Monday, July 11, 2011

Antichrist System Identified

Behind the antichrist on his throne stands satan the devil speaking just as this demon did to Jesus during his 40 day fast. This devil, satan, will give to this Kabbalistic antichrist all of his power (Rev 13:2). This is why there is a clash between the two Prophets of God and the Kabbalistic mystery system in Jerusalem. This will be a time of satan's final fight and conflict with God. And within this great battle upon the earth stands YHWH. And God is against it and all it stands for within Kabbalism in Jerusalem. Remove YHWH and the whole satanic mystery system of Babylon will die. And in the final showdown between God and this mystery system in Jerusalem, it will at last be destroyed. The beast antichrist will be cast alive into the Lake of Fire. This will usher in the 1,000 years of peace as satan is bound in the bottomless pit.

Before we can begin to identify the coming antichrist, we must know the mystery system that will birth him and bring him into world power.  We already know this mystery system is called Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation.  This does not mean the antichrist will himself come from Babylon. What will come from Babylon is the mystery system that will spread throughout the world.  This has already been accepted by over 350 million of the Christian churches. They believe Rome and the Pope represent Mystery Babylon and that the Catholic church is this system all over the world. So it is nothing new to say the Mystery System will be global and the Mystery behind the system will come from an ancient Babylonian model.

When we go back to Babylon seeking for Chaldean mystery religion, which is what the antichrist will become the world champion, we are looking for the religious system that contains secrecy, mysticism, black witchcraft rituals, numerology, gematria, secret symbols, signs, and marks. The antichrist will be satan's world premier ruler of darkness. The devil with his fallen black angel's wings will overshadow him on his throne speaking into his ears and heart. He will understand dark sentences (Daniel 8:23).  He will not regard any God (Daniel 11:37). And when it says he will not regard the God of his fathers, this specifically identifies him as being Jewish.  He will not regard any God (gods).  He will have a false prophet miracle worker in his company who will call fire down from heaven; This false prophet will deceive the world and announce the antichrist as the king of Israel. The world will wonder after the beast. And then the mystery system will awaken all over the world and step forth among the nations with great power over all people. Antichrist will rule with his own power out of Jerusalem and we believe from the midst of the Third Temple. He will not rely upon the power of God. He shall destroy with what is called "wonderful" methods. He shall prosper in personal global acceptance as he says what he is doing is all done for world peace. He shall soon turn upon "some" of his own people and destroy (kill) many Jews (Daniel 8:24).  The coming mystery Babylon antichrist will be great and vicious.

But what will birth him? What religious system will bring him to world power? It can be none other than an apostate Jewish system of mysticism, the kind that deals in dark sentences (secret knowledge, gnosticism), the kind that does not regard the true God, and the kind that will kill with the cruelty of Hitler and become famous in doing so. This Jewish system is known as the Kabbalah.  This Chaldean Babylonian developed mystery system has spread throughout the world in the Masonic Lodge cult. Kabbalism is the only world religious containment of all the Chaldean mystery system of Babylon. The Catholic church in all of its own mysticism, borrowed from Kabbalism does not match that of secret Kabbalism.

Kabbalism cannot exist without the tetragrammaton YHWH. The Masonic Lodge cannot exist without YHWH. The tetragrammaton is the god of Kabbalism. English speaking Freemasons convert YHWH into Jehova or Jehovah. But confess this is Yah-Bul-On. Every Master Mason wears symbols of this YHWH God on his apron in the form of the "all-seeing-eye."

It all began when Jews came back from Babylon schooled in the dark mysticism of the Chaldean mysteries. This is the origin of the "oral law" containing secret knowledge passed from mouth to ear. These were also referred to as the "traditions of the elders." We see them in Ezekiel 8:8-14 in their secret lodge place. These had already interpolated YHWH into their religious tradition and into their Scrolls as the God and LORD over all Israelites. And with these kind of men now in Babylon they adopted the Chaldean mystery religion and incorporated it into Judaism. This is the deception the mystic Pharisees and occult priests brought to Jerusalem. This is why there was a clash between the Temple cult and Jesus over these traditions.  This is why Jesus specifically said they were of their father the devil and his works they would do. What works of the devil would they do? They would first turn against Jesus. A work of the devil. And then Jesus said if they hate and persecute him they would also hate and persecute us.  Another work of the devil.

