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Thursday, July 21, 2011

PISO Abelard Reuchlin Novel Jesus Conspiracy

Many years ago a radio talk-show host on WFLA in Tampa, Florida had on a rabbi named Abelard Reuchlin. He was a guest who was touting his new revelation about the Piso conspiracy. His pamphlet was "The True Authorship of The New Testament" (allegedly written in 1979 which is a fictitious date).  At that time in 1998 he said it was a new revelation he had and was then published for the first time. I believe he said it had only 17 pages. He has since 1998 apparently spent thousands of hours inventing new code lines and has written more than one sequel to his novel. He continues to enhance his fraudulent concoctions with more confused bipolar fantasy.

If you read his crazy novel and code theory, there is no doubt he has used drugs and has had hallucinations. His book is actually written in code and does not mean on the surface what it says. Those who take what he says on the surface and do not crack his code are fools. His whole Piso story must be solved using a sophisticated skip code known as the Bible Code method. His ramblings follow the pattern of someone psychotic and who has dementia. He is like the "son of Sam" whose dog told him to kill people. I am surprised no one in the world took him to task. But here I am on the cutting edge brought to this day by circumstances of the past associated with the Passover of Jesus.

We now know that "Abelard Reuchlin" is not the true name of the person who wrote this fraudulent pamphlet. The name of the person/Jew who wrote it is held secret because he does not want to have to give an answer or account to Christians. He cannot be called up in public debate to defend his lies, produce his facts, or reveal the code. So this Jew acts in the role of a Pharisee Iscarri. He like other Iscarri of Jesus day uses lies, blackmail, the dagger, and false accusations to destroy and or at last kill the victim.

I called in to the show. I ask Mr. Reuchlin if he is the one who discovered this conspiracy? He replied other Jews had told him about it but he is the one who figured it all out and wrote the code. He claims to have discovered the code named players within the Piso family who actually wrote the Septuagint and the different New Testament books. He was not a good speaker. He was confusing with his reference to Bible code, Piso code, Seneca Code, Pliny code, Reuchlin code, Davinci code, Greek codes, Jewish codes: codes, codes, codes. He had heads spinning with all this code talk. He used a method of backward masking changing names, reverse adapting of events in Jerusalem and Israel with events in Rome and Italy, and then a method known as event splitting where all the facts are separated, rearranged, and reconstructed. What results is a novel where none of the names used are authentic and names and places are changed to protect the writer.

I ask him if anyone else before had known about and written anything about all of this? I ask if he documented who and what books or writings we could find his claims in. He replied that only among the Jews was this known and they held these things a tight secret.

Here is what the special skip code revealed:

"We Jews and Church Leaders have known since the beginning of Christianity that it was synthesized by the Roman Piso family for the purpose of maintaining control over the masses and to placate slaves. And, this is why we Jews are the "Chosen People" and why we have endured so much for so many years; we are witnesses to the lie. Our ancestors wrote what they could about this in our texts."

"Originally, this explanation was designed solely for Jews -- for the purpose of preventing their conversion to Christianity. It was not intended for Christians nor other non-Jews. No exclusivism was intended; rather, concern for the faith of others. The purpose of this booklet was to inform Jewish-Christians and Jewish-Jews of the true account of the creation of Christianity."

He never said it was the truth. He confessed it was his own "explanation" novel, a thesis, which contained no quotes of sources for his theory. Its purpose was not to publish something true, but to write something to scare Jews from converting to Jesus. He admits that the fantasy thesis he concocted in 1998 was all his own imagination on how Jesus and the New Testament came about. He expanded this fantasy novel to include the Seputagint.  He took a wrecking ball to the Jewish Bible as well as the New Testament. After he destroys the Jewish Bible Torah scrolls he then claims the Jews are the chosen people. How is this proven except by the Bible he has destroyed and called a fraud? Loose cannon? No, an insane rocker with the hate Jesus disease.

