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Thursday, August 8, 2013

We Now Know The Tetragrammaton YHWH/YHVH

We now know the god of the New World Order is the tetragrammaton god of mystery Babylon that was adopted by rabbis from the Assyrian/Sumerian/Akaddian pantheon of gods.

We now know the tetragrammaton god is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

We now know the tetragrammaton god of YHWH/YHVH was the chief god of the Sumerian pantheon. This god is not the true God of the Jews.

We now know the name of this tetragrammaton god was interpolated into the Jewish Bible in over 6000 places.

We also now know there were several attempts by Jews to remove the name of God from the Bible.

We know why the name of Jesus Christ is so important and why the tetragrammaton cult wants it blotted out from the earth.

But we will not let this name be blotted out.

Bishop Reckart
Dedicated to the name of Jesus Christ
Name above all names.


  1. thanks pastor. when i found out the tetragrammaton god YHWH was a hermaphrodite of male and female, i knew this was not the true god. i know you take a lot of hits to show us the truth, but jesus will bless you because it is all for his name. pay no attention to the hate of the tetra cult members in the pentecostal catholic churches. they cannot even give up their catholic traditions, why would they give up this hermaphrodite god who the jews say is male and female. keep up the good work pastor reckhart

  2. Great post Bishop , the truth is now out . Jesus opened your eyes many years ago , you shared it with your cherished friends because you loved them and feared Jesus .
    The hate against you grew but Jesus had hungry lambs here and there .
    I was one of those hungry lambs , I studied your research , I was shocked , then I began seeking Jesus. All I had at the tine was the New Testament and all your Internet posts .

    I knew something was wrong, this Jehovah YHWH ,YHVH was too popular with the devil kingdom .

    I was chatting with you one day about the Greek Septuagint and scholars saying it did not have YHWH .

    You told me to go look it up .
    I did , boy did I get a big shock when there was no Jehovah Jireh in genesis 22:14 .

    Then I began checking other older bibles than the 1611 kjv , I was shocked , there was no Jehovahjireh in the tyndale bible first edition , no Jehovah in the 1535 Coverdale bible at all.

    Then I found it very inconsistent in other bibles .

    Then I came across the Wycliffe bible of 1390 ad , the first English bible .

    Wow no Jehovah .

    I praise Jesus for your great love for His name . You are a blessing to my life and family .
    Thank you for taking all the hate from blind pastors and sheep.

  3. I did the search. No letters YHWH in Aramaic, Hebrew, or Greek. The Yahweh cults are such liars. One told me there was no letter J in these tongues and so Jesus names was false. Such fools. Such dumb bells. Such haters of Jesus name. Well I told that ding bat there was no letters YHWH either and he went nuts on me screaming I had blasphemed against his god. He got his Yahweh code book some pervert had made and showed me the ancient Hebrew letters and said right there they are, YHWH. I looked at the scribble lines and said, that ain't no YHWH. He said well they stand for it. They are transliterated YHWH. And I said, who told you that? He said Strongs and other books. I say to him well there ate books that say that first scribble can also be a J transliteration did you ever see that. He said yeah but those books all liars. I say to him, if you can make it a Y I can make it a J. And he went off on me that Jesus means war horse god and crazy dig bat stuff like that. He was Yahweh insane attacking Jesus name. I mentioned you pastor Reckart and he went deeper into his anger. Said you caused him lots of suffering and he had to go to a doctor to get some pills to take to help get sleep and calm his nerves. He said you think Jesus name in English is God's name. I told this dude, hey you just lied on pastor reckart. He never said it was English name. He said Jesus is a Hebrew name. He yelled to me to stop it. Ho stop it. To stop telling people that cause it will confuse them to accept Jesus name. Pastor Reckart you keep on cause they will never get my soul now. I am a Jesus witness. Go pastor go, do not stop . There are some sheep out here sir.

  4. I like the last comment very .

    Way to go .


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