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Monday, March 15, 2021


 Truth is knowledge.

It has no part that is a lie or false.
A witness of Truth is a person who declares with hand on the Bible, to tell the Truth and nothing but the Truth.
This is a true witness.
What then of preachers who bring a bible to the pulpit and then preach lies, perverting the witness of what the scriptures really mean?
Why are people sitting in God's courtroom of judgment (1Peter 4:17), allowing lies in their ears?
A preacher who replaces Truth with lies is certainly going to hell.
The question is: will you go to hell also believing the lies and calling them the truth?
Christmas, lie.
St. Nicholas Santa Claus, lie.
Christmas tree, lie.
Jesus born December 25th, lie.
Merry catholic Christmas, lie.
Flying reindeer and snow sleigh, lie.
North Pole toy factory, lie.
Santa has "all seeing" eye, lie.
Santa loves to drink beer and eat sausage snack before continuing to deliver gifts to children, lie.
Santa is a born again Christian, lie.
Where are the true witnesses?
Almost all UPCI pastors say none of the lies are salvational.
It's how they avoid being a true Truth witness.
What is so shocking are the members who love the "not salvational" lie.
Because they love the lies. They will fight for the lies and the pastor who tells them they are not salvational. They do not want deliverance. They will fight you and say bad things about you.
But for the pure in heart who believe that Truth honors Christ, they will come out from among and be separate and touch not the unclean thing (2Corinthians 6:17).
Everything about Christmas is unclean. We are not to touch anything associated with it. That is a commandment of the Lord.
A true witness will not bear false witness.
Be ye holy as I Am holy said the Lord.
There is no way the Lord will welcome Santa Claus into heaven.
No way he will allow a decorated Christmas tree.
If you are a true heart, you will thank me for writing this article on Truth.
Bishop Reckart
A man of the holy nation

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Over the years a lot of new information is discovered that makes it necessary to correct old errors, errors that came from tetragrammaton cult writers and scholars. We now know that according to Josephus, the four letters the High Priest bore was IAUA (4-vowels) and not YHUH (4-consonants).

Many people do not know how the names Jehovah (1280AD) and Yahweh (1567AD) were invented by catholic monks.

Because of this many are recanting the name of Jesus and casting it down to hell as the name of satan. They are rebaptizing people in all kinds of new guess names.

Stick with the name of Jesus. It is the name above all names. And it is the Hebrew pronunciation of the holy name of God that came down from heaven in the unknown tongue.


Yahweh is not a Hebrew name. It does not come from the Paleo-Hebrew language. On its face it is a Latin name invented from Iabe the name of God in the Samaritan bible.

It was Gilbertus Gennebradus (1567AD) who invented Yahwe from Iabe. His steps were Iabe to Yave to Yahve and Yahve to Yahwe and then others hung the final "h" forming Yahweh.

It was Wilhelm Gesenius the German linguist (176-1842), who suggested that Iabe, Yave, Yahwe, came from YHVH the tetragrammaton.

From that time, the tetragrammaton was slowly changed from YHVH to YHWH. The change had not fully taken root by the time of James Strong (1882-1894) who compiled his concordance on Chaldean and Greek words (1880-1889 and published 1890). Mr. Strong claims in his Hebrew #3068 that Jehovah was the pronunciation of YHVH. Notice he used the "v" letter. The name Yahweh does not appear in any of his concordance.

Please note also:

Jehovah is three syllables Je-ho-vah.
Yahweh is two syllables Yah-weh.
In Jehovah originally "J' was the letter "I" Iehovah.
In Yahweh originally "Y" was the letter "I" Iebe, Yave, Yahwe.

Jehovah was an attempt by Martini to vocalize the consonants YHVH. It was done by adding the vowels of Adonai.

Yahweh was vocalized by playing alphabet duck, duck, goose.

Today, there is a quick stampede from Jehovah over to Yahweh. Departing from one Latin invented name to another Latin invented name.

The evil and sin of all of this is to claim the name of Jesus means Jehovah or Yahweh has come in the flesh.

This false doctrine can be asserted. It can be fabricated using word magic. It can succeed by those ignorant of the history of these guess names. At risk here is that the name of Jesus is being sacrifice. It is being cast down as the name of satan. Call Jesus the "pig god" name or the "horse god name." Blasphemy after blasphemy is screamed against the name of Jesus.

Who will declare his generation?
Who will remain to declare his name above all names?
Who will come out of the UPCI and other Oneness groups who teach the lies Jesus name means Jehovah or Yahweh saves?

I am begging all honest men, all honest women, to come out of the dark and stand in the Light and cry from the rooftops that Jehovah and Yahweh will not win against the name of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Reckart
A hero of the name of Jesus

Friday, May 3, 2019


A much needed booklet on the Cross.
Was the Cross emblem borrowed from Babylon paganism and the Catholic church?
Was Constantine the first to bring the Cross emblem among Christians?
Was the Cross gotten from the first letter of the name of Tammuz?
Was the Cross taken from the Egyptian "ankh?"
Is the Cross emblem the mark of the beast?
Should Christians hate the Cross emblem?
These and other questions are answered in this new booklet.
There will not be another booklet written that contains the information and analysis about the Cross.
If after seven days you do not agree, your donation money back.
You can receive your printed copy for a donation to Angel House children's home.
Ok, this booklet will not be given to you free. I get it. If you can't get it free you do not want it. I am so sorry I ask for a donation to help little homeless children. But, I decided if the Truth has any value to you, you will gladly give. I have given already a massive amount of information to you. More than any person in the world. If you want to know the Truth about the Cross, you will not get it from anyone else.
You can send your children donation to:
Pastor Gary Reckart
4401 Cooper Road
Plant City, Florida 33565

Monday, October 15, 2018

YHWH false deity handed down via Jewish Rabbi traditions.

Jesus was the God of creation.
Jesus gave Noah the flood info and Ark design.
Jesus was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Jesus is Ehyeh asher Ehyeh (I Am).
Jesus was the God of Moses, Israel, the Ten Commandments, the Law, the Tabernacle, and the priesthood.
Jesus was the God of the prophets.
Jesus prophesied of his own coming and the scriptures spoke of him.
Jesus is God manifest in the flesh.

Jesus is not YHWH.
Jesus is not Jehovah.
Jesus is not Yahweh.

Bishop Reckart
A man God made

One would think that as strong as most Oneness are on the math between 1 and 3, they would also be strong on the Truth about the 1.

This is not the case.

Oneness have rejected the trinity doctrine but have accepted the Catholic and Jewish doctrine on the tetragrammaton god YHWH.

Little research has been done by Oneness leaders, educators, teachers, preachers, pastors, and students.

The research that has been done is not deeper than Strong's, Gesenius, Thayers, Vines, Brown, Drive, Briggs; Matthew Henry, Pulpit Commentary, Jewish encyclopedia, Kabbalah, Talmudic interpretations, and tetragrammaton cult interpretations.

Out of all of this they consent and agree with 100% of all they read. So, they chant the same old statements:

YHWH is so holy the Jews decided not to pronounce it so no one could use it in vain (profane it);
YHWH are all consonants and the Hebrew language does not have vowels so the name is not spelled out;
YHWH pronunciation has been lost due to non-use.
YHWH is first found in the Masoretic text at Genesis 2:4;
Abraham knew the name YHWH;
Moses was given the YHWH name in Exodus 3:14-15 {I AM that I AM and it was Jehovah Exodus 6:3;
LORD in caps is found over 5,410 times in the Masoretic Old Testament and it represents YHWH;
So, YHWH appears in the Hebrew bible over 5,410 times;
When the rabbis read the scrolls and come to YHWH they would say Adonai (Lord) instead to keep from pronouncing it;
The Dead Sea Scrolls written in Aramaic script font, confirm YHWH existed in the Hebrew bible;
The Mesha Moabite Stone also authenticates YHWH as the God of Israel;
Each time the Greek Septuagint used Kyrios (Lord) it represents YHWH.
Non Jewish translators of the New Testament removed YHWH from the scriptures and replaced it with Lord.
The God Jesus called Father was YHWH;
The name Jesus means YHWH saves, or Jehovah/Yahweh saves;
The name above all names in Acts 4:12 is not Jesus but YHWH;
They that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved is not calling upon Jesus name but upon YHWH name (or calling on the names Jehovah or Yahweh);
The Old Testament name of Jesus was YHWH, Jehovah, or Yahweh;
Jesus is Jehovah come in the flesh;
The name of Jesus was not revealed as the name of God in the Old Testament time period;
The name of Jesus comes from the Hebrew Yeshu, Yeshua, Joshua, or Yehoshua;
The root of YHWH is Yah, from hawah (to be, to cause to be, the eternal, self-existent one;
Theophoric names are names that incorporate a portion of YHWH or a transliterated part thereof like YAH becomes "iah" and added as a suffix to names like Jerem-iah, Isa-iah, and so forth;
Theophoric names also can begin with Yah or Jeh thus proving YHWH as the name of God;
We cannot know the vowels that will spell out YHWH;
Jews took the vowels from Adonai and inserted them into YHWH to create Jehovah;
Jehovah belongs in the Old Testament 5,410 times and in the New Testament 232 times (Jehovah's Witnesses);
It is ok to accept retranslaton of the bible (Old and New Testaments) and put Jehovah in it 5,642 times and restore the bible;
It's ok to refer to Jesus as Jehovah Christ, Yahweh Christ, Yeshu Christ, Yeshua Christ, Joshua Christ, Yehoshua Christ;
It's ok to baptize in any of these names;
It's also ok to baptize in any of the invented names for Jesus in all languages;
It's not in the pronunciation of the name of Jesus because to insist such is practicing magic;
The name of Jesus is an English name and we know English was not spoken in the days of Jesus;
The name Jesus was not upon the Cross;
The letter "J" did not exist in the Hebrew or Greek languages so we know his name could not be Jesus;
The name Jesus in the 1611 King James is spelled IESUS and pronounced EE-SUS;
The name Jesus came from Zeus;
By the time the New Testament was written the Apostles changed the Hebrew name of Yeshu(a) into Iesous which was fraud;
Greek translators changed Zeus into Je-zeus and this is how Iesous or Je-sous or Je-zeus came about;
The name Jesus is a devil name;
An alternative to the name of Jesus is Yahshua(h);
Yahshuah in consonant form is YHSHW from YHWH which ocultist created by adding SH (shin) into the middle of the tetragrammaton;

Concluding that the name Jesus cannot save anyone. Arriving at the final accomplishment of the name of Jesus being blotted out from the earth.

It is ok for Oneness to say the name of God is Y-yod, H-hey, W-wa, H-hey= Yod-hey-wa-hey.

It is ok for Oneness to worship this YHWH deity by singing, worshiping, and shouting Jehovah or Yahweh.

It is ok for Oneness to shout they are the true Jehovah's Witnesses.

It is now circulating by rabbis that YHWH will be the deity worshipped by the coming false messiah antichrist beast.

Shall the Oneness people worship the YHWH deity who gives power unto the beast?

There is a thick blanket of black darkness that surrounds this YHWH deity.

Oneness people are kept in the dark by men who purposely chant the lies put forth by rabbis, monks, occult mystics, the Catholic church, and other deceived men and women.

Every day thousands more begin blaspheming the name of Jesus following the above mass of lies, perversions, and misinformation.

Today many more thousands will cast down the name of Jesus.

Where are the prophets today. There are none among the UPCI.

All of them believe in the YHWH deity.

So, who shall stand up and rebuke the flood of lies of the serpent to sweep the woman as and her seed away?

Who will dare put their name, reputation, ministry, life, out there to be attacked by the most clever deceivers second only to the devil himself?

If you have not been called to defend the name of Jesus you have no New Testament ministry at all.

If you will fight and defend YHWH with all of its lies, you are not a Jesus name only believer.

If you fight for the god of alleluia, you will perish in the gainsaying of Korah.

You can say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; Lord, Lord, Lord; but if you do not believe Jesus is the Hebrew name of Jesus: all of your use of Jesus and Lord are unbelieving repetitious chants with no saving power at all.

If you believe halleluyah or alleluia is a praise to Jesus when the dictionary says it is a praise to Yah, Jah, YHWH, Jehovah, and Yahweh, you are deceived.

If you believe alleluia in Revelation 19 is a true praise to Jesus or God because it is found in the current LXX or the existing books of Revelation: you are deceived.

Alleluia is a corruption of Allelu. It is clear that "ia" was interpolated to create a new invented word wherein the deity "ia" or Ya or Ja is intended as the god worshipped.

The UPCi is the greatest spreader of the YHWH lies among the Oneness people. We will pray the clandestine secret conspiracy by occult agents will be defeated. Let everyone of them who champion the YHWH deity go to their graves lost and in shame.

Bishop Gary Reckart
A man God made