It was obvious to me that Mr. Reuchlin, who is Jewish, was willing to fabricate astonishing lies to turn Jews and Gentiles away from Jesus and the New Testament. He knows he created a great fraud himself in his masterful antichrist story. Anyone can read his tripe and see he is a bitter Jesus hater. What makes him so acceptable to many is his manner of putting information as if they are facts when his whole story is nothing but a coded novel. People are suckered into his lies. SUCKERS, SUCKERS, SUCKERS, is what he calls them.

Why is the Piso conspiracy so dangerous? Because it is now being passed off as fact on Wikipedia and other web sites and the name "Abelard Reuchlin" as the originator in 1998 is not mentioned at all. They do not report it as a coded novel. No reference it is the theory of one man. They make it appear as centuries old documented facts. They also make it appear the Catholic church knew the story and the code and covered all this up.

This mess is no older than 1998 and that is when Mr. Reuchlin put the Piso novel into existence. He can claim Jews knew all about this for ages, but he is lying. This is not mentioned in any of the Christ hating books Jews have written such as the Toldoth Jesu. The antichrist Talmud in many of its different references to Jesus never mention this dementia. Jews over the centuries who have wanted to destroy Christianity would not have kept this a secret. No one who debated the Jews ever mention them throwing up the Piso accusation. Trypho the Jew and Celsius used all their ammunition to attack and destroy Christ. Neither used the Piso story. And to think Jews who are antichrist would at last authorized the Piso novel and hide behind a pseudonym, is cowardness at best. And to release this secret in a 17 page pamphlet in 1998 and then it be written in a secret code for Jews only is not literary scholarship.

Mr. Reuchlin shows us that when a man is bent on trying to destroy Christ, the New Testament, and Christians, no lie is to big.  Apparently he forgot the Commandment: "THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS."  Now he knows his Piso dementia is lies and his lies will cause him to go to hell. But he will lie and sacrifice himself to save all Jews. And this man mocks Jesus who was sacrificed by his ancestors?

I warn everyone that Mr. Reuchlin is an antichrist by every identity of what an antichrist is in the books of the Apostle John.

What is also shocking is how many Jews who know he is a liar will still make use of his lies in their continued hate of Jesus and the New Testament. This kind of bigotry and Christ hate will not make Christians love those Jews who perpetuate this lie.  It will inflame them.

Those Christians who believe his lies and recant Jesus as the Messieh will be damned. Those who believe his lies and spread them will be damned. The Piso conspiracy as concocted by Mr. Reuchlin is a joke.  He never gives his credentials. He never gives his history. He never gives anything that proves he has a history of honesty. He does not because he is a complete fraud.

What got me on this today?

Yesterday I spoke with a woman whom I have known now for about  eight years. She and her husband once attended a UPC church in Austin, Texas. The husband was a minister. They were excited to learn of Post-Trib, the Israel of God, the Passover of Jesus, and Jesus name above all names. They attended two Passovers with us. They were a very humble and devoted couple. About three years ago they stopped communications. No response to emails. Dead silence. I knew something was wrong. Well, yesterday I found out why.

They were excited about the Church being the Israel of God. And they were also excited about observing the Passover of Christ. The UPC did not do this on Passover. They were confessed believers in Jesus as the Messieh and that the Apostolic Church was the true Messianic Kingdom of God. They got it.  But, something horrible happened.

