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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Virgin Mary

I have been doing some awesome teaching on Mary the mother of Jesus the past three wednesday evenings. The most important woman in the Bible and few ever take the time to look into her history. Some years back when I first began my research, I was told by a Oneness minister I was trying to be Catholic. One idiot said I was a secret Jesuit infiltrator. Another said I was trying to establish worship of Mary. In reality, all of these were speaking out of stupidity and ignorance. They knew little or nothing about this great woman of God. All they knew was she was the mother of Jesus. And one ignorant evangelist made the statement that any virgin in Israel could have been the mother of Jesus.

Well, I am not here going to lay out my teaching or the things or points I spoke about. For many it is of no value any way. And to a host more it would only stir up again some accusations of Mary worship. But these lessons were great. No, they were not recorded. I had great enjoyment in these lessons. I think next week will be the last on this subject. Then I will begin my annual Passover lessons. Each year I do four or more. This year will be no exception. The greatness of Passover and what it means is something I really enjoy teaching. Maybe by that time I will have my direct internet feed back up and those who have the code can listen in.

Looks like Jesus House will be establishing a Church in Jamaica. This is now upon the altar here in Tampa. As soon as I get the go from Jesus, there will be for the first time in this nation a post-trib Israel of God congregation. The first Apostolic Messianic Church will come into existence. The New Testament Judaism of Jesus will arrive. And Jamaica will NEVER BE THE SAME.

Pray for Bishop Reckart that he will continue to reach out to the World.

I am very happy that Missionary Hood will assist me in El Salvador in the coming months and help in the establishing of an Apostolic work there. Missionary Hood is a great man of God. He and his wife are real treasures to the Kingdom of God. I am proud of them.

I will soon also be in Phoenix, Arizona for three days. I will see Pastor John Riddle, a long time friend and supporter of JMFI and missions work. I will be visiting some other individuals who want something more than the liberalism another church group now allows. They want real holiness. And Pastor Reckart knows how to teach and preach on this subject. I ask Jesus to open the doors here for his Kingdom in their hearts.

Jesus Bless those who love the truth,

Bishop Reckart

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  1. I enjoy all i get from you Bishop Reckart.Its meat! I would like the Mary studies you know who im and my email.if you can send them i would be thankfu.i have learned much from youre ministry youre a blessing and i thank God for ya.Bro.Steve Sparks
    P.S.Keep on Keeping on for the Kingdom


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