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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Sacred Name Cults Collapse On Babylon Rubble

Babylon is rubble. It is acres and acres of nothing. Its glory is gone. Its temples of Yahve/Anu, of Marduk, of Sin, of Ea, and of Baal have been reduced to dust. Aramaic, the holy tongue of the Babylonian Assyrian religion is all that remains. The Chaldee mysticism of Aramaic also remains. The secret codes, the gematria, the numerology, the satanic gnosis, and the infant development of ancient kabbalism remains.

The Israelites according to 2Kings 18:26 could not speak the Syrian tongue. Only a few knew it.

"Then said Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, and Shebna, and Joah, unto Rab-shaketh, Speak, I pray thee, to thy servants, in the Syrian language; for we understand it: and talk not with us in the Jews' language in the ears of the people that are on the wall."

Syrian=Strong's #762 "Aramiyth".

The Syrian tongue is clearly Aramaic.

No honest scholar would ever say Aramaic was Hebrew. Nor would any intelligent lover of Truth claim that Aramaic was Hebrew. To use the silly "logic" of the sacred name cults: "all who were Assyrians would have Assyrian names because of their race." Instead they change Syrian to Hebrew like this: "all who were Hebrew would have Hebrew names because of their race." Then they claim Aramaic names are Hebrew. So what happens when it is proven in the very claims of the sacred YHWH cults literature, that Aramaic is NOT HEBREW but Aramaic? What then that YHWH is not a Hebrew name but Aramaic? What of the clay tablets that have "Jaahve" in them showing the chief god of the Assyrians was YHWH/YHVH? If Jews had Aramaic names would this then mean they were Syrian? If their god YHWH/YHVH had a Syrian name "Jahve" would this mean they had a Syrian god not a Hebrew one?

Clearly "Iaahve" is an Assyrian god. Clearly "Iahu" is this same god. Change the "I" to a "Y" like the sacred name cults like to do and then you have "Yaahve" and "Yahu." And all of you know these tetragrammaton cults love to point out how "Yahu" or "Yah" or "Jah" are all the holy God of the Hebrews. But here these gods are in the cuneiform tongue of the ancient Sumerians before there was an Abraham and an Israel. What's up with that?

The biggest lie and hoax of the YHWH cults is that their guess names from the tetragrammaton are Hebrew. This is the biggest hoax lie in all of their mystic use of the tetragrammaton. These sacred name cults have been busy for over a hundred years trying to convince people that Aramaic is the holy tongue of God. They have succeeded in getting dictionaries, encyclopedies, lexicons, scholars, and book writers to call Aramaic the Hebrew language. This hoax is so large, it is perhaps the biggest scandal of language thief in the history of the world. The Jews who went to Babylon adopted the Syrian tongue of Aramaic. They accepted the claim of the temple priests and mystics that it was the mother tongue of the earth and the most holy utterances man could speak. In fact, as compared to the other languages then existing, it was believed by the mystic priests of the Chaldee mysteries, that to speak in the holy tongue of Aramaic was more powerful than speaking in any other tongue. Aramaic was the sacred and holy tongue of the Chaldee mysteries. The entire mysteries of letters and numbers became part of the ancient satanic gnostic religion.

Yes, Aramaic has become a gnostic language complete with secret knowledge about the letters, their parts, and their numerical values. The entire Aramaic Chaldee mysteries have come to us via Kabbalism. From this mystery system comes all the secrets now claimed to be contained in YHWH the tetragrammaton. Special secret codes, special arrangement of letters, numerical values, and elaborate interpretations that are developed into incantations, meditation objects, special secret signs, ritualistic dancing in the figure of the letters to spell out a secret message, or to try and make contact with the god(s): are now considered the most holy things any person living can know and do.

The "Hebrew" language today is not Hebrew, it is Aramaic.

The Aramaic language is not and never was the holy tongue of God.

Calling Aramaic a Hebrew language is a hoax.

Writing in the Aramaic language, no matter if you use block letters, sloppy handwriting, or some fancy calligraphy, is all just an insane exercise in satanic gnosticism.

You want me to justify Aramaic names, words, letters, numbers, as all coming from God?

