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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tribe Switchers

What tribe are you?
Tribal switchers.
Tribal gods.
Tribal switchers at work.
Tribal missionaries of false gods.
Who would think that when Jesus comes the war of tribal gods will be in full swing.
Tribal gods?
Will you be among the tribes that will mourn{Matthew 24:30)?
Check your tribe status.
Of course you read about tribes in the bible but you did not comprehend what you were reading.
Each nation was a tribal clan.Each tribal clan had its own gods.
In some there was one god, others two, many three, and some had many. But did it ever dawn on you that none of these tribal gods was the true God?
Did you know Israel was also a tribe that had 12 sub-tribes?
Why have you not studied all the gods the Israel tribe and it's sub-tribes had? Why do you paint them all having the same God? Have you ever taken the time to document the years and year dates they had these other gods? Why not? What are you afraid of?
Just in case you have not connected the dots, the Jews exchanged God out for substitute gods they believed replaced God. They accept the names of all these gods as equivalent to that of God and in some cases superior. The Jews had no shame in evicting God out of the temple together with his name. No shame to set up idols in God's house. No shame to worship these images and dance with glee. No shame the orgies. Absolute corruption.
2Kings 21:1-9
Jeremias 44:8
Think of all the nations as tribes. Each tribe has its god or gods.
Egypt tribe: Osiris, Isis, and Horus, Yah;
Moab tribe: Chemosh;
Ammonite tribe: Molech (Milcom);
Canaanite tribe: Baal, Asherah (Ashtoreth)
Philistine tribe: Dagon;
Assyrian tribe: Marduk, Bel, YHWH
Greek tribe: Zeus, Hera, Apollo;
Roman tribe: Jupiter (Juno), Mars, Janus Quirinus;
Many of these gods went by different names but are the same deity.
Israel tribe: El, Elshadai, Ehyeh asher Ehyeh, Adonai.
We now know El was the first title-name given to the Creator. This is translated as God.
In the beginning El (God).
It is then a no-brainer to realize that when man made himself a god he would use the title "El" for its co-name. In this manner man replaced the first true El (God) with his idol which we now spell "god or gods" with lower case letters. It is totally inappropriate to give these idols the recognition as El.
We also now know the original El was not a plural deity. He was alone God and beside him there is none else (Isaias 43:11, 44:6, 8, 45: 5, 20). We do not know but it is highly likely that the title Elohim (a plural) was first used in Babylon and interpolated into the Babylonian Aramaic bible invented around 300BC. This would change El or God into a plural deity like Nimrod had created for the tower of Babel builders (Nimrod, Simeramus (Ashtoreth), and Tamuz).
It is very wrong then to accept this Elohim from the Babylonian Aramaic bible and make El or God into a triune or plural tribunal of deities. There never was a plural El or God. The holy of holies will forever rebuke such notions. Not to mention the very first commandment "have no other gods (elohims) before me."
Of all the tribes of the earth, God chose to come to the earth in the seed of the tribe of Judah (Romans 9:5). Specifically in this order:
Abraham tribe;
Israel tribe;
Judah tribe.
Jesus Christ was of the tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5).
In these last days, the last two hundred years there has arisen very slowly but gathering momentum, the tribe switchers. Many who were once of the Christian New Testament tribe of Jesus of Nazareth (a Judahite), have decided the name of Jesus will no longer be the name of their deity.
Let me say it here: when anyone changes the name of Christ into HaMashiach, they have departed from the Christian tribe of Jesus to a Babylonian tribe of Babel speakers who now claim that the name Christ is pagan and evil and everyone must call Jesus by his Babylonian name Yeshu HaMashiach. These have clearly departed from the Jesus Christ tribe of Christians.
The Christian tribe, is the true tribe of Jesus Christ.
I first ran into the tribe switchers in 1993 at my first debate with the Yahweh cult. Not only was Jesus called the earth pig god, Christ was claimed to be a Greek title given to all Greek gods. So, those in the Hebrew Roots movement and sub-cultures thereof will not use the name CHRISTIAN. They will boldly say we are not Christians. They have invented a new Babylonian Aramaic name Yeshu(a) HaMashiach. By this they change Jesus Christ into Jesus "the" Christ like this:
Jesus becomes Yeshu(a) a Babylonian Aramaic invention;Christ becomes Ha (the) Mashiach.
They do not tell us that Mashiach was also used in the Babylonian religious culture to refer to the gods as the "anointed ones." While they attack the alleged Greek use of "christos" for idol gods they themselves have done worse going back to tower of Babel gibberish.
But are their accusations valid. Was Jesus indeed anointed and is it sacrilegious to use the Greek term to explain his divine consecration or ordination with either the Spirit of God or holy oil?
This we do know, the followers of Jesus used the title Christ and the name Christian with no apprehension or shame. Christ was suffixed to the name of Jesus as JESUSCHRIST (acts 2:38). There is no space between JESUS and CHRIST. There is no passage from Acts on to the end of Revelation where the definite article "the" stands between Jesus and Christ. Christ becomes an appellation to the name of Jesus:
Appellation means a co-name. In fact, Jesus was called by the name Christ in the book of Daniel 9:25-16. This is why for over 400 yeasrs the Jews waited for Christ by that name. He who would be the King must be the one who comes by the name Christ. When Jesus came it was then necessary that he also bear the name Christ. He is then:
JESUSCHRIST, Jesus Chrise, Jesucristo.
The tribe switchers are fast at work. Sending missionaries all over the world. Infiltrating churches, bible schools, organizations, and homes: bringing in the names of their new tribal gods. No more is God Jesus Christ come in the flesh (1John 4:1-5), he is another god come in the flesh:
Jehovah or Yahweh.
Right there we have it. The tribe switchers. From the tribe of Jesus Christ (Christians) to a new tribe of Jehovah Witnesses. From the tribe of Jesus Christ into which you were baptized in Acts 2:38 into this new tribe of Yeshu(a) HaMashiach.
Oh, you thought this was Hebrew. Fooled! Tricked! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Because this is really Babylonian Aramaic and not Hebrew at all. Sucker, chump, patsy, stooge, moron. Thinking if the Jews talked this Babel gibberish tongue from Babylon and called it Hebrew that it had a miracle conversion from a pagan tongue to the holy tongue.
If you accept this fake Aramaic-Hebrew gibberish and cast down the name of Jesus Christ, you did not get closer to God but closer to hell.
You just divorced yourself out of the Church into a cult.
You are no more of the tribe of Jesus Christ.
I confess I am of the tribe of Jesus Christ.
I confess God has come in the person of Jesus Christ.
I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.
I confess I am a real Christian.
I confess I am not a part of the tribe switchers.
Your turn.
Bishop Gary Reckart
A man God made

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