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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bishop Gary Reckart And Tetragrammaton Free Churches

Yes it is true. Pastor Reckart does not accept the tetragrammaton as the sacred name of the true God.

The tetragrammaton is otherwise known as YHWH or YHVH. These four letters are said to be the sacred name of God although they cannot be pronounced. Vowels must be added to these letters to make a real name and one that is pronounceable. Until vowels are added these letters are not a name.

The letters YHWH and YHVH come from these Babylonian Aramaic letters:
They are said by the members of the tetragrammaton cults to be:


You can see none of these are the letters YHVH or YHWH. These letters did not exist in the Aramaic Assyrian alphabet. They likewise did not exist in the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet:

Do you see the letters YHWH or YHVH?

No, you do not see them. These letters are assigned to the Phoenician alphabet characters.

You can see above that what is called Paleo-Hebrew is really not Hebrew at all but is really the Phoenician language. There is no such thing as a Hebrew language. They has never been any such thing as an exclusive Hebrew language.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ordination Information For Bishop Gary Reckart

I have posted this information before but people either ignore it, do not read it, or do not want to remember it. 

I was asked who ordained me as a Bishop? My answer has always been: I was ordained by Bishop Joseph Rex Dyson (the pastor who baptized Elvis Presley in Jesus Christ name), Bishop Norman Kent, Bishop W. E. Smith, and Bishop Boyd Lawson. I was recommended for ordination by Bishop Norman Kent. I was ordained as a Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ, Cleveland, Tennessee, founded 1922 by Bishop Ben Hawthorne, and chartered in 1927 in Tennessee by Bishop Mark K. Lawson. I was ordained by the presiding Bishop, Boyd Lawson, son of the founder, on August 23, 1973.

Contrary to all the false accusations, I did not ordain myself a Bishop.

Now let me prolong the agony of my false accusers. 

I ask one UPC preacher who accused me of self ordination as a Bishop who ordained all those UPC preachers who use the title Bishop? Since the UPC does not and never has ordained a single Bishops. His reply was: that because they were a Pastor they could use the title Bishop and also because they were UPC. But those not in the UPC could not use the title Bishop like those in the UPC because they were not in the UPC.

This is as wild as it gets.

When I gave this UPC preacher my Bishop ordination information and told him he could call Bishop Boyd Lawson for confirmation, he said he did not want to make the phone call. To this day, this liar keeps posting on the internet and on facebook walls that I am a fake Bishop and I was never ordained as a Bishop. UPC liars are the ones who started all this nonsense about me being a self-proclaimed, self ordained Bishop.

It matters not to me what others say. But remember when you read these lies to just refer them to Bishop Boyd Lawson for confirmation or send them a link to his page. :)

Ok, now must you call me Bishop?

No. You can call me Pastor if you respect me for that office I hold. You can call me Brother. I am not into titles unless I feel it addresses the office I am ministering from. If I am not over you as a ministerial mentor and leader, I am not your Bishop. If I am not your Pastor, I am not your Pastor. Just call me Brother Reckart. Its okay. For some I will demand they respect me even if they disagree with me. If they refuse, I cut them off. The Word of God still says to give honor where honor is due.

Okay, there it is again. Let the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pastor Gary Reckart Anti-Hallelujah and Anti-Alleluia Revealed


Greetings Reader

Pastor Gary Reckart, is an opinionated Christ Jesus eccentric known for his bold and unrepenting controversial positions on the name of Jesus and also the words hallelujah and alleluia.
He has published several articles and written hundreds of pages to prove his arguments. In one of his articles a few years back he proved that hallelujah and alleluia were both praises to the moon god. He even had the audacity to prove the endings of names inclusive of these three words "jah, iah, and ia" point even further back to a god in the Akkadian and Sumerian civilization. What has shocked so many is that he proved this god "jah" is none other than the Akkadian and Sumerian god Yahve or Jahve. In a Texas chainsaw method of cutting down giant trees, Pastor Reckart has put all of his research skills together to reveal the origin of the hallelujah and alleluia praises to a god whose name is Yah, Jah, Iah, yah, jah, iah, ia, ea, and YHWH/YHVH.

In this his debates and seminars on the Divine name of Jesus beginning in 1993, he demonstrates just how bold and brave he is to challenge centuries of deceit, falsehood, lies, perversions, and biblical corruption. He predicted there would be a meltdown in the chambers of the imaginations of the deceived. That they would attack him and pervert his words, alter meanings, and totally ignore the facts he presents trying to find a loop hole to continue to praise lucifer by the names of Yah, Jah, Iah, yah, jah, iah, ia, ea, and YHWH/YHVH.

Pastor Reckart has ambitiously fueled an enormous amount of hatred  from others against him. He seems to get joy provoking others to hate him and rail against him. He has said in his seminars that he knows his enemies will stop at nothing to mock, ridicule, and accuse him of delirious interpretations of the data. But he has vowed he will not back down. He says he has the ambition and desire to develop hallelujah and alleluia free churches. In addition, he has a desire and a strong ambition to develop tetragrammaton free Churches throughout the world. This includes ridding churches from use of the monk invented names Jehovah and Yahweh. This is a very straight forward and bold plan. Will he succeed? Can he convince very many as the gainsayers and those who refuse to give up praises to lucifer and idol gods cry, scream, and write lies and post them on the internet?

If you think the issue of hallelujah and alleluia are trivial, you are in for a shock. Pastor Reckart has laid out why hallelujah and alleluia are not praises to the true God. They are not praises to Jesus. No Christian used these words in the life of Jesus or in the early Church. No Christian used any Old Testament name ending in "iah" that the Babylonian Jews inserted into the Sacred Scrolls.

In his expose of these two words he will link them not only to the moon god of Egypt, but to the chief god of the Akkadian and Sumerian pantheon of gods. He will prove the Jews borrowed the name of this god and inserted it into the sacred Scriptures over 6,000 places and went so far as to change the spelling of names to make them end with "iah" which is the same as Jah and Yah, contractions of the idol god Yahve. This perversion of the Old Testament remains the source from which the sacred name psychopaths attack Pastor Reckart for being anti-hallelujah and anti-alleluia. Here is his research. His anti-hallelujah and anti-alleluia is now revealed.

Pastor Gary Reckart
Jesus House
Tampa, Florida

History of opposing the names Yahweh and Jehovah.
History of written apologetic against hallelujah.
History of presenting initial and subsequent research.
History of using hallelu-Yeh and hallelu-Jesus.
History of the languages of the Israelites.
History of research into the Babylon Aramaic translation from Paleo-Hebrew.
History of the Greek translation from Paleo-Hebrew.
History of the Egyptian moon god connection.History of the Akkadian and Sumerian god named Yahve.
History of "iah" added to names to place the Jah and Yah god in the Israelite culture.
History of Ehjeh asher Ehjeh, the sacred name of God.
History of Elshaddai (God Almighty) the only name Abraham knew for GOD.
History of name change of Oshea to Joshua in the bible to incorporate the idol god Yahve.