Then you want me to take scrolls, sheep skin parchments, on which Babylonian Jews wrote in the Aramaic language and claim they are authentic? That they contain the true words of God? That these contain expertly translated Scriptures from the ancient Paleo-Hebrew? Are you kidding? What pills are you on? What have you been drinking? I know, from the whore's Babylonian cup (Revelation 16:19; 17:4). But you never dreamed this whore spoke Aramaic did you? You never thought that the whore of Babylon spoke Aramaic did you? Who is this whore of Babylon? You figure it out.

Find out who and what religions use Aramaic today. Then ask yourself, which of these was in Babylon? As you go down the list, you will learn who the whore of Babylon is. That whore religion uses Aramaic today complete with all its mysticism, numerology, gematria, and witchcraft.

We do not care how many YHWH tetragrammatons are found in the Aramaic tongue. We do not care how many times you count Jehoshua in these Aramaic tongue scrolls. We do not care how many times anyone counts any Aramaic spelled name. And we do not care how many times James Strong writes that the Aramaic he calls Hebrew is transliterated or interpreted. James Strong never admits that his whole Old Testament lexicon spellings, vowels, transliterations, are from the Chaldee tongue. Oh, yes, he does use the Chaldee abbreviation "Chal" but he never tells those who use his masterpiece of deception that this is really the Aramaic language and IS NOT HEBREW. James Strong as well as some others are the biggest liars of all. Their lies make the trinity doctrine little to nothing. If you use James Strong and his transliterations and definitions as the final authority on Aramaic, when he calls it Hebrew, you are one of the biggest suckers in the world.

Aramaic is not Hebrew, I do not care how many rabbis you gather in a convention to say it is.

Aramaic is not Hebrew, I do not care how many scholars you gather around the pig trough.

There never was a Hebrew language. Even Paleo-Hebrew is not a Hebrew language. Paleo-Hebrew is Phoenician and was adopted by the Israelites around 1000BC.

For all you sacred name cults: STOP already. Admit your lies. Admit your hate against the name of Jesus is rooted in the gnostic satanism of Babylon and its holy Aramaic tongue.

Admit, Aramaic is not Hebrew. Until the moment and day you do, you are all liars and deceivers.

There is a reason God chose the Greek language as the primary tongue of the New Testament. Maybe when you can all get the lies of Aramaic seduction from the whore's cup out of your system, you will see the Truth.

For those of you who have your right mind:

Do not follow these Aramaic Babylonian blasphemers in recanting the name of Jesus. Do not allow their fancy and crafty lies to take you to hell.

You do not need to be an expert in the Aramaic language to be saved.

And you do not need YHWH or any of its guess names to be saved. You do not need it at all.

All you need is the name of Jesus Christ. In that name only there is salvation.

Jesus is the name above all names: past, present, and future...

I said so....

Bishop Reckart
A Man Specially Made By God

1 comment:

  1. Great post , Bishop , thanks .

    I read in the Encyclopaedia
    Britannica 1911 ; under Bible ;

    " Hebrew ( Paleo Hebrew ) had become superseded (taken over)
    by Aramaic as the language spoken by the Jews I.e. during the period immediately preceding the Christian Era "
    End of Quote .

    What does this show us ?

    It shows us like you just said that "Aramaic" and Hebrew are different.

    The Hebrew was taken over by Aramaic .

    They adopted Aramaic when they were banished to Babylon .

    So before this , they were not speaking the Babylonian Aramaic.

    Now recently I had a Guy who detested Greek because the New Testament is written in Greek ,
    he had a whole conspiracy against the written Greek , he hated the Greeks. He wanted to believe there was never a Greek old testament
    bible , eg the LXX .

    I sent him stuff to prove that there was .

    He then sent me a post trying to prove that God used the Aramaic letters in creation .

    I was shocked , then I perceived a spirit of letter worship .

    Imagine the letters he was talking about , the Jews had only picked up in Babylon after 600 bc .

    This is the mystery Babylon foundation , the worship of 4 letters ,
    ( YHVH ,YHWH ,JHVH , etc)

    , chanting them in magic rituals in secret cults , putting in a guess vowel ,calling it the highest praise , it has made its way into the family of Jesus .

    Imagine most people don't know the monk guess names jehovah and Yahweh were invented from these letters and the people have been fooled into calling them divine names .
    Not me .

    Jesus is my Shepherd .

    Pastor Owens

    A man specially made by God .


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