On their own, without Pastorial leadership, they decided that if we observed the Passover of Christ, how come we did not observe all the other feast days. And how come we did not observe the Sabbath? And how come we were not law keepers?  They, like many, think that observing the Lord's Supper on the Jewish Passover somehow is law-keeping. The observance of the Lord's Supper on the Jewish Passover is not law-keeping. It is New Testament KEEPING. The same with observance of the day of Pentecost. We are not observing this as a feast day of the law. We observe it as a New Testament day on which the Holy Ghost was poured out. NEVER, NEVER, have I or those associated with me, EVER said our Passover and our Pentecost, was in keeping Old Testament feast days. It is the novices who have perverted this, caused discord and dissension, and started this confusion and falsehood. Many use this confusion in their minds to go back completely under the law. This is stupidity. They associate New Testament Messianic with Old Testament law-keeping and nothing could be farther from the Truth. They get this falsehood from trinitarian law-keeping Messianics and Jewish Messianics who are also Talmudist and Kabbalist. I can tell you, New Testament Messianic is not law-keeping, Talmudic, or Kabbalistic. Paul deals with law-keepers in the book of Galatians.  Anyone who uses the New Testament Passover and New Testament Messianic to go back under the law is a fool. Yes, I said fool. Paul called the Galatians "foolish Galatians" and he did not sin (Gal 3:1). Anyone who thinks law-keeping adds to their salvation purchased by Jesus on Calvary is a FOOL!

Well what happened? They became fools. Prior to their becoming Galatian fools, they were very happy about Acts 2:38 salvation and the Messianic identity of the Apostles and the early Church. But law-keeping kept troubling them. They became unhappy with faith in Jesus alone and following the New Testament. They decided to meet with an African Jewish group there in Mississippi. They were "checking things out." But what they did not object to off the bat was these law-keeping African Israelites rejected Jesus and the New Testament completely. This couple was not in ignorance or darkness. They have all my studies. They knew the Truth on Black Hebrewism and law-keeping. I had discussions with them about the Rastas. They know my stand on the Black Hebrew Israelite theory. But they wanted to trod where Pastor Reckart would not go. They wanted to become MORE Old Testament Jewish in faith and I did not offer them that. I in fact was opposed to law-keeping and going back under the Old Testament and they knew it. But, I was a white man and could never be a Black Hebrew Israelite much more a law-keeper. Being Black they had advantage by going back under law-keeping. I was White and not expected to share their excitement about African Jewishness. They being Black, were led to believe they were coming back to the ancient religion of their ancestors whom they were deceived to believe were Black Jews. They wanted to pride themselves in going all the way Jewish and to them this was racism Jewish. Over a period of a couple months they converted to this new faith of Black law-keeping Jewishness.

I ask her pointedly: Have you denied Jesus is the Messieh? She answered yes.
I ask her: Have you now rejected the baptism of the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues?  She answered yes.
I ask her: So you reject Calvary? She answered yes. And then added this reply: "no one can prove there ever was a Jesus. No one can prove Jesus ever died on the cross. No one can prove anything in the New Testament ever happened."
I ask her: who told you this? She answered: "We learned about the Piso family who invented Jesus and created the whole New Testament because they hated Jews. They wanted to create a new Jewish religion that would cause people to hate Jews. When we learned about the Piso family and how they created the false story of Jesus, we were convinced the only way we could be saved is turn back to the Jews. It was the Black Hebrew Jews who showed us the way."
I told her, so, you have bought all the Pharisee lies. They are not lies she responded.
I ask her: so what is the name of your God? She answered: the name of my God is "YAH." She gave that familiar guttural "halleluyah."

I told her YAH was the Egyptian moon god and she got a little angry.  I said, so, you are a Yahweh now. No, she replied God's name is not Yahweh it is Yah.
I then told her she was damned. She and her husband were forever lost. They had recanted and denied the Name of Jesus, Calvary and the resurrection, the shed blood for the remission of sins, and had given up the Holy Ghost. I quoted Hebrews 6:4-6. But she rejected this as coming from the New Testament all of which she said was fake.

I told her she was an antichrist now and she said she didn't care because there never was a Christ. I told her I was so sad about what they had done. That I would never again talk with them for the rest of my life.

This was a couple I spent many hours in Bible study with. I would have never dreamed that Black racism would rise to win out over Jesus. And I never dreamed people would put race before Truth. I was not informed that Jews were recruiting Blacks and assisting in their new identity as African Israelites. Among these I am a white man and Jesus believer and not qualified to be among the African Israelites. They exclude me from salvation based on the color of my skin and because I could never become a Black Hebrew Israelite. This goes over the top.