We know the system because it was in power in Jerusalem in the days of Jesus. This system was born antichrist right then. It denied Jesus Christ (Messieh) was come in the flesh. It denied the Father and the Son in Jesus. It confessed not that Jesus was Christ, the Messieh Davidic king of Israel. This antichrist mystery system continues to live within the Kabbalistic cult that has taken control of world Jewry. While these Kabbalistic rabbis may profess many different beliefs on Judaism, all who embrace YHWH are of the one and same mystery cult called Kabbalism. When this satanism took over the Temple in Jerusalem, God marked it for destruction by the fires of hell.

The Kabbalistic system is now spread throughout the world and is much stronger and more powerful than the Catholic church. We may see the Catholic church destroyed within the next 25-100 years. Muslims claim they will do it. We will just wait and see. And if Rome goes, what of other smaller Christian groups? But what ties these high ranking Muslims and Jews together?  It is Kabbalah. It is mysticism. It is the cult secret order we know as Freemasonry.

Many thousands and thousands of Muslims are members. In this well documented Kabbalistic cult high ranking Jews and Muslims sit together in complete unity and call themselves the "brotherhood." And what is it that unites them? It is the belief that YHWH and ALLAH are the same God. And in all Muslim Mason lodges ALLAH is the god. And what is the symbol of this Freemasonry Kabbalistic unity with Islam? It is the crescent moon and the god of YHWH. And since Masonry allows each lodge and each people of the nations to invoke whatever god they wish as the architect of the universe, Jews and Muslims are united at the Masonic altar where YHWH is secretly the god of both.

I must make a fair assessment here about Muslims: not all Muslims are part of or know about the secret Masonic "brotherhood." We should not think bad or evil of them. But, we must warn them that they also have a duty to check out who their God is. They must not become enslaved to leaders who are using them for sacrifices for a secret order. If their God is the same one as YHWH, need they any more evidence he is just as false a god as the false one Jews have. They must turn to see Jesus properly whom the Jews hated and as the Savior. 

A word also must be said about Islamic political leaders who it appears are revolting from the Masonic "brotherhood" of nations. Who are going rouge. Who are not wanting to play the New World Order game any more. And who are throwing a big monkey-wrench into world affairs. When we see the global "brotherhood" who controls the United Nations and NATO, all taking bold military action against the renegades, we are sure that within the house of the world Masonic Order, a revolution is going on. Much like the American house of Masonry and the England house that brought about the war between the colonies and England.  That was a Masonic war even if people fail to understand and grasp it.

It is within the present unrest among Islamic nations we see the possible rise of the antichrist who comes on the scene promising peace between Muslims, Jews, Christians, and others. The time affords such a Mahadi for Muslims and a false Davidic Messiah for Jews.  For this we must wait and observe the signs of the times.
I have written recently about YHWH and antichrist. Most do not know that the antichrist will be a believer in YHWH. But he will not accept this as God but a name for satan whom he will serve.

What they believe however is that this is the name of God. It is associated with the hex, the six pointed star, seen many times during an eclipse. So far as we know there is no other example of this star that appears in the sky. YHWH is associated with the hex in such a way they cannot be separated. The hex is the symbol of YHWH, and the hex is known to represent 666.

But we know the worship of the hex as a symbol and YHWH tetragrammaton have concurrent roots in mystery Egypt traceable back to Babylon through Canaan. And we know the antichrist will not regard the God of his fathers. So this means YHWH and the hex he will use do not represent the real God of his ancient Jewish fathers. This man will actually make himself god (2Thes 2:3).  This demon will actually claim he is YHWH. And since we now know this is the ancient moon god Baal, this man will be personifying Baal. Who else was in God's Temple in Jerusalem beside the true God but Baal?  Who else was worshipped as the chief god there but Baal?  We have then before us a wonderful understanding that the coming antichrist will be equivalent of Baal. And when the Jews worshipped Baal did they regard the God of their fathers? No!

I cannot say it more clearly. I cannot write it more convincingly. We are being surrounded by YHWH worshippers screaming Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahshua, halleluyah: and the majority of Apostolic Pentecost and other groups could care less. In fact they are singing more and more songs to Jehovah, Yahweh, and Yahshua than they now do to Jesus name. They are yelling halleluyah more than ever. Challenge them about any of these four words and you will be hated of all nations for Jesus name sake. It is all about us. And the YHWH worshippers are doing snake dancing and circle dancing now in many Churches. None of this is at all Holy Ghost anointed. We are seeing more and more mass demonstration ritual dancing (what we saw in the past in Rave satanism). We are seeing all kinds of sensual dancing. We are seeing men and women coming in with all kinds of snake moves. And churches are excited and eating it all up as drama or spiritual empowerment. Let a man of God get up and really preach and they get diver's disease and start diving for the door.  They can no longer endure sound doctrine.

I know my enemies cannot wait to find a way to rend me like pigs in the pulpit. But I shall not be REMOVED. They are waiting for me to stumble, so they can take me out. I know there are many who hate me. I have at last cut some friendships of YHWH men who refuse to acknowledge YHWH is satanic along with the word "halleluyah." I must continue to write the Truth. I am resigned to let them die in their delusions and sins just as Jesus was so resigned about men who rejected the Truth he brought.

The whole world may not be converted. This is not the objective of this blog. But the elect will know the Truth and come forth in their nations. The elect will not be deceived. And we will not worship YHWH and JESUS at the same time. We will stop using "halleluyah" in our Churches and worship. And this is why I write.  Can you name me another Apostolic man of God who is writing anything of substance RIGHT NOW? Where is he? What is his name? Send me what he has written. Has he written anything in the past month, three months, six moths, year, five years, ten years, twenty years about God and YHWH? I want to see who is standing up and sounding the trumpet. Send me a copy of his writing. If it is Truth I will post it. We hear a lot of talk, but we are seeing few real trumpet blowers.

Let me clarify something here. Not all Jews are part of this mystery system. But all Jews who worship YHWH, Yahweh, and the tetragrammaton god, these will be part of the mystery. They will hate and despise the name of Jesus. They will replace the name of Jesus in their language, their worship, and their literature. They will blot this name out. Somewhere out there, there is a remnant of Jews who will come out from among the YHWH cult and praise the name of Jesus Christ (Messieh). And these Jews, where ever they are, may just very well be the final wrap-up of the 144,000. It is to this remnant I also send my warning.  Do not let any Jew deceive you by using YHWH from the Kabbalistic mystery system. And do not remove the name of Jesus from your mouth. Do not deny or recant the name of Jesus.

I must say a few words about the false teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture. Those who invented and who continue to spread this false rapture doctrine have never spoken out about the true origin of the coming antichrist. They have purposely invented another antichrist and system of the pope and the Catholic church. While it is true the pope and the Catholic church is part of the mystery Babylon system, they are not and never will be the head of gold.  The pope and the Catholic church is and always will be the successors or replacement of the feet and clay system of the global image. The pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is a great deception that will cause many millions to receive and accept the Jewish antichrist and his miracle working false prophet. Not only is dispensationalism wrong on the time of the rapture, it is wrong on every other aspect of prophecy of the endtimes. Having the Church out of the world in a secret snatch before the antichrist is revealed, is a great deception. Why must the Church be gone BEFORE he is revealed and then turn and say it is already revealed the antichrist is the pope and mystery Babylon is the Catholic church?  We who have our eyes open will watch the relationship of the Vatican with Israel. We will keep our eyes on any unity and or acceptance of each other as world powers. We will observe how they will cooperate together in the global deception of the world. It could be, the pope will be the coming false prophet of the Jewish antichrist when he comes. There is one thing certain: Rome is solid YHWH whose monks invented the names Jehovah and Yahweh which most Jews now accept as the true names of their God. YHWH will then be a uniting basis for joint world conquest.  All who are in the pre-tribulation false doctrine must come out of it or they will continue to believe lies and be damned.

I am warning all of you. If you do not stop playing games with God, with his holy NAME Jesus, with his Word, and with the Truth, you will all perish in the coming deceptions of antichrist as you chant halleluyah to a god you know not.

Bishop Reckart
A Man God Made


  1. Greetings in Jesus name.

    Bishop Reckart this post spoke deep within me and I see it. I read much on line and off but much is like cotton candy ... it dissolves before my eyes. It has no substance, no word that grips the spirit of man to make him free from the lies about.

    As you know from a email I have been seeing a lot these last few months and your posts along with His Spirit has stirred up a word within for these last days. The groves about and the baal worshippers growing from within are pulling many to hell with the lie that the name of Jesus is wrong.

    This babylon system called the world wide web is that ... a place with knowledge of baal worship and Jesus denying. It has grown from being a web site to blogging lies from satan to facebook a place to reach many friends with baal.

    To find truth on line is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Your blog is refreshing and a warning to them that have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

    Thank you for this post and may we continue to grow in His truth and grace in Jesus name I pray.

  2. Apreciado Pastor

    Es cierto que dentro del sistema Babilonia, el falso nombre es clave, sobre todo para tener esa religion mundial cabalistica y anticristiana.

    Ahora bien, en relacion al nombre seisciento sesenta y seis, estoy mas deacuerdo con usted en otro estudio que leí suyo. El cual conectaba este numero o cifra directamente con Salomon y el sistema Babilonico que el creó. No solo apostató religiosamente, sino que ademas creó el sistema economico contrario a la ley de Moises establecia sobre las finanzas de los reyes en Israel.

    De este modo creo que la cifra o numero 666 está conectado con el poder economico del sistema Babilonico. De este modo el gigante con pies de barro de Daniel, está refiriendose que la secta masonica cabalistica que está fundamentada sobre el poder economico y todo lo que tiene que ver con la usura y los sistemas economicos de moneda fiat o virtual. Por este motivo un dia el gigante de la vision de Daniel, se vendra abajo, puesto que sus cimientos no son si no, puro barro y en el tiempo de nuestro gran Dios y Salvador Jesucristo ha establecido se destruirá y todas las naciones se lamentaran diciendo: "a caido, a caido" y nosotros sabremos que es Babilonia y su poder para engañar a las naciones.

    Bendiciones de Manuel Baca

  3. Great blog that you have. You and your readers might enjoy Googling "Pretrib Rapture Scholar Wannabes" by historian Dave MacPherson. Blessings!

  4. Dear Bishop Reckart!
    I really thankful to Jesus after reading this article, for I know now that I am not alone.
    I live in Indonesia, for the last 21 years have been taking care of a Little Flock (Luke 12:32) and we live in accordance to the First Generation Disciples of Jesus, in the fashion recorded in Act. Chapter 1 to 8!
    We are facing grave challenge in Indonesia, because Allah had been very busy trying hard to change this Republic into an Islamic Country with Sharia Law completely implemented. In this situation we must accept the challenge, and praise Jesus, right now nine of our Little Flock brothers are busy evangelizing people, in penitentiaries, hehheh, after being captured distributing Gospel Tracts, glory to Jesus!
    Through this burden, Jesus gave me His wisdom which reveals that Yahweh and Allah are really in one 'Party', and clearly they have the same bloodthirsty attitude.
    By the wisdom of Jesus, I have written a small Book, in Indonesian, with least Theology to prove that "No God besides Jesus!"
    With this little book we hope that lots of Christians will review their faith and quit praising Allah, and Yahweh, but BACK TO JESUS completely. Also, muslims may see that with Allah they don't have the chance for eternal life, but solely with Jesus.
    I am translating this Book into English, and desire to e-mail you the writing in the near future!
    I wonder If you could give me your mail-address through this address of mine:
    I've got a nickname, Bona, which suffices for our purpose in the www-domain. I care not to give out my real name considering John 3:30.
    Let Jesus be more and more exalted!
    Be blessed, brother!

  5. Reckart keep speaking truth there is nobody else speaking truth hopefully alot more will wake up as we do our job and educate people,when you come down in August to water baptize me and my wife in Jesus name we should have more folks awaken to truth love you pastor and pray for you and your family daily Jesus bless you