Kings 25:17. How could this verse be written except in the area of Babylon and during the time of Evil-Merodach? And the whole of the books of Kings were written it appears by the same person.  Evil-Merodach has been established to have lived 562-560BC.

Someone who wrote 2Kings was in Babylon and was re-writing the history. We have no accounts or records that when the Jews or Israelites were carried away captive they were allowed to take scrolls and other writings with them. We know from Psalms 68:29 the whole chapter and perhaps all of Psalms was re-written in Babylon long after the Temple was built and then destroyed. Why reference to the Temple and at a distance in Jerusalem? And in this chapter Jah or Yah is worshipped as the god of Jerusalem. Who was the god placed in the Temple before God evicted them for idolatry? It was Baal and Baal was the moon god YHWH.

There is no record of any contact from Babylon back to Israel with anyone who might have possession of scrolls or other historical writings. What is happening in Babylon is a re-writing of the history of Israel from what appears to be the collective memory of several different men (perhaps idolatrous priests that got Israel in trouble with God and caused the captivity). This being possible, and scholars admit it is, then there can be only a small Hebrew Bible in existence prior to 562BC. No one ever knew a collection of Scriptures before this among the Jews. There is no evidence of any collection of books like we presently have in the Old Testament.  It appears there was no collection of these books until around 300BC when they were all re-written and translated from all former tongues into Aramaic which became referred to as Hebrew. At which time the first Jewish Hebrew Bible was created. Then in 280BC this re-written history and Bible was translated into Greek as the Septuagint.  The existence of this new Bible come down to Egypt must be the cause of its translation into Greek. It is this new Bible in Aramaic that is the basis of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls would be just another collection of perverted and re-written Scriptures when it comes to the name of God and use of YHWH. The only reason many run to the Dead Sea Scrolls is to validate YHWH as some ancient proof the Jews worship a Yahweh god. But in doing this they admit the god of these Jews who re-wrote the Bible were Baal moon god worshippers. Running to the Dead Sea Scrolls does not save them from idolatry.

For the record, there never was anything such as a Hebrew tongue or language. There never was any such thing as a Hebrew Alphabet. This is another of the made-up lies. When Israel departed from Egypt they used the Egyptian hieroglyphics. There is evidence these were perhaps altered by the Israelites into the Proto-Sinai Script. And then about 400 years later in 1000BC the Israelites adopted the Phoenician language when they were conquered. In a study of the Bible we can see the Israelites speaking the same language as the Phoenician Philistines. The Phoenician language was never Hebrew except by adoption and use. The same as Aramaic. While it may be a Semitic language it cannot be called Hebrew except by Adoption. Any such claim that Hebrew is a sacred language is false and a fraud.  I had to realize this and overcome worship of the Jews thinking they had the one and true heavenly language. When I did, all the Kabbalistic mysticism was seen for what it is, black witchcraft. And this includes YHWH and its uses. Anyone can do the research and find YHWH is connected to black witchcraft and the Tarot cards.

Understand here, that the Ten Commandments and the Book of the Law is not Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, or Numbers. The Book of Deuteronomy appears to be the Book of the Law. We believe Moses wrote the other books but we are not sure. We know there is internal evidence that he could not have written parts of these books. All the way up to the Babylonian captivity there are no Bibles in existence of collected books which we could call the Old Testament Bible.

There is now evidence that "iah" was added to many names during the creation of this Hebrew Bible. This looks like an attempt to make it appear these men were worshippers of the god "Yah." Or, make it appear they accepted a god named "Yah." There is no truth to this because to do so would mean they accepted the Asherah goddes of this Yah god. And we know this was not true. If you want to know the names of these men drop the "iah" at the end of their names and you will then see their true and correct names.

There is also evidence that the phrase "LORD God" was a descriptive name of the YHWH god. In over 5,000 places YHWH was interpolated into the Scriptures and placed before the name "God" to make God to be YHWH.  When we discover that YHWH is not the true God of Israel, we can see that by saying YHWH God, it was an attempt to make this false god into and replace the true God of Israel.

This means, YHWH was put into what became the Hebrew Bible from about 562BC to 280BC. Some think that because YHWH can be found in ancient artifacts and in some Bible manuscripts that this makes it sacred and holy. This is false. Many scholars take YHWH found in pagan temples and claim these temples were Israelite. This is false. From the time Moses made the Tabernacle at Mount Horeb until it was in Shiloh and then in Jerusalem in Solomon's Temple, there WAS NO TEMPLE OF GOD IN ISRAEL. Making all these pagan temples to be Israelite because YHWH was found in them, or that these temples were called the house of God, and this makes them the Israelite house of God or the God of the Jews IS FALSE! I said so.

Placing YHWH in any Bible does not make it sacred or holy any more than placing Jehovah that was invented by a Catholic monk in the Bible makes this Bible holy.  Jews can put YHWH in all their Bibles and this does not make those Bibles sacred or holy. In fact it proves such Bibles are a fraud.

The Timna valley was formerly known as wadi Mene'iyeh, could Arabic -iyeh preserve the Hebrew eyheh, in  Exodus 3:14, Ehyeh aser Ehyeh (eh=I+yeh), "I Am that I AM", "...tell them Ehyeh has sent you."?

There can be no reconciliation between Yah and Yeh, and Yahweh and Ehyeh.

Hallelujah will always be a praise to the moon god no matter how many men or women keep yelling this word up toward God.

YHWH is not the name of God.

Any Bible that contains YHWH has fraud within it.

Any Bible that has Yahweh in it is fraud.

Pastor Reckart
A Man God Made

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