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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Evidence Against YHWH Yahweh

The shocking discoveries continue to be made that YHWH Yahweh is a false god.  (side note for anonymous: even if you try to make YHWH into IEUE, you still have a pagan god with an Asherah wife. All you are doing is changing the pronunciation from Yahweh to Ieue and it gets you no where). What you are doing is adding another layer of perversion on top of YHWH.

One of the facts that cannot be refuted, is that YHWH Yahweh is a god who has a consort, a wife. You can Google this and there is tons of information.  Just Google Yahweh consort Asherah. It now appears when the Jews re-wrote the Bible in Babylon, they associated this Asherah to Ashtoreth and this helps confuse the ancient consort of YHWH having allegedly come from Syria and not Egypt. The spelling was changed to hide that Asherah was the wife of YHWH Yahweh. Now they can make Asherah the wife of Baal and attempt to make it appear their YHWH Yahweh is not Baal and had no wife. Very slick and tricky. Once we make the discovery that Asherah is the original moon goddess wife of moon god YHWH Yahweh, it is easy then to see that YHWH was the Baal mentioned throughout the Old Testament.  Baal he is lord, he is YHWH, he is Jehovah. When you look up halleluyah they will tell you it means praise Jehovah or praise Yah. What they do not tell you is that Jehovah is Baal and Yah is Baal. YHWH Jehovah is the true Yah moon god and his Asherah wife is also now part of the moon god pantheon. I am demanding all you Apostolic people to stop saying "halleluyah" right now. I prophesy that if you do not after you have been shown the truth, you will not be saved. And you cannot worship the name of Jesus above all names when you hold on to pagan names and praises of idolatry.

God is one. The God of Israel has no wife. He has no consort. There is no goddess. He was not the moon god. He was not Osiris YHWH. He had no temple until Solomon built one for him (2 Sam 7:6). The God of Israel dwelt in a tent tabernacle. No one built a temple of hewn stones for the true God before Solomon. All temples between Mount Horeb and Mount Moriah are pagan houses of false gods in high places and under green trees (2Kings 17:10). This includes alleged altars or temples on Mount Nebo and at Arad. When YHWH is found in these pagan Canaanite temples it is proof YHWH is an idol god. YHWH was a Canaanite god developed from Egyptian gods. If this YHWH god is the one Israel presently claims is their God, then they have no God. And they will not have a God until they stop this centuries old idolatry. They worship they know not what. They worship the same "Jabe" (Yahve) god as the Samaritans.

A bold shocking discovery here awaits our attention:  "see that ye make it according to the pattern I showed you in the mount."  Any Temple or House of God that did not have the exact elements, made of the exact substances, and placed in accordance with the pattern, is not a Temple of God. This one test will expose all the pagan Canaanite temples so many try to make temples of the true God of Israel.

And for a final shocking Bishop Reckart declaration: THERE WAS NO GOD IN THE HOLY OF HOLIES BUT THE ONE TRUE GOD. God did not have an Asherah wife and use the holy of holies as his bedroom, like those so-called holy of holy places of pagan Baal YHWH shrines and temples. In the true Temple of God, there is no altar made of stones upon which an idol of the Asherah of YHWH stood. So stop sending me pictures of Canaanite temples where YHWH was found and the altar is made of stones and dirt and in the middle a stone upon which the idol stood whose arms collected child sacrifices. These are altars of sacrifice alright, but not altars of God where atonement and forgiveness of sins was sought.

Here is where the can of YHWH worms comes open.

Take a look at 2Kings 23:7--"And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the grove." 

It is here we see that grove is "Asherah" (Strong's #842). Now where was this Asherah for which they were making beautiful hangings? An image of this idol god was in the Temple. But this Temple is not the house or Temple of the true God at this time. It is called the "house of YHWH."  And why not, because if his Asherah goddess is a fixture in this Temple now, then her husband god is YHWH and that is why it is called the house of YHWH which is translated "LORD, Jehovah, and Yahweh."  But because we associate LORD to mean the true God of Israel, we are blind-sided to believe the LORD here is not Yahweh YHWH the Baal husband of Asherah.