The Piso fraud has at least claimed two souls. But the Jews are happy about this. This is their plan. Abelard Reuchlin's plot to get millions to recant Jesus is working. Many do not know his theory is just a novel. It was created in his mind as he had one of his Jesus hate episodes. There is a secondary plot here: he does not want anyone to believe Jesus was the Messieh who fulfilled Daniel 9:24-27. Reuchlin and his Jews cannot trot out a Messieh to fulfill this prophecy so he created a novel to make it appear Jesus did not exist either. They do not have a Messieh who fulfilled it and they do not want Jesus to be the one who fulfilled it. So the prophecy is blank, unfulfilled, dead, expired, and the angel Gabriel lied. Since the time has expired there will NEVER come a Messieh and fulfill Daniel 9:24-27. For Israel and the world there is no hope. No Messieh is coming. All there is, is the end of the world where all the Jews and Gentiles who do not keep the Law and worship YAH and YHWH are damned and will go to hell and burn forever.  This is one of the fears worked against the mind of the above couple. If Jesus was not the Messieh, then all that is left is Pharisee Judaism which now has a new modern name "Orthodox, or the Hasidim."

Some of you have no clue the battle I am fighting for Jesus. You have no clue how long I have been in this battle. And you have no clue how many antichrist attacked me and I have stood up against over the years. All some of you can think about is your own pride, your own scheme, and your own false revelations. You thrive on a great desire to destroy me. Some of you wish I would die. You cannot stand for a white man to speak the Truth.

I want to thank all my Black Brothers and Sisters who are not prejudice. Who have the true love of God.  I also want to show my appreciation to those ministers who are helping me stand up in this hour and proclaim the Truth. Some of you can disagree with me on some issues. But you should lay aside your disagreements and come join the battle. You may in time discover I am right. You will never do anything great for God standing out there in the shadows taking pop-shots at me. And you will never amount to anything under a pastor and ministers who do not have the courage to stand up and speak the Truth with me.

I remind all of you: law-keeping, all the YAH gods, saying halleluyah, and rejecting the Truth will cost you your souls. You cannot stand back and watch as the nations go to hell and many souls are deceived and you do nothing. You will pay. There will be blood on your hands. You will lose your mind to deception and your soul. Your families will fall apart and end up lost.

It is time to take a stand in unity to lift up the name of JESUS above all other names. If we cannot unite on this we will never unite on other less important doctrines.

If any assessment herein is wrong; if there is anything herein that is conjecture or borderline misrepresentation; Mr. Reuchlin is to blame because his delusion was hard to decipher, and his code was most difficult to explain. His novel is a great fantasy story that competes with Goldilocks or Snow White. Anyone who believes the Piso fantasy should also consider believing in the tooth fairy. Any parody herein was with honest intent at discovering the code behind Mr. Reuchlin's novel. If the writer of this diatribe is still living, maybe he can add credibility by giving his true name and a little history of his Jewish hatred against Jesus and Christianity. If he comes out of the closet and will be interviewed in person, any errors herein are subject to correction. In the mean time, let the novel be known as the fantasy of Abelard Iscariot.

Bishop Reckart
A JESUS man, God Made

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  1. I will only comment on the first part of your article. I am Black and a family member of mine has also turned away from Christianity and substantiates their claims based on the PISO theory. They, however are not Hebrew Israelites, but (as far as I understand) believe in some Egyptian religion??? The point is, it doesn't matter what they choose to believe in. The devil just wants to take their eyes off the only One who can redeem. With just one simple hour of "research" they too could find out it is a hoax. Because African-Americans were taken from history and oppressed it is easier to believe "truth" from another "enlightened" Black. Not saying it's right but it is a reality in the Black community. That's why we are admonished to "study to show thyself approved..." And we will not be swayed with every wind of doctrine. :(


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