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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seducing Spirits 1Tim 4:1

In the latter times there will be seducing spirits.

Notice "spirits" is plural.

This means there are many demon spirits whose last day mission will be to seduce.

Seduce here does not mean a sexual act. Seduce here means "deceiving" (Strong's #4108).

The additional meaning is to "mislead."

These demon spirits will mislead millions of people. These people will be deceived by demon spirits.

The word "seduce" means to be influenced to do something that is wrong. All demonic seduction is not only wrong they are evil. There is no holiness or Godliness within them.

What Paul was telling Timothy was that in the latter times (the endtimes) many would depart from the faith. They would depart from biblical doctrine. They would be deceived, seduced, to believe lies, false doctrines, man-made theories, and even personal opinions. No greater seduction by these demon spirits is there except that a person believes a lie to be the truth. This is why the lie told to Eve by the serpent, she took to be the truth. And the Scriptures say she was beguiled and seduced (Gen 3:13, 2Cor 11:3 see Strong's #1818 "seduced").

Depart from the faith. Faith here is the one "Faith" of Ephesians 4:5. These who are deceived, beguiled, seduced, lead astray: have departed from the Scriptural interpretation of Truth and taken up a lie or lies.

What I have experienced in the past 20 years is that many are led astray by their own minds. They think they are seeking Truth when in fact they searching for it among liars, deceivers, and false teachers. They will believe lies and make these into the Truth. They set darkness for light. They receive the kingdom of darkness into their hearts and from that moment they will not be led any more by the Truth.  They have departed from it and they will never return to it.

These deceiving spirits are very smart. They know how to make us believe we have discovered something. Even when the lies are contrary to the Word of God, these men and women will accept these new self-revelations and then turn against the Truth. I have seen many men and women come to the place of birth in the Truth only to see them turn and go astray into all manner of deceptions. They have been seduced.

My lesson this Sunday will follow on this subject.

How many are like the seed that fell upon the stony place. I am seeing it all over the world. Men and women get the seed but before it can take a root, it withers and dies because these people make their hearts hard against the Truth. The seed cannot develop a root in these hearts of stone. And the seed will die.

How many men and women I have sowed the seeds of Truth to see them rejoice for a season and then see them go astray into this or that false doctrine and spiritually die.

As a Man of God I am particularly on guard against seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. I can take care of the doctrines of devils. But each of you will have to defend yourself from the seducing spirits. If you do not, you will soon leave the Truths I teach on this web site and you will slip off into the abyss and die lost.

The fact that "MANY' shall depart from the faith tells me I will see MANY of them. When I see they are no longer walking in the true doctrine but have gone off into some false doctrine, I will know these are part of the MANY.

This MANY are also those of "MANY are called but few are chosen." MANY did have a chance. But they could not and would not protect their minds from deceiving and seducing spirits.

I know many of you hate me writing like this. You want me to write smooth things, soft things, but I cannot. Do not send me emails that I do not love you. Do not send me emails that you are in the Truth when you are walking in lies and following false doctrines and false prophets.

Only those who remain in the Truths I preach will NOT BE DECEIVED.

I am on guard.

Bishop Reckart
Made by God, for God

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