It is here that this YHWH Yahweh or shortened to Yah becomes the halleluyah god. They used images of YHWH to invoke halleluyah from the worshippers. What do they mean by saying halleluyah? They mean "praise the lord" which translates into praise Baal. They set up their halleuyah images with hands upward toward the moon and hands downward from the moon to give them blessings. They made images of the moon god and incorporated images of his Asherah into these poles and pillars.

The Jews pervert the use of Lord or Adonai to make LORD YHWH or Yahweh this Adonai Lord. This is an abomination of the highest degree. To make matters worse, the Jews and those who re-wrote the Bible at Babylon and in Israel and Egypt, used LORD YHWH and Lord Adonai interchangeable so it would make it impossible for the casual eye or reader to distinguish between the true God and the profane idol YHWH.

And when the Jews put YHWH into their Bibles and make this the true Adonai Lord, they are reprobate idolaters. God is Adonai and this Adonai is why he is Lord. This God Adonai is not Lord because he is YHWH LORD.

It is right here we must turn our attention to Asherah to identify just exactly who YHWH and Yahweh are. I can tell all of you that the true God does not have a wife named Asherah who was a whore fertility goddess. We can trace this goddess back to Egypt in the form of Hathor who was called the "queen of heaven" and who was crowned with the moon. The moon on a pole or top of a pillar was her YHWH wife symbol. The cow/calf/golden calf are also images that represent her. The image of this YHWH Asherah seems to be that of the moon standing upon a pole.  This pole image is also referred to as a "grove" in the King James Version. This word "grove" is placed in the text to purposely mislead and cover up the identity of the female idol. But we now have pictures. The sodomites were making fancy beautiful hangings to drape over the horns and twine around the pole to make "her" beautiful. The liars then put into the text YHWH and Yahweh as LORD to make it appear the Temple was still the true God's house when we know the house is now occupied by YHWH/Yahweh LORD and his Asherah.

I will go on record here saying God is God. God is Elohim. And these names are not pagan although the heathens took these names and applied them to their gods to replace recognition and identity of the true God. I will also say Adonai as Lord is a name also of the True God. To say Adonai God as Lord God is accurate. So long as Adonai is not used to make YHWH into being God. But this is exactly what the reprobates did. When they lost how to pronounce YHWH they decided to make this a holy name all they had to do was take the vowels out of Adonai and insert them between the YHWH letters, and presto, they had not only a sacred man-made holy name: they had a way to pronounce it as Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahuah, and a hundred other guess names. But we now know why and how they created these names of blasphemy for the true Adonai Elohim (Lord God).  Now that this has been exposed, liberty will come to many souls and Churches.

When the Jews substituted Adonai/Lord with YHWH/LORD, they perverted the Word of God and change the true God into images made like unto corruptible man.  And this is what is meant by Paul with those words. He was addressing the Israelite perversion of changing from worship of God to worship of idols (see Romans 1:21-25). The reprobate idolatrous Israelites changed the true God into a man-god whose name was YHWH BAAL Yahweh.

This subject will not be important to all people. It will be important to the elect. And the elect will quickly and instantly stop using "hallelu-yah" in their Churches.

It is now quite clear that when antichrist comes he will be a YHWH Yahweh worshipping man. The reason this is true is because YHWH is the central basis of Kabbalah. Any antichrist who comes will deny the name of Jesus and he will bear witness to the YHWH god as his god because he will be a Kabbalist. He will wear the round moon hat which is called a kippa or a yarmulke or among Catholics as the zucchetto, and among Muslims as the kufi. All these round cauls (pronounced caul=cow or cauls=cows) and tires like the moon (Isa 3:18) are to show others they worship YHWH moon god with cow horns by what ever name they have chosen to call him. 

 The world is being prepared to accept him. Missionaries of the Kabbalist YHWH are now traveling the world to deceive them and make them ready. And these YHWH Kabbalist missionaries are cursing the name of Jesus all over the world. The rise of the law-keeping Hebrew-Roots movement who champion YHWH are antichrist. Why are all these so-called great men of God silent about this? Why are they sitting on their rear-ends steaming and hating me? I will tell you why? Because they are YHWH Kabbalist Yahweh and Jehovah  and halleluyah worshippers. When they are brave enough to stand up they will repent and begin supporting Light To The Nations with a financial offering that shows their repentance is genuine.

YHWH Canaanite Temple at Arad
They are using old coins with YHWH on them, old stones with YHWH on them, scraps of manuscripts with YHWH on them and even apostate Jewish Bibles with YHWH in them. They are using old pagan temples like that at Arad to claim YHWH is the true God of Israel. This temple of Arad is a pagan YHWH Canaanite temple and this is easily proven by many methods. Yet here, this pagan shrine is called the temple of YHWH and the house of God. Scholars claim this is an Israelite temple of the true God. This is a lie. I will say it is a house of a god alright but not a house of "the" God. I will boldly say this temple is a Baal Canaanite temple and not the Temple of the true God of Israel.

Now for hallelu-yah again. The demons are on a rampage. How dare Bishop Reckart say Yah is Baal and Baal is Jehovah and Jehovah is Yahweh and YHWH?  Well, how dare I? I am so proud of myself for this question from novice idiots and that I have the simple answer. Here it is.

I want you honest people to take a look at this:

Then email me that your halleluyah god is not Baal.  Just do it. :)

For extra measure, please check Strong's # 1180. Run the reference of #1167. Check #1168 said to be the same. Then check #1179, 1169, and then email me your hallelu-yah God is the true God. I want some of you demons to prove it. Stop sending me emails about how you believe the Bible. It is time you really believe the Bible.

I think it is ironic or perhaps a stark reminder to the Jews of their association with YHWH and his Asherah and their idolatry poles and pillars, that in their capital city there are minaret/pillar towers of Islam that many claim are ancient symbol of worship of the moon god Allah. It is interesting that on many Mosques, there is an image of a moon on top of a pole. We cannot envision an Asherah pole much different than this. And when we compare the images found, we know there must be a connection. What makes this so real, is the claim on the internet by Muslims, Jews, Catholics, and Protestants that YHWH and Allah ARE THE SAME GOD!

I appreciate all of you great people of God who are not afraid to step out and lift the name of Jesus higher than any other people. I am proud of you men of God who refuse to say hallelu-yah and you praise Jesus as the name above all names. You men of God are lifting up Jesus higher than any other men of God in the world in this generation. These hallelu-yah boys and girls, these Yahweh name, Jehovah name praisers, are not equal to us. They are not lifting up the name of Jesus higher than we are. Am I bragging? You bet. Am I proud of our stand against the hallelu-yah people? You bet. Am I rejoicing that I am right and those who stand with me are right? Wow, you bet.  One thing about us, we are not Baal worshippers pretending to be Jesus worshippers. We have one God and his name is Jesus. That is why if we say hallelu-Jesus we are saying the highest praise, right (That is if hallelu means praise).

Bishop Reckart
Doing What I Was Born Again To Do

The ONLY Bishop in the world at this time proclaiming this TRUTH.
I confess I am not the only Pastor or Minister who has stopped yelling halleluyah. There is a growing number of true Servants of Jesus now saying "Praise Jesus, Hallelu-Jesus, even Hallelu-Yeh.  And you also are DOING WHAT YOU WERE BORN AGAIN TO DO.  I thank God for you.

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  1. Thank you Pastor Reckart!

    (KJV) Acts 4:12.......for there is NONE OTHER NAME under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Peter said there was no other name given!!

    Jesus bless you friend !

    James Owens


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