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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wisdom Of Pastor Reckart

Wisdom is a gift from God. It leads to excellent judgment. Those who have it have very keen insight into matters others do not have. Many follow those with wisdom to learn. While others learn from fools. They who look to fools for wisdom will become fools. A wise person learns from those with wisdom.

When I began many years ago to put my heart to know wisdom, I did not seek it among fools. I did not seek it among novices claiming to be spiritual. I found men who had a legacy of good Bible interpretation. Who had surrounded themselves with books. Who were studied men. And men who could speak about something from a qualified background. Wisdom is not for sale. It cannot be obtained by rubbing shoulders. And many Pastors are themselves not men of wisdom. They do not raise wise sons but fools. And thus all they do create ends in shambles because without wisdom no house is built.

Men who are dedicated to wisdom recognize wisdom. And they respect it. And something great among men of wisdom is to know that two men may not think alike but they come to the same conclusions. And while good men may differ on approach to judgment on a situation or thing, they will eventually come to the same mind.

Wisdom cannot be manufactured in a man by his own ego. A man is not wise because he thinks himself wise. His mouth will betray him. A wise man keepeth a matter but a fool will be a blabber mouth. Therefore, a fool is known by his multitude of words whereas a wise man can speak a few words and speak the truth.

Want wisdom, do not look among fools for it. Look for a man who by his wisdom accomplishes a lot for God. See a man of many words but he has no evidence of great works for God: ignore him. All you will get from him is prattle.

The words of fools are not equal to those of a wise man. In fact, fools themselves are not equal to a wise man. As birds of a feather flock together, so wise men easily associate with other wise men. And where they meet a fool will not likely join. Among the wise, the words of a fool have no respect and no honor.

Seek the gift of wisdom from God. And if it is granted you, it will take you far from fools.

Bishop Reckart
A Man Who Is Wise And Who Fellowships Wise